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for A Different Jutsu: Part Two

3/27 c40 Fabio Lismont
Liked the two first parts, hope that the third is still coming.
5/4/2023 c40 L
hope to see a different jutsu part three soon i liked this fic
3/27/2023 c22 Guest
Naruto is gonna be PISSED
3/27/2023 c21 Guest
I kinda hope one of narutos wives gets hurt just so I can relish the absolute destruction he will cause to the akatski afterwards
3/24/2023 c13 Guest
I need to see this animated 0-0
5/4/2022 c24 ZaeTheWonder
Ngl the Pupper soul collection was dope. when you had him take chiyo puppets i thought you were gonna have him make the 9 masked puppets menma had
5/4/2022 c22 ZaeTheWonder
The leafs getting fucking destroyed and my man naruto just enjoying his honeymoon and getting head
what a life
1/12/2021 c9 MintyMars
i am now certain they are based on pokemon moves after reading a bit further-
1/12/2021 c9 MintyMars
is it just me or are the dark style techniques based on pokemon moves-
11/1/2020 c40 A.L.P.N
Hello Alky Uchiha93,
loved the story of A Different Jutsu Parts 1&2 Looking forward for part 3 of this story
5/13/2020 c40 1DeadlyVengence
Is part 3 ever coming
3/17/2020 c3 1Dalthale1642
I also noticed all the DBZ references.
12/23/2018 c40 Dude
This last chapter has so many plot holes in it. Mindscape view sharing tv linked with his eyes, hug/hold family in mindscape for physical(spiritual) contact, puppets for physical form in the physical world, wood clones have a chakra system and can work independently, wood clones can scout the lands with wood chakra sensing or sage mode while using hiraishen to teleport all over the place and others to the battlefield when needed. All these jusy ignored for random non issues made into issues, waste of time timeskip, all these issues can be fixed easily
12/18/2018 c28 Dude
Honestly, rock Lee's sword style is stupid and inefficient, he's good but any higher level swordsman could probably rekt him in a sword fight cos he literally can't use his taijutsu with his swords on his hands, you should've just had naruto melt down the swords and turn them into gauntlets cos rock lee is seriously being held back by those swords, sure he got some little tricks like the lightning element but now you've turned a taijutsu master into a sub-par swordsman. This is like raising a tiger to hunt like a blood hound, sure the tiger could be able to sniff out some prey but would never be able to do it quickly and efficiently as a bloodhound can especially if the prey can outrun a tiger and vice versa, a blood hound can stalk prey but it doesn't have the natural camoflage of the tiger pelt or miscle mass to creep up on to its prey and pounce out of the bushes to kill it in one shot. These things are called natural gifts and you completely ignored rock Lee's taijutsu, sakuras chakra control for the finer arts of medic jutsu or genjutsu, sasuke's sharingan which is perfect for ninjutsu and taijutsu and negi's genius analytical combat ability to see techniques, break them down, recreate them and improve them. You were too focused on just naruto and his power
12/18/2018 c24 Dude
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