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for What Shepard Doesn't Hear

6/5/2013 c6 scottusa1
This was a great story, I loved it. Hope to see more like it in the future. Laters.
6/5/2013 c6 LilVy
Very nice story! Sorry you ended up being so rushed to get it finished. I look forward to seeing what other stories you come up with once you get home. Be safe. :-)
6/5/2013 c6 10AngstyShenko
So very cute. You'll be missed! Nicely done.
6/4/2013 c6 Key
This conversation was by far my favorite one to listen to on the Citadel. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it just looped, and there was no conclusion. I love your version so far-thank you!
5/31/2013 c3 scottusa1
Great stuff. I hope to see more soon. Keep it up & Good Luck with whatever you're doing that is going to keep you away from electronics for 18 months. Laters.
5/30/2013 c3 LilVy
Whoa! 18 months? I would die. LOL

I do like this story. I like the whole idea of it. There were a few people in the games that I wish we'd been able to interact with, like this girl at the C-Sec station.

You are writing the story well. The first chapter was a bit short, so I didn't have a lot to say about it at the time, then I lost track of it till I found it again tonight. Mythique had a great idea about adding a his and her POV to each chapter, but with you only having 5 or 6 days left before you leave, then I suspect that would be too hard to accomplish. I'd rather see the story completed rather than sit for that long. And when you get back, perhaps you can add onto it, revise it, or just do a companion piece.

At any rate, good job and good luck with your time away.
5/30/2013 c3 avaiaal
aww this is really sweet.! :D good luck with the chapters!
5/30/2013 c3 Christine
Go, go, go! You can do it!
I'm glad someone's writing this bit. This was one of my more favorite side conversations in the game. :)
5/30/2013 c3 DaNinja
Excellent story cannot wait for more
5/30/2013 c3 AngstyShenko
18 months! I'm curious as to why, but here's encouragement to finish this little piece! I love gap filling!
5/20/2013 c2 MBP31
This is nice. A little short though. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to them.
5/18/2013 c2 tallgeese021
I am so glad that someone started a story between these two characters. I recently took notice of them when I was walking by to see Kelly and I stopped to listen to them. Great work so far, I cant wait to read the rest.
5/18/2013 c2 AngstyShenko
please let this end happily :-)
5/18/2013 c1 AngstyShenko
This was one of those super sad conversations. I've always wondered what happened to everyone on the Citadel when the Reapers move it to Earth.
5/17/2013 c2 scottusa1
Nice stuff. Hope to see more soon. Laters.
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