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8/18/2016 c2 Gallou1985
Mrs Bennet qui montre son amour en voulant défendre sa fille, c'est très touchant
8/18/2016 c5 Gallou1985
Monsieur Collins est très drôle ! Bien écrit et original.
3/3/2016 c6 h2olgd
Mr. Collins is always good for a laugh. Very nice little stories!
9/12/2013 c6 gracie789
This one wasn't as amusing, but you really nailed Elizabeth's mix of mortification and objective observation.

Thanks for this.
9/12/2013 c5 gracie789
Oh my gosh! That is too funny! I love how Mr. Collins even thinks in "Lady Catherine" when he passes judgement on Darcy's proposal and Elizabeth's arts and allurements.

Thanks for this.
9/9/2013 c6 BW
I love this fic! I laughed so hard when it came to Mr. Collins listening in on Mr. Darcy's proposal!
8/21/2013 c5 Guest
Suggestion: a conversation between Lizzy and her father in chapter 41, in which she attempts to convince Mr Bennet not to allow Lydia's trip to Brighton, that is overheard by Lydia.

Minor correction:
"Ten thousand a year and related to the noble house of de Bough[Bourgh], besides a man universally respected, according to Lady Catherine."
8/21/2013 c4 Guest
Sorry, I see now that you are using actual conversation from the story that are overheard. I offered conversations that were only alluded to - in this case for example, Darcy's request for permission and blessing from Mr Bennet for the hand of Elizabeth.
8/21/2013 c3 Guest
Or, how about an overheard conversation between Darcy and Wickham when Georgiana is discovered in Ramsgate?
8/21/2013 c2 Guest
Well done, so far! I request an overheard conversation between Darcy & Wickham, upon Lydia's elopement to London and subsequent negotiations for the marriage to occur.
8/21/2013 c1 Guest
Hope that this is not a one shot but rather a well developed story based on this initial change of JA's classic.

Minor correction:
"It has been to[too] nice a day to neglect the sun."
8/19/2013 c6 Lily Draco
Great chapter. I love these. It is very interesting to consider the different character's thought about things they never should have heard.
8/6/2013 c5 2Lily Draco
This was very good. I love these overheard conversations. I always find them a bright spot in my day when they appear in my inbox. If wonder if when Mr. Collins woke he thought it all a dream.
8/6/2013 c5 3NYT
The actual continuation of this overheard conversation could be a comedy. Can you just imagine what Collins would do with this information? Especially after Darcy's departure the next day? Ha!
8/6/2013 c5 barnabus67
so why did the parson faint..could it be that he realize that he was not the last man on earth that his cousin would ever be prevailed upon to marry! LOL
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