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2/5/2020 c40 55Demon dark mezzo sangue
great story I liked it a lot, the only thing I don't like is the macanza of the Status of Archer / Noel.
otherwise a great story.
11/12/2018 c13 Tempest-Rage
oh.. i though Saber is the one who hold Avalon...
11/12/2018 c3 Tempest-Rage
hmmm... i guess Arturia hold her Avalon now and at her peak with Tohsaka as her master
wow, OP
1/13/2018 c40 11Mugen no Tenma
Great story.
What an incredible ride.
2/8/2017 c40 Guest
This was a really fun read, and I'm downright impressed.

I know nothing about Blazblue except that it's a fighting game series. I dropped Fate/Zero towards the end. The caster arc, the WORMS. *shiver* I did finish the old Fate/StayNight, though. A long time ago, heh, but it helped quite a bit, I think. But I could follow it just fine. :)

Noel's conversations with the various characters were facinating, especially Kirei without Gilgamesh to mold Kirei's boderline psychotic personality into the monster he became in canon. And you managed to make Kirei good. Somehow. While still keeping his sadistic, empty self intact and in character. :O

Terumi was amazing. He wasn't even -there-, and he was amazing. I was slightly disappointed to not see more of him, but even so, he was felt through the Ouroboros. And come to think of it, I don't think you ever actually directly stated his connection with the Ouroboros? But as of this moment, I'm convinced he made it or something because the way it was written and the way he was written paralleled each other.

Saber and Rider's disagreement over the role of a king was interesting. I get the impression it's similar to what happened in canon? Not sure though, but regardless, there's more than one kind of king, and the moral-philosophical clash came out intriguing. I found myself thinking that they were both wrong and right at the same time.

I think a king definitely should serve his country, so on that count, Saber feels right. But on the other hand, she destroyed herself, and a self-destructing king is a very bad thing. Then there's Rider's statement that a king is his country and his people, and that rings true. But his reign was destructive, too, and he drove his country into the ground, so he's also wrong.

I lost track of whose perspective it was supposed to be during a few headjumps. Like during the clash with Kayneth, there was a section that started with Kirei, then went to the Ouroboros, then went to "he." I really wonderws if I'd missed something because it seemed more like Kiritsugu, but the lack of a name to identify the switch, and the last name I remembered was Kirei. So, it was weird, sudden, and very disorienting. I vaguely recall that happening a couple other times, too, but... Well. vaguely. Heh.

The end. Wow, that ending. I have the distinct and wonderful feeling that they're so doomed whenever that grail gets summoned again. And it will, because it's the Grail. Granted, canon grail was messed up in StayNight, but this looks, feels, smells and tastes much worse. The possibilities are thrilling. :3

Noel and Lancer's fight was really fun. Loved how she tried to give him a real fight because he so outclassed her in terms of skill (and that he doesn't appreciate the sentiment at all, lol), until the Ouroboros happened and she took the gloves off. All the wall trick against Noel's barrage was a clever way to keep things interesting.

Kayneth slowly losing his mind to the Ouroboros until suddenly SNAP was fabulous. Actually Kayneth in general was a lot of fun. ;) His dreadful snide and sneer felt justified when you pulled into his head. What -are- these rats doing spoiling a quality competition? The disgrace. Then, the humility of a genius tasting defeat for the first, his thirst for knowledge, and the way he cares for his fiancee even when it seems the feeling is not mutual.

Kirei's sadistic glee at the resolution gave me a smile, too :P All the struggle and sacrifice for something so trivial. But to Noel... I think she did get her wish in a way. Not exactly what she wanted, but the opportunity arrived for her to see a healthy, functioning world, and that's what she fought for.

A satisfying read :3
9/10/2016 c40 12MangamanZX
Great story; no room for Fate/stay night but it's satisfying as it's own story I like it
9/15/2015 c20 Dead Pann
Seeing the broken man in front of her, with the personality Archer possesses (outside of her second form), there is no way she could simply watch his suffering and do nothing to set his mind at ease.

And so Kotomine Kirei was observed by Noel Vermilion.

That scene brought a certain warmth to my heart.
1/20/2015 c40 9Aged
Parlamentar elections, Noel? We had such wonderful presidential elections here in Brazil in 1994...
Nah, girl is crazy.
Nah, she is...perfect.
Hohoho, I will go read the sequel now. I hope that Arakune is summoned,mwahahahaha...
Great fic.
1/20/2015 c37 Aged
What's conquest only for the sake of conquest? Mass murder, that is.
1/20/2015 c32 Aged
I don't know what is to be impressed:that Saber is still standing or that she hasn't used Excalibur yet.
Well,well. Noel is gonna win this...I hope, this is based on a story written by Gen Urobutchi, after all, and fanfic writers usually write fanfics of what they like to see.

Hum, Ouroboros...
12/1/2014 c17 Aged
Oh, you pathetic fool! You're gonna...

Oh man, this is gonna turn for the worse if Ourobors have indeed the effects over the user that were described in Blazblue. And even worse if Terumi's soul is there.

Well, well, this was unexpected. I thought it was gonna be just a "what if Noel was the Archer of Fate/Zero", but seems that you decided to don't stop there. I liked it.
Your story is good, I want to see more of it.
7/14/2014 c40 76TheTrueOverlordBear
I am so freaking impressed by this fanfiction. The developments, the action, the characters...freaking awesome and freaking feels-filled! I'm liking the developments in the characters Noel, Waver, and Kirei here very much, too! Also, it's freaking inspiring! There are developments here that reminded about facing life with patience, hope, friendship, and bravery, like Waver's decision to mature and spread the truth, Alexander's lesson to Arturia about the king and country being one in their final battle, Noel's dream of seeing the world that she dreamed of building and living in, and Noel and Kirei's conversations about living. You are an awesome and inspirational writer, Veldrin! Freaking nuts, I think I should go check out the sequel to this as well! Also, you and your work have kinda sparked my interest in Blazblue and Fate/Zero. Hm, maybe I should check their stories out more seriously sometime...

Anyway, I hope that you keep on doing your best and having fun with writing, Veldrin!
6/26/2014 c40 Mingyu
Truth be told, I just found this fic yesterday, which is both good and bad timing. Good since I got to read a great fic all at once. Bad since, well, I just wish I found it sooner. It's good stuff!

The shuffling that Noel's summoning caused changes everything, and I think the author did great theorizing how the plot would play out. Though I am curious how the fifth war would play out without a Shirou Emiya, my amusement at a good Kotomine Kirie far outweighs any concerns.

The only criticism I have can be aimed at myself as well. Fate's plot timeline is easily followed but the BlazBlue sections confuse me. This probably just means I should really play through the games again...though that barely helped the first time from what I recall.

In any case, good luck if you decide to continue this (or any other story you decide to write)! I look forward to it!
5/6/2014 c1 2OminousLatin
At first I was rather skeptical at the premise. By the time I finished the first chapter I became hooked, by the time I finished the last chapter I looked back and was amazed at how well done this fic was. Loved it so much, great work! Im curious if you're going to continue the story to the 5th grail war.

Again, great read, enjoyed it so much.
4/10/2014 c40 3coronadomontes
extraordinario, este fanfic fue maravilloso, te felicito por haberlo echo, por fabor dime que habra continuacion
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