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6/9/2017 c14 Droolia
This is so sad. I'm curious why Lorelai didn't just move in with Chris. Is it wanting to do it on her own? What did straub change? Please update.
4/1/2017 c13 sweetgirl23
What happened to chapter 14?
3/31/2017 c13 LC42
Why didnt Chris take Ellie with him. And why is every one making Lorelai the bad person. Just because she didn't want to marry Chris and be told what to do all he time. Chris isnt working is he just leaving off his parents money. While Lorelai is working and trying to give a good life to her daughter without nanny's or without her mother nagging her all the time. Strobe is a mean person and i hoe everything backfires on him.
3/26/2017 c14 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
3/6/2017 c14 5SlytherinValkire
Can't wait for more!
3/5/2017 c14 3roganjalex
I know this might sound bad but I can not wait for this to blow up in Lorelai face. Twins have a special bond
2/9/2017 c13 JJsMommy27
Wondering why he isn't faking Ellie with him so Lorelai can see her
2/9/2017 c13 roganjalex
Absolutely awesome love it so much can't wait to see the next chapter
2/9/2017 c13 SkittlezxBabex146
Cant wait to see how the brunch gonna end up
11/24/2016 c12 roganjalex
Absolutely loved it so much do you plan for Lorelei and Christopher to reunite as a couple love them together
11/24/2016 c11 roganjalex
Absolutely amazing love it so much emotion
11/24/2016 c12 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
11/23/2016 c12 SkittlezxBabex146
How old is the twins now ?
11/4/2016 c10 3roganjalex
Amazing love it so much fun
11/4/2016 c10 SkittlezxBabex146
It was a nice short update cant wait for the next one
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