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for A Drop In The Ocean

11/22/2020 c31 Chloups
Thank you for this amazing trilogy. The way you developed your characters, the story itself, all the feelings you described and of course the Bellamione were simply awesome. Thank you so much. Have a nice day and stay safe.
9/5/2020 c31 Nut Toxx
I read the trilogy one a day. But yesterday I finished the last chapter. I didn't read all afternoon because I only had one left. and save it for the night. Since last night, after finishing ... I have not been able to start No other fanfic. I feel empty. He needed more and more. And now I don't feel like reading any other fanfic after this one. I have not read for 28h.

9/2/2020 c31 desperataeny
AMAZING! AWESOME! Beautiful ending! Beautiful circle! Beautiful family! Beautiful Bellamione together forever eternity! My god after all roller coaster ride~ finally they can live happily peaceful! I will never forget all their magnificent up and down journey! I will be missed their journey tbh, THATS A BLAST haha

Anyway thank you for writing this fantastic, brilliant, crazy, mind blowing, cool, badass, adorable, sweet, cute, lovely, beautiful, wonderful and amazing Bellamione masterpiece! I will never forget this meaningful and precious story! BELLAMIONE MADE MY DAY <333
9/2/2020 c30 desperataeny
9/2/2020 c29 desperataeny
That’s so much revelation and again it’s surprises me *applause clap clap
9/2/2020 c29 desperataeny
Oh my babies Bellamione...
9/2/2020 c28 desperataeny
Whopposssss IBK
9/2/2020 c27 desperataeny
Hermione’s powers never stop impress me! I hope her mission success. Again we get big surprise in this chapter O_O)b
9/2/2020 c26 desperataeny
Lol badass!
9/2/2020 c25 desperataeny
True love Bellamione <333 lol Alex really something. That Nymp Mione n Bella moment tho UwU
9/1/2020 c24 desperataeny
9/1/2020 c23 desperataeny
Actually I’ve been feel and smell SUMN with Hermione, it’s turn out my feel right haha
9/1/2020 c23 desperataeny
9/1/2020 c22 desperataeny
Hahahaha I love both possessive lovers! Bellamione won’t stop amused me, make me soft and smiling so happy here. Wow I’m happy that Bella got 2nd chance, Mione is truly powerful witch
9/1/2020 c20 desperataeny
Damn Hermione episodes...
Wow what a surprises again!
Ohh and that’s how Mione met Alex eh.
Literally Hermione have been deaths but she always get back alive
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