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5/7/2016 c7 amythestgirl36
Hi i love the story so far, i still find it sad that terra nova was cancelled but i only found it on netflix few months ago. Great plot and writing so far but there are some spelling mistakes. Keep up the good work
5/29/2015 c7 Ap
This is an awesome story. The characterization is perfect, you captured Lucas and is instability without making him a bad guy. I just love it. Please continue, I'll be waiting to read more.
5/10/2015 c7 2OniceViola
please update!
2/28/2015 c7 Ashley Stewart
Hello, I know that you have stopped writing this story and that life has taken over. Do you think that you would one day start up this story again.
12/17/2013 c7 Guest
More please!
10/2/2013 c6 5TrintaC
I love this chapter! short but sweet :) I could really feel Lucas' emotions through your words
9/30/2013 c7 Weregrrrl13
Lucket is back! I love how you wrote Josh when the group was together and the reunion scene was so sweet. Skye definitely had a good reason not to tell any more Shannon's than she had to.
9/30/2013 c7 NerdySecrets
Please DON'T stop writing!this story is great, I'm really looking forward to reading about lucas and taylor's relationship and if things change and how lucas handles being a father himself, update soon!
9/30/2013 c7 Mione788
Great chapter loved their reunion!
9/27/2013 c6 Guest
Great job. Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm excited. :)
9/26/2013 c6 Guest
love this story so far!
9/25/2013 c6 Guest
Oh lucas in love who what have thought lol. great update!
9/26/2013 c6 Mione788
Love it!
9/19/2013 c5 Mione788
Love terra nova do sad that it was cancelled. And I love skye and Lucas. Really am enjoying this story so far

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