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for A Different Jutsu: Part Two

4/20/2017 c40 Shadownecros
When is number 3 cant wait
12/30/2016 c40 Ketonna
I loved it please hurry up with part 3!
10/19/2016 c40 The king of ducks
Enjoyed it a lot the end chapters seemed rush but still good though I thought naruto was going to kill the snake sani. But still it worked out between to good writing and the fact that you manged to do 40 chapters and not make it dry or boreing is great I really enjoyed the first one and this one though the fight scenes seem to drag on forever and at points it seemed to focus heavily on other character then narito but still enjoyed the story a lot
8/29/2016 c1 Vegeta
7/25/2016 c40 1TheWateringWizard
Wow... That story was absolutely amazing ! Your writing skills got so much better since the beginning and I'm actually surprised with the ending. 4 years ? There's no way this mission would take 4 years. A year maybe but not 4.
Anyway, PLEASE write part 3, I beg you. I want Naruto to be the most extreme ass kicker with his ultimate abilities. PLEASE don't make me beg
7/25/2016 c37 TheWateringWizard
Oh god that was some amazing chapters ! I fucking love you ! How can your story isn't more popular ?! Nonsense
7/25/2016 c36 TheWateringWizard
WOW ! Amazing couple of chapters ! I didn't expect that at all ! SO pumped
7/25/2016 c32 TheWateringWizard
Wow your story is amazing ! I'm sincerely fearing for every character's life... I really, really, really want to see that Orochimaru bastard die a painful death, he's such a pain in the ass !
7/24/2016 c25 TheWateringWizard
Pretty nice turn ! I was hoping for Naruto to absorb more souls, like the Nidaime Hokage or Hanzo or most importantly, Nagato. But you made Nagato into a "good" guy after all
7/24/2016 c23 TheWateringWizard
God I hate you for killing so many people... You made Nagato so much more powerful.. Right now I just want Naruto to blast his ass into oblivion and then absorb that motherfucker before reviving everyone. I would also kill Konan. That bitch did a lot of damage... Fuck her.
I'm still wondering why you don"t make Naruto use more Mokuton. By now he should have absorbed Hashirama ages ago and he still doesn't use strong techniques like "Deep Forest Emergence" or the Wood Dragon or the Gigantic Buddha
6/11/2016 c11 10Wolfone10
So sasuke can keep his most powerful weapon, sakura can use MOST of hers but once again the rules of the leaf COMPLETELY CRIPPLE naruto, he should tell them where to shove this tournament. After all if he doesn't want to compete at this point NOBODY in the leaf can MAKE him.
6/11/2016 c10 Wolfone10
One thing that's a little off with the timeline here, the jounin exams were in 5 months, Hinata was going to get coronation in five months, so if it's time for the exams then naruto has completely BLOWN it with relation to getting married to her.. Forget that little fact? I think naruto should have told tsunade where to stuff it, and gotten his house in order before he even worried about stupid exams and or missions... CLAN BUSINESS (no hokage interference allowed)
5/8/2016 c40 Guest
Please start part 3 this story was awesome
3/17/2016 c13 22Shinobi Gatana
I almost cried from this humorous chapter.
2/6/2016 c30 1ZShaq
You may wanna check with the author Third Fang for the last technique naruto uses in this chapter, because that was an original jutsu that he thought of.
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