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4/17/2014 c3 11Asujoll
Alright, I've caught up to this story. I have to say, I'm really enjoying it so far, from Melvin and his humorous injuries (which are very hard to translate to text; good job), to Gideon trying to get Winona to open up, to Autumn being a nice "Take That" to the Dawn fanbase (about time someone did it). Now, my opinions on the two eliminated campers so far.

I actually did like Franklin. I'm sure he has his reasons to dislike racial minorities, and he easily could have been a fun strategist character. I'm hoping he returns for the merge.

As for Mimi, I wasn't the biggest fan. I thought her thinking that she was a strategic mastermind was kinda funny, but other than that she never really held my interest.

You can expect an edgic of this real soon. Nice work. :)
4/15/2014 c1 A Shining Yoshi Star
I'm liking how this story is going. I have to say so far I like Tobias, Autumn, Desiree, Melvin, Emmett, and Yehuda. I will say Pierce is a prick and Franklin is a straight-up bastard. I hope both of them go early, especially for Brooke's sake; she needs to get away from Pierce. Either way, I'm liking this.

Definitely faving this! Keep up the good work. :)
12/9/2013 c3 FrostPrince
I'm going to immediately address the most prominent part of the chapter. HOLY COW WTF AUTUMN?! Totally unexpected, right there! I fricking adore what you did! It's original, will keep the drama fresh, and...well, I kinda agree with the fanbase thing. It tends to get a little out of hand. Ignoring that, I'm terrified to see how far Autumn will go to uphold the name of the holy Moonchild. 0_0

This challenge was way more creative than I thought it would be. Tobias's flute trick was masterfully executed, and I now see how scared of Pierce Brooke is if she'd risk trying to take out Roland. I would've loved to see Desiree use her powers this challenge, but I guess that would've spoiled all the funny moments for us (PILLOWS! XD) Riley surprised me with being a more resourceful, determined player than I had envisioned her to be. She's not just a capable leader, but a sensible and skilled competitor who could even make a fine manipulator, given the way she gave Winona a false sense of hope before Spike won. She's shot up on the favourites scale.

Overall, description was perfect, characters were well defined, and originality was all-pervasive. :D The cast is downright hilarious (I heart Miranda and Janice, and even Chris' intolerable presence made some fun moments). This may just be my fanboy side talking, but everything about Rewind is just perfect right now. I'm wholly devoted to finding out each characters' fates. Looking forward to next chapter. ;) And speaking of chapter stuff, I personally find the length perfect as it is; it makes the story seem like an actual story and not just a plain ol' TD competition. Though if you find the quality would be the exact same while trimming out 'excess bits', then that's okay. And faster updates are always nice, so I say go for it. :3
11/21/2013 c3 3AH11K9
I liked team dynamics in this chapter, did not see that coming with Autumn, though I like the plot twist there. As for the updates, do what ever will be the most convenient for you.
11/21/2013 c3 7SoulfulGinger17
The chapter was fine, bro, relax.

Mimi was unpleasant, plus she ruined a Widion moment! The vote thing was funny, though.

I hear ya about Dawn's fanbase. I never liked/disliked her, but god that fanbase! It's like they want another Ezekiel. Also, in regards to Autumn, I hope you don't go too overboard with her character. Caleb is gonna need a lot of luck if he wants to save the others. Don't worry, bro, Enzo's supporting you all the way!

I don't mind chapter length as long as the quality is good.

Both stories look awesome, I can't pick!

The next challenge sounds cool, and I hope the Trout win.

As for potential ships outside Widion (Winona/Gideon), I've detected Tobias/Brooke (Tooke) and Autumn/Yehuda (Autuda).

Plus, i've uploaded a new story. Check it out if you can!

Ja ne, update soon!
6/30/2013 c2 FrostPrince
Back with the second review! Yeah! XD Do you know that feeling when you read a fic and all of a sudden something clicks in your head, and it says, "I'm starting to feel so attached to this story" and "Oh my God, this thing is fricking amazing"? Yeah...I'm feeling it!

To the characters! Pierce...can a fictional character get under your skin this much? He's completely heartless and somehow gets off of being an abusive boyfriend. Brooke is slightly timid and friendly, and plus she's doing her part for the team...even though some of it is forced participation by a certain jerk. I'm enjoying Miranda and her randomness, and Spike with his complete detachment from the real world. I like Janice too, though her scatterbrained personality CAN get annoying...but I guess it just means you're doing it right! XD Sheila may be annoying, but her character is interesting. Usually alliances are secretive and not entirely out in the open, but with her determination to sniff them out it would be interesting to see if some alliances collapse. I doubt Sheila will last long enough to do that, though. Also, I honestly don't expect Winona to make it far in the game. Clearly she doesn't want to partake in challenges, even when they're quite do-able. I was actually surprised with the elimination, since Winona is weaker and overall useless, but I can't say I disagree with the choice. Good riddance with that idiot.

I'm still not so sure who I think will win Rewind, so I'll just have to wait until the story develops more. I've concluded that so far I'm rooting for Haley, Tobias, Brooke (and I'm hoping for a good storyline for her) and Desiree.

'Till next chapter. :)
6/24/2013 c1 FrostPrince
Total Drama Island with new characters? I'm already liking it. XD Chris is as appealing personality-wise as ever (*cough* not *cough*). I love a good mysterious super-powered character, and Desiree's quirky, funny personality made me adore her the second she read Chris' palm. Janice reminds me of Lola from The Looney Tunes Show. As in, indecisive and wacky. I can't say I hate her or like her. She's one of those characters that simply...IS. She keeps making it obvious she wants to use strategy, but whether Janice will be an actual threat to people...I'll have to see. Anywho, Tobias equals reclusive and loves animals! :D I can tell he'll become a favorite. AND he's not a total jerk like Pierce...speaking of which, every time Pierce does something to Brooke, I die a little inside. I hope that Brooke can somehow get out of this relationship, and that Pierce will be gotten rid of soon (which I would think will happen, as long as no other drama happens on their team...why'd the two of them end up on the same one?!). Haley seems like a kind, humorous, opinionated girl who won't tolerate a poseur girl like Mimi. I love society rebels! Moving on, Gideon seems like a nice character at the moment, and he seems willing to try and befriend a stuck-up snob like Winona. I admire him for that. Melvin's scored extra points for talking about Slenderman (I'm obsessed with Slendy, I tell you!).

Characters I don't absolutely love, but like nonetheless for their okay personalities, are Roland, Jayla, Riley, Autumn (another Dawn? :D) and Spike (I heart Metal!). I'm indifferent towards Yehuda, and Emmett seems like he could be a contender for winning with his strength and mostly friendly personality. Miranda could probably hurt people with her pranks, but the way she does it and her upbeat attitude just makes me adore her! I wasn't sure what's going on with Franklin with him staring at Emmett, but the stereotype label says it all and...I'm not a fan of racist people, no matter how much of a 'proper young man' Sheila claims he is. Speaking of her, Sheila's view on strategy is kinda muddled, and it's sad how she doesn't realize the target she's placing on herself by making irritating rants and saying she'll be trying to cleanse the game of strategists. I also hate Winona for her narcissistic personality (the last thing we need is a Chris-type COMPETITOR to go along with the host), and as for the final two guys, Cletus and Caleb, I like them enough. Caleb's leg could prove to be a disadvantage to him, and maybe he'll have a sense of justice that gets him into trouble later on, but I'll just wait and see if that happens.

Now that I'm done fanboying/complaining about each character, time to see how they do in the first challenge! TO CHAPTER TWO!
6/14/2013 c2 3AH11K9
Great second chapter, this is really good so far. Keep it up!
6/11/2013 c2 7SoulfulGinger17
Wow, didn't see Frank get voted off first coming, but good riddence. And to be honest, I might dislike Courtney, but I HATE Ezekiel. And as for Winona and Gideon, I have a suspicion that they will hook up, but not for a while. Finally, I hereby decree that you win at life for living SFC, and Montana DID say she'd do N if he was straight.

Well, Ja ne, update soon!
5/28/2013 c1 3AH11K9
This is probably the best OC TD series I've read so far what I've liked so far is the writing since it's pretty clear, also as for the characters: basically the girls on the screaming groundhogs; Haley is because she has a unique strategy, Tobias, and Yehuda. So far there isn't anything I really dilike, some characters, though I will not say because it's normal, and I don't want to give you any bais.
5/16/2013 c1 Soulful Ginger
Awesome, bro! My favs are Tobias, Desiree, Cleatus, Brooke, and Caleb. Pierce, Sheila, Mimi and Frank(don't like Franklin) DIAF! Hope you update WT2 soon and this as well.
5/16/2013 c1 30Jackpot 2
I like where this fic is going, but I hope you at least add a twist to most of the challenges. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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