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for Catch Them in the Storm

1/16/2018 c1 3Nickolaus Pacione
The use of the strong language makes this hilarious but you should toss in the "fuck" bomb for good measure. My creative nonfiction impression of Catcher in the Rye was one that really torqued fan fiction writers of full length works as they said my piece "sucked" as I pointed out if they took a piss on it they missed the entire point as I was not only addressing them but also those who attempt to get published for pulling such stunts such as publishing copyrighted characters in current circulation. This is something that can be studied on an academic level because Catcher in the Rye type characters can easy mock other fandoms in vulgar ways. This being an English class assignment reminds me of when I wrote my first horror short story at 14 as it combined slasher tropes with the supernatural in a real person fiction and real setting climate. I got the dirtiest look for this one as I had killed off my classmates one by one and one stuffed in a locker with a surgical blade buried in their back.

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