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for Rocky and Gunther?

5/5/2018 c2 Guest
there are some misspelled words
2/13/2018 c22 mirrorkinomoto
yeah finally they are back together it was really a good story great work :)
2/13/2018 c21 mirrorkinomoto
malik is such an incredible guy x3
2/13/2018 c20 mirrorkinomoto
be together already *w*
2/13/2018 c19 mirrorkinomoto
finally they are gonna say the true its better this way u_u
2/13/2018 c18 mirrorkinomoto
good to see gunther giving advice to rocky x3 but sad she kept lying to her brother :s
2/13/2018 c17 mirrorkinomoto
seems cece never know when she need to shut up rofl well at least it will make advance the story so not complaining ;p
2/13/2018 c16 mirrorkinomoto
rockyxgunther is a better couple than malikxrocky and guntherxcamille how can rocky think otherwise -_-
2/13/2018 c15 mirrorkinomoto
he didnt deserve that but it simple as that rocky you love gunther much more here my answer to rocky XD
1/25/2018 c14 mirrorkinomoto
great to have a brother like ty x)
1/25/2018 c13 mirrorkinomoto
yeah they kissed now they need to break up with their actual boy/girlfriend and go back together :D
1/25/2018 c12 mirrorkinomoto
well seems they both moved on now...;-;
1/25/2018 c11 mirrorkinomoto
oh no not that now gunther gonna get out with another girl ;-;
1/25/2018 c10 mirrorkinomoto
well at least they are in good terms again x)
1/25/2018 c9 mirrorkinomoto
hope they get things better on the next chapter x)
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