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8/3 c5 m
12/29/2021 c10 1bayken56
This entire fanfic is very quotable
9/18/2021 c16 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Yeaaaa no, Bridgette. You have no one to blame but yourself with that. I agree with what you said about how they look down on you for being a peasant and a woman, thats wrong of society, but what happened earlier with Alejandro? That was your own damn fault because you wanted to have sex with him. Geoff, at the time, had the right to look at you with disdain. Instead of controlling yourself and saying no, you fed into Alejandro s habits and allowed him to have sex with you.
4/28/2021 c21 eldwist
I was hit /hard/ on the head by TDI nostalgia over the weekend and it really didn't take me that long to start venturing into fanfiction land hahaha. Medieval-esque fantasy is a huge, HUGE weakness of mine, so your summary immediately piqued my interest, and oh god I basically didn't sleep last night? I must have binged 13 chapters in one sitting and immediately picked this fic up again after work tonight. The way you write these characters is so wonderfully, wonderfully reminiscent of how I remember them from back when the show was still airing, and even with the added violence and language to increase the maturity of this fic, their voices still read so incredibly /them/. Of course, the hate and distaste of our 6 heirs for each other is greatly exaggerated (though I might be wrong, everything I remember of TDI is filtered through a hefty haze of nostalgia), but with how good you've nailed each of their personalities, I can readily believe how their relationships would have fractured to this terrible point throughout their 17 years.

I also really love the worldbuilding here! The way you described Kirkcaldy had me feeling like I was in the bustling town with these characters, and I especially loved the mountain pass chapter - once the bad weather hit I was reading every single line with bated breath, picturing so clearly the treacherous cliff with the howling wind and the pounding snow. Whether describing the serenity of the valley in Caithness or the exhilarating rescue from the bandits, I feel so drawn into this story, so major kudos on that front!

I'm rambling but there is just so much that I love about this fic so far! From the character interactions to the creative backstory that sent them on this journey in the first place to the themes of freedom and choice and following or defying fate, just wow! This story is really hitting all of my favourite buttons, and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest!

Sidenote: The ending of this chapter probably had me even more on edge than the literal cliffhanger a few chapters ago. :P For a moment, I seriously wondered if even the marriages had been a lie, and that instead of finding a list of matches on that piece of parchment, there was going to be a completely different set of instructions that would somehow fuck the heirs over even more than any potential marriages. It'll be interesting to see how the character dynamics change now that they've seen the list!
3/4/2021 c34 Guest
This was amazing! For one thing, I love Courtney and Duncan together (as well as Heather and Alejandro, and Izzy and Noah too). And secondly, you have no idea how much I loved Trent in this story. The Beatles are my all time favourite band, and all the songs and references made me SOOOO happy. It broke my heart when he turned out to be the traitor; I mean, how could someone with such good music taste be so evil?! Thanks so much for this masterpiece!
1/4/2021 c34 Guest
This was an AMAZING FanFic. Well done. I truly admire the craftsmanship of this story. I read the entire thing in just today. (I'm also a very fast reader). I read through a Percy Jackson book within a week, and The Titan's Curse in 4 days, so this was a cinch to read. Again, remarkable work. One of the best fanfiction I've ever read, next to Hostile Hookup. Keep up the good work.
8/3/2019 c34 Guest
Best story ever!
7/20/2019 c34 CrazyAngell
OK. How should I start?
first, that I absolutely loved this story. Seriously, the plot is magnificent and exciting, it was all I was looking for in a fanfic of the total drama fandom. You authors are two geniuses, who made me laugh and cry, with this work of art! live to all the couples! (especially for Alejandro and Heather, who are my favorites) 3 sorry for English, I'm Brazilian '
3/24/2019 c32 CreepCatDog
Mmh... J'aime beaucoup cette histoire, bien que je sois déçu de ces derniers chapitres. J'aurais voulu que Courtney et Noah soient ensemble. Bien que j'apprécies le couple entre Courtney et Duncan, je déteste celui de Noah et Izzy.

Enfin bref..
11/19/2018 c1 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Im sure I, and many others, have said this over and over again. But, your Total Drama Fanfiction is indefinitely one of, if not, the absolute best Total Drama Fanfictions. Why?

Reason 1: Its not a gosh-darn competition story. It gets highly annoying reading those type of stories over and over, and its really annoying when most fanfiction crossovers of Total Drama are just characters from the other *insert movie/game/book/cartoon here* competing in a competition.

Reason 2: I love medieval style fanfictions. They just intrigue me so much. That And I just love anything to do with medieval times. Especially Dragons.

Reason 3: Unlike most fanfictions, yours is not only well written (typed?) story, but the cast stays almost perfectly close to their canon selves.

Only thing I can think of as to why this story isnt good would be its shorter than it could be. I mean like if I was Izzy and wanted to get away from the King, I would have fled to the Mishoka Empire, where King Chris has no say at all.
7/31/2018 c34 Guest
This story was ... amazing. It was so creative and the attention to detail during some scenes blew my mind, however, the most surprising detail to me was the fact that this was brave-inspired. I definitely felt some game of thrones inspiration throughout and thought thats what it might have been based on but regardless! This was a beautiful story so thank you for the time you put into making this a wonderful work of art.
6/18/2018 c22 Nerea869
I can't believe it but I ship Alejandro and Courtney even more than Duncan and Courtney
May because I hate Duncan after what happened

Sorry for my english
3/4/2017 c34 Quest
I just read this story and it's the most amazing thing I ever read. The story is magnificent, no flaws, logical time jumps. The obviously flawed character interacted as real teenager, but they grew. They worked hard and achieved. And I absolutely loved the setting of the story, but keeping the modern language, it was hilarious and I enjoyed it tremendous.

Thank you for creating something enjoyed so much!
1/21/2017 c34 headmaster lion who can talk
I just finished reading this story, and honestly, I thought it was fantastic. The plot and characters were very well done. I liked how you were able to make the heirs fairly horrible people in many ways while still writing characters a reader could root for and get behind. I liked that you included all the original cast members (I was definitely counting) and gave them all reasons to be involved in the story instead of just name dropping for the sake of including them all. It was all really well thought out and probably one of my favorite stories I've read.
8/27/2016 c34 10sarahtonin-deficiency
I don't know how it took me so long to find this story, but I'm so glad that I did. I've never been so captured by a story. I haven't done any homework all week, because I couldn't tear my eyes away. This was beautifully written, masterfully thought out, and the characters stayed true to themselves while also showing your unique perspective on their personalities. There's real talent and potential here. Either of you could write a novel, and I would gladly read every page. Thank you for sharing your work, and I look forward to reading more from you! :)
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