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for Hit the Road, (Uncle) Jack, and Don't You Come Back No More!

5/14/2013 c1 kiwismakemehappy
Oh wow! My psychic senses are telling me that Shawn is going to be the sassiest hostage ever. My favorite part:

"For a short moment, he imagined Gus right there in the trunk with him, telling him to lick it. Then he kicked Imaginary Gus out of the trunk, because it was getting cramped, awkward, and way to close for comfort with both of them crammed into the trunk. He made a mental note to tell Gus (imaginary or otherwise) that he might need to lay off the donuts for a while."

Awesome writing!
5/14/2013 c1 22kiwismakemehappy
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5/14/2013 c1 4The-Bowtie-And-The-Fez
Yes... just yes! ... i started writing a story like this, but im not that far... urs is MUCH better anyways! Not sure if i wanna post mine now! :-) lolz... anyways... GOOD JOB! :-)
5/14/2013 c1 1beej96
Thank you. I actually wanted to review before I even started reading, just to say thank you. I've been looking for something like this for a long time too. So. Thank you.

You're off to a great start and I'm looking forward to reading more.
5/13/2013 c1 fantomfaire
Wow this is awesome! I love this alternate ending! Can't wait for the next update!
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