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2/20 c6 cameron1812
This just became one of my all time favourite stories! It's perfect just the way it is:)
1/25 c1 1Eleets1125
I've read this story three times now and I truly do hope you decide to continue it at some point. thanks for writing
12/27/2022 c5 5michaelc100
great story, hope you decide to continue it
5/29/2022 c6 12bananacurls
I just found your story. I really liked it. and the quotes you used made me expand my horizons.
4/18/2022 c1 TangoTwo
no aw uni, BB 2
2/17/2022 c6 qwertyuiop123214685
great story!
2/17/2022 c6 scyfly
very very dissapointing ending. basically: ziva saved tangos down the end
2/17/2022 c4 scyfly
you get far to technical for my tastes
2/17/2022 c2 scyfly
i did not felt like you captured the soldier vibe, too unprofessional, but then im only guessing at what is professional.

it def has jack squat to do with harry potter though
1/22/2022 c6 Leticia Melo de Andrade
Very good story, please continue writing.
12/14/2021 c6 Eragon13247
please update
11/10/2021 c6 Guest
I just stumbled across this story today, and I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I understand that the likelihood of it ever being updated again after so long are infinitesimal, but I thought I'd drop a positive review anyway, because I think this story deserves it. So even though it is unlikely this review will ever be seen by you, thanks for the great read.
10/28/2021 c6 Sidraef
So, read this again for the umpteenth time. Still, an amazing story, and I am holding out hope for the aftermath chapter.
8/23/2021 c3 BloodyParty
I just love this
8/22/2021 c6 Smokinbarrrel
Any chance for an update of this? It is rather a good read.
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