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for Thirteen's Destruction

10/3/2020 c13 4CandyMaria
oh I wish you had continued this
7/1/2017 c13 Guest
I love this story. I wish you would have continued.
1/25/2015 c13 Guest
OMG you have to continue! The story is amazing...
9/20/2014 c13 Amie
Where's the 14th chapter at? I'm still waiting.
4/11/2014 c13 7gemini-rose16
love it so far...i hope you continue with it xx
3/17/2014 c13 SkiGurl
I loved this so much... I would have posted on each chapter but I was so into it that I kept going... You should keep writing it
10/30/2013 c13 Amie
Dude, what happened to this story?
8/8/2013 c1 2hostilepistachio
holy crap this is amazing! just wow, can't wait for more updates :D
8/3/2013 c11 Amie
Loved the update. I'm glad they've been found. I think you should make a sequel.
8/2/2013 c13 5BiaZor-El
Good chapter, just missed Remy... I hope you'll make a sequel, because this story is amazing...
8/1/2013 c13 Leh-housemaniac
I've heard House and Thirteen seemed at the 18th episode, season 7, almost like brother and sister. I couldn't disagree.
Finally these guys found Taub and Chase, for God sake. Actually, I don't know how much time they were as hostages. Waiting for the next chapter.
8/1/2013 c13 4KooshGID
Wow actual sentiment from House :)
7/11/2013 c12 1Salkri Kachemench
Hey guys this is the author here, just thought I'd apologise for the long wait recently. All of my school work is piling up in the last push until the end of term, and so once the holidays start I'll have a lot more time for writing. I hope you guys can all see this as I couldn't think of any other way to communicate without PMing everyone, and some regular viewers don't have accounts. Anyways, I'm really sorry but I probably won't have time to write any more chapters for another two weeks or so. Sorry! I feel really bad and just want you guys to know that I still appreciate your support, despite my awful reliability. Author Out
7/11/2013 c12 Amie
Where's the next chapter? I'm so impatient.
7/2/2013 c12 4KooshGID
Oh man. I wonder if she'll make it.
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