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1/13 c105 Red Power
To guest: Buddy you are not fooling anyone. LOL You just exposed yourself with your 3 guest posts on top of each other. I like how you came back after a bit to pretend that you are another "guest". LOL You are so pathetic. Even the author I'm sure sees through that bullshit. You are a horrible troll. Atleast don't make so obvious. My nephew is right here and he can even tell you are the same person. XD
1/12 c105 Guest
That was Crazy Chapter. Glad 22 Got her Moment... I Have A Question.. So Amdriod 22 is Ai With a Cyborg Body.. Is She capable of Reproduction? Is The Body itself alive.. Or is it Only human in apparance?

This Red Power Got some Mental issues attacking people .
1/11 c105 Guest
Red power: accidentally sent my review. Again I highly doubt you know what a beta Means. Lol. You fit the description of Beta and Simp so keep jacking off in your mom's basement you little incel bitch.;)

What makes you assume I see myself and Krillin.. I simply pointed out an Android 18th not interested into degenerates like you and Turles. Keep Jacking to 18 in you're pathetic fantasies.

no amount of comments with change who you are.. even someone with mental illness would be intelligent compared to you ... in a matter of fact it would be insulting to them to compare them to you.. LMAO. At least have common sense and decency.

Keep sucking Turles Cock..
1/11 c105 Guest
To Red power: how stupid are you if you think we're the same people that you must be stupid. I also dad that you're intelligent enough to know
1/11 c105 Red Power
To Guest AKA the beta male: You mad little beta ? I exposed you for what you are! A little beta male loser. It must be genetic! LOL I'm guessing someone in your bloodline was a cuckold and passed that trait on to you. I'm sorry for making fun of something you have no control over. I now see why you see yourself in krillin. Poor little thing. Your mental illness is something you can't help. Being a beta male cuck is a sad genetic illness you have. LOL But life goes on!
1/10 c1 Guest
To Red Power Aka the Simp: so you are accusing me of having fantasies despite you inserting yourself into Turtles To Pair With 18.. you're the degenerate that have The Fantasies. you really are pathetic.. go somewhere else and jerk off about 18 loser

again only trash like you would make fake accusations that the guest reviews are the same...Hey Dumbass you are Also a guest reviewer so don't make make baseless accusations
1/7 c105 1Ultimate Savior
Man it’s been awhile since I read your story so I been on a bit of a binge, caught up to recent and love everything I read. Do you have a shipping idea for Turles? Or atleast something to his character change? Also is Raditz getting in the time chamber too? When is he getting super saiyan? Don’t wanna overwhelm you but these questions been bugging me, can’t wait for the next chapter
1/4 c105 Red Power
To Guest: I know you are the same person. You aren't fooling anyone. LOL You are so pathetic! XD
1/4 c105 Red Power
To the guest: Your obsession with krillin is something anyone with a functioning brain can see. I'm betting its because you see yourself in him. LOL An ugly little man with not much going for him. A straight up beta male. LOL That's why you get off to the thought of him fucking android 18. The only loser here is you weirdo. Go back to your mothers dark and lonely basement where you secretly wank it to fictional characters because you can't get a real girl in real life.
1/3 c105 Guest
I'm not exactly sure why this Red Power is Attacking that Guest Reviewer.. it's pathetic.
1/2 c105 Guest
To Red Power: you're not intelligent enough to know the definition of a simp. :)
You are Clearly inserting Yourself Into Turles While Having Jerk off fantasies of Fucking Andriod 18.

You Are Simp and A Loser.. LMAO! Like monkey You try use People Own words against them, only To Fail epically due to your lack of intellect and not understanding the Words You Try To Use.
12/17/2020 c52 MrCamtastic
Man this story is awesome! Keep it up!
12/15/2020 c50 MrCamtastic
Looks like I’m halfway through. Such a good read. Thank you for your hard work! I just hope the story finishes and isn’t left hanging
12/12/2020 c47 MrCamtastic
Great story! So goku and Turles are finally coming to blows. Wonder how the 2 extra sayians will impact the androids and cell
12/9/2020 c46 MrCamtastic
Man I’m loving this story. The dynamic between the Sayians is awesome. I really hope you finish this story because I’m loving it!
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