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1/2 c2 4twonkout
Aww, I LOVE it!
I love how Rod & Nicky watch movies together & end up curled up next to each other, Nicky hugging Rod to protect him during the horror movie!
Sooo adorable!

Thanks so much for writing this!
It's so heartwarmingly cute & fluffy!
7/14/2014 c2 Raiponze
I am new in the Avenue Q Fandom so I'm so glad that there are still people who made fanfics :) Thank you and I love your story!
I am definitely going to contribude to the Fandom too. :D
3/2/2014 c1 Guest
A much better use of the Internet than porn. Tell me what happens next!
3/1/2014 c1 Zzy
I blame you for killing in the ball rooooooooooooom!
2/15/2014 c1 doctorXmaster
Would the reference be from Sherlock when John and Sherlock played cluedo
10/21/2013 c1 Puck and Kyo
This is hilarious and sweet. I love it! You kept the characters from going OOC, it's great.
9/6/2013 c1 14TheMythicalBeats
Update please!

Lol I loved playing Monopoly and Sorry. Sorry's my favorite board game since Candyland and Shoots and Ladder.

Lol Rod thinks I.K.W.Y.D.L.S is a romantic movie xD LOL NO!

What happens next?!
8/17/2013 c1 1MessedUpChild
7/26/2013 c1 11JennaTheMusicalPythonite
Movies Trekkie sent over?

They think IKWYDLS (It's night. I get lazy at night.) is some rom-com.

I'm excited now.

hehe. :D
7/14/2013 c1 Guest
I love it! Moreee 3 ;D
7/8/2013 c1 Guest
I love this! Please continue this!
5/30/2013 c1 24ShegoRulz
YEY, another Avenue Q , Rod/Nicky story! This is so good so far, please update soon! Can't wait to read more :)

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