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for Mummy's Visit

2/2/2014 c1 emedealer
I really enjoyed this, definitely a different take on mummy Holmes than I've seen before. Really well done! Thanks for your reviews on on my story - phencyclidine, they are funny and cute reactions to the chapters. I love your writing style by the way ;)
1/3/2014 c1 4lavenderlemmings
Love this. Ironic how we actually get to meet mummy in season three...you must be psychic!
12/21/2013 c1 27magentacr
aw sweet.
11/12/2013 c1 18Ballykissangel
This ws really sweet and sad. Well done :)
8/1/2013 c1 4eile.m
heya, this is really good !
7/21/2013 c1 1Dr. Molly Hooper
omg I actually loved this story so freaking much. I never really thought about Mrs. Holmes and her reactions to her boys and such...but I really really love this idea! great job:)
7/14/2013 c1 claireaphernalia
This was super cute and touching! I love how Mrs. Holmes can always see through her boys.
6/30/2013 c1 13GoddessOfApples
A very very lovely story:):) You were able to bring out the emotions quite well:):) And I feel terribly sorry for Mummy Holmes, because of her sons:'( Good good story:):):)
6/16/2013 c1 10coranajade
6/10/2013 c1 19BenAddict Holmes
This was nice :) I really liked it.
5/13/2013 c1 Delia44
Awh :) that was so cute

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