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3/21/2022 c5 Iwr1918
Havent read the whole chapter yet, but how is she with superman, yet not realising its clark? is what i thought...but then i realised that, well...thats just how it is
12/25/2021 c35 gdkime
so Hal through everything at Kalabak INCLUDING the kitchen sink... lol
10/25/2021 c36 Guest
This was very good
5/30/2021 c1 62Lady of Reylo
This is great! Looking forward to reading more. I love the humor and the detailed descriptions.
3/21/2021 c36 Makanie
Great story!
1/27/2021 c9 connerkent
Bruce pidiendo una medalla
2/24/2020 c28 Guest
Lois needs to be institutionalized for a few years. That said, I'm not particularly crazy about Clark and his pre-Diana mores.
2/24/2020 c24 Guest
Several other writers have had Diana scream out something-or-other in Greek while Kal is demonstrating his passion for her. That has gotten old very fast primarily because of the alphabet. DON'T get me wrong! One of my parents is not a native speaker of English! I've been in situations where I'm ignorant of the local language. I prefer to have a glossary at the beginning of the story. IMPORTANT QUESTION: Which version of Greek do the Amazons speak, ancient or modern? They should be speaking ancient Greek as their native language.
1/3/2020 c17 Hitman202578
Sorry but Clark should be pissed at the Amazon's. They kidnapped him and planned to rape and then kill him
12/10/2019 c36 2crimson-little
Rereading this story again
2/26/2019 c1 1Plasma Dragon 312
So I’m guessing in this story rape is going to ok so long as it’s the female who’s in charge? Talk about being hypocritical.
2/15/2019 c36 Guest
I just reread this chapter (because I liked it) & I found a sentence fragment, which would be a grammar error. I said that I was reading for the story! Does the fictional public know that SM & WW are together? Seeing an 8 month pregnant WW in her armor MIGHT cause a suspicion or two. I'm surprised that you didn't go along with the "daughter of Zeus" trend. I didn't like it at first but I eventually came around to the consensus that that made much more sense.
2/15/2019 c36 Guest
I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I started to worry that it would stop & be unfinished. That has happened to several stories that have started well then simply "disappear." Part of me wishes that the writer would finish it first then upload it. Oh,well. The story flowed surprisingly well. There were a few misspellings here & there. Offhand I don't seem to recall many, if any, grammar errors but then again I was very engrossed in your story. I hope that you write many more SMWW stories of equally high caliber. Thank-you for this story.
2/15/2019 c31 Guest
20-ish yrs ago I read an article in a newspaper (served 500,000 people) about the differences between the original Hebrew 10 Commandments & the more generic Christian version. The Hebrew version allows killing in the DEFENSE of oneself, one's family, one's home, one's property (a business, a warehouse, etc), one's community, & one's nation/country (I think that's it but I won't guarantee it). I can't remember how murder was described but I guess it might be described as the willing theft of another's life solely for personal gain. Someone will have to research this. As a retired Soldier I firmly believe that you can add "the defense of friendly/allied nations" to that list. It's easy to point fingers & scream but you damn sure must remember that we're human therefore flawed.
2/15/2019 c28 Guest
Somewhere along the way, obviously, DC decided to invent as many city names as possible even if they were inspired by real cities. The only exception is Washington, D.C., which in its' own way is semi-imaginary.
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