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9/4/2019 c1 84Mustard Lady
Perfectly in character. You got their dialogue and attitudes so spot on. Axel is a great 'big brother ', though I think it would be unnerving to be his tickle victim! I would kick him too.

"Said nothing about me bringing it to you." That is so Axel.
4/7/2015 c1 Angel
I love d this one
3/17/2014 c1 1user124
*Mews happily* I've been looking /everywhere/ for a nice, cute, non-yaoi Roxas and Axel story. Those two are just so adorable as severe bestbros! And this was...*melts* socute. I love it _
1/2/2014 c1 Guest
Loved it all! Made me smile like crazy.
How come everything you write is so good?
11/5/2013 c1 2Haha i'm not coming back here
5/16/2013 c1 32AuthorHasMoved
Thank you for writing it. It was a very nice combination of sweet and funny. I love the idea of Roxas being grounded. XD It really does make the Organization seem more like a dysfunctional family than ever.
I don't think Roxas was too much of a brat in the beginning. I actually thought he was pretty in-character.
Thanks again, and good job!
5/15/2013 c1 40TheSixthApprentice
This story brought a smile to my face. I was expecting Axel at some point to give Roxas a noogie. :) This story was indeed very enjoyable.
Here's some cookies for your hard work!
(::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::)

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