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4/8/2014 c40 gerro
Fabulous story from start to finish, on every count. Also one of the most solid fanfics I've seen. And it is complete. All in all, a really great story, not much more to say. Nice endings for each main character.

Does the last "prologue" part and the fact that Kirei is still trying to find his path mean there is gonna be a sequel? Doesn't matter if FSN or not. If so, it needs more Hakumen.
4/3/2014 c40 Han-Ko
Wow, this was a nice story. Yhanks for completing it :D
4/1/2014 c40 I am Batman
nice story and i noticed that the last section was titled prologue instead of epilogue so does that mean there will be a sequel?
3/31/2014 c40 2bakapervert
Thank you for creating and most importantly, finishing it, such an awesome story.
3/31/2014 c39 Piterio
I really hope this is an April Fool joke.
3/31/2014 c40 Piterio
Okay... What? I totally didn't see it coming.
3/31/2014 c40 1hyrushoten
An amazing finish to a great story. This has always been a unique story that in lesser hands would have been a complete train-wreck or a silly crackfic and that hold especially true for the ending. I never would have expected to see somebody use their wish on the Holy Grail for a plane ticket in anything except a silly crackfic, but somehow you make it work. On a slightly different note this made me realize how few fics actually have somebody manage to actually make a wish on the Holy Grail, especially if you don't count accidental wishes. Anyways thanks for the great story!
3/31/2014 c40 1Impstar
A good ending to a good story. It doesn't appear to need a sequel, but doesn't rule it out either. I hope that you decide to write one.

One thing that confused me a little: the holy grail was a plane ticket? Is that a reference to Noel getting her wish, which happened to be summed up in a plane ticket? Or am I missing something?
3/26/2014 c39 gerro
Yeeaaaaaahhhh... Beautiful.
3/21/2014 c39 22WDW
Kirei to the rescue! ...and everything goes to hell.
3/21/2014 c39 2bakapervert
Thanks for the update.
3/21/2014 c38 Youmu Konpaku
Nice edits, but you've repeated a section of the chapter.

If you check after, "The final additional explosion was the final straw..." you'll see the repetition. Just wanted to point that out.
3/21/2014 c39 1Impstar
Poor guy... I eagerly await the end of this fic, talk about a cliffhanger.
3/17/2014 c38 gerro
So. Kayneth's mental barriers are bypassed and he is taken over, by Ouroboros or something else. Is he now Servant level, or is it going to be him vs Kirei, Tokiomi and Kiritsugu?

As always, great chapter.
3/6/2014 c38 2bakapervert
Thanks for the update.
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