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8/6 c20 Ice Empoleon

So, I’m not dead. Well, I guess it’s been several years. This review contains bits from several years and now, so apologies if the review is a bit fragmented and repeating.

Another shocking e- … oh wait. I actually predicted who was going to be executed. I did for a moment thought that maybe Dashell would be eliminated.

Dry Bones was one of my favourite players. His nervousness, the fear of heights and trying to overcome his lack of confidence made him lovable and someone to root for. His reaction to others picking a haunted place was one of the highlights. It also helps he is one of favourite characters of Mario Kart franchise.

I liked that Dry Bones and Piantissimo patched things up after the Icy Espace mission. It also made Piantissimo more humane than just a jerk.

By the way, what it is with everyone acting pessimistic and using reverse psychology in order to survive? Just because getting cocky is likely to head downfall doesn’t mean acting opposite isn’t going to lead failure.

One thing I noticed that the player being executed didn’t suspect anyone during their confessional at the quiz. In my opinion, it makes the executions too predictable and ruins the suspense. Well, if you aren’t looking at the scroll bar. At least with the second season you have to solve Final Destination clue to figure out next-to-executed player.

I realized that after the execution was over but I’m probably skimming the question part over just to avoid spoiling the execution.

There is mistake at the quiz session where the seventh question appeared twice. Granted, there is the possibility that one is meant to be hint, but since finding hints and solving them correctly isn’t one of my strengths. So I’m just going to chalk it to error.

Also, I think had Snifit not managed to get in the game there wouldn’t be any execution at all. The last mission could be easily done with 6 players. Granted, the no-execution free episode would make getting the exemption pointless, but the exemption could have been used for the next episode when the real execution begins.

Yes, I know there’s 53 chapters and each episode takes 5 chapters, but it’s entirely possible later episodes take more chapters or have something else, and I’m using mobile fanfiction to avoid spoilers.

I should have probably written a bit earlier so some of my criticism could have gone earli- Nevermind! There’s a new season of the Mole! Yeah!

One issue I realized about the executions in general, is being spoiled by the format. The scroll bar kind of tells when the red screen appears usually. It’s not as bad as the other one, but it’s worth noticing. Granted the second and the third executions were impossible to tell they were early, so maybe the issue has already been noticed.

I had an idea about camouflaging the red screen, but then I discovered there’s actually a way to HIDE the scroll bar! In your face, stupid scroll bar!

Although maybe the suspense of the execution is worth talking about with the readers for your new story. I mean, I don’t know how common knowledge is hiding scroll bars. It might be worth mentioning being able to hide scroll bars. I’m also not sure how accessible it is for everyone. Then again, I feel majority of the readers are fine with the current executions. It’s not like execution scenes are ruined with scroll bar on. Not sure about the idea.

Of course, those are your stories, so it’s your decision how the story is written. I just feel the suspense of execution being an important part of the story. But since I can now hide scroll bars, I have no issues with execution scenes now.

I do, however, have an issue with the confessional thing, so please fix that for your new story if not both stories. Well, assuming the issue hadn’t already been resolved. Or at least explain the reasoning behind those confessionals.

You had no idea how excited I was when I saw the new story! Makes me wonder what other franchised could the Mole fanfic be written. Granted, I’d rather finish reviewing this story than have two unfinished reviews, so I’d probably finish reading this story first. There might be also spoilers in the new story, but I doubt about it. I will however talk about the new players next review if that’s okay.

I have been thinking of the suspects a bit and I’m going to re-evaluate some of the suspects, namely Zess and Éclair. I’ll explain why in the following paragraphs.

Zess, for the first episode, has done a quite bit of sabotage. First mission she was involved with Tiny Kong’s failure and the second mission she was involved with the purchase fiasco with almost no suspicion. The first mission of second episode she was also in the group where one of the photos disappeared, although only costing 3 000 coins.

And that’s basically it for all the sabotage she did. I don’t recall her doing much sabotage costing money after those missions.

At the second mission of second episode Zess didn’t do anything sabotage, although Mimi and Piantissimo did all the work.

For Minigame Madness mission the only place I could imagine Zess sabotaging money is betting incorrectly before the minigames. But it’s likely minigames weren’t prerecorded and predicting other players isn’t exactly easy.

At the Haunted Getaway mission, like Mimi claimed, Zess didn’t do any sabotage.

For the Snowball Shootout mission at the fourth episode Zess was the least suspicious player compared to others. She mostly slowed down other players and the metal box sabotage was more of Piantissimo’s fault than hers. It’s possible she did something to cause Dashell to be eliminated later. There is usually a hint for that though, and I can’t think how Zess could eliminate Dashell.

At the Icy Espace Zess sending Snifit first without input from others was suspicious, but she didn’t cause any loss of money.

I counted the amount Zess sabotaged to be about 23 000 coins, majority from the first episode. I admit there is a possibility of Zess sabotaging money from Minigame Madness and Snowball Shootout. Then again I'm not sure if Zess actually sabotaged 15 000 coins from Desert Purchase mission, only 5 000 coins.

At this point Zess is most likely candidate to eliminated from suspect list next episode if she doesn’t do any significant sabotage.

To be fair, the same could be said with Dashell, with his sabotage being about 30 000 coins. On the other hand, I didn’t count possible hidden sabotages, like missing coins at the Purchase of Desert mission or the first round of Mario Party Madness mission.

Next is Éclair. I’ll admit, I thought she had done too many obvious sabotages at the start and had her low on suspicion chart almost on verge of being eliminated. While she seems to be a bit too obvious, on closer inspection, I noticed her doing some subtler sabotages. Also being good with words is a useful ability to have for the Mole.

One thing I noticed about Éclair’s sabotages is that they take more money than usual. At the very first mission she caused the tandem jump to fail completely, at the Haunted Getaway mission took both herself and Tiny out of the mission and lastly took two items at the Icy Escape mission. Each one costed 5 000 coins more than usual. The more money you sabotage the less often you have to sabotage.

I also don’t recall Éclair’s sabotages having a pretty good risk of failing, although that might be just me. For example, the sabotage at the Dungeon Duos of Minigame Madness was guaranteed success compared to Mimi, Piantissimo and Tiny’s sabotages in the same mission. There’re also some hidden sabotages she has done, like making pushing Yoshi off more difficult.

If Eclair ends up being the Mole, I shall raise the hat for the way she admitted her sabotage for Purchase of Desert. Worth noting is that while Zess stopped Bowser Jr. from buying the suitable item, Éclair was the one who started the whole fiasco.

I’m not sure about the suspect list, but Zess isn’t going to be near the top suspect at the moment.

Lastly, here’s some advice to the confessional:
‘Mimi: I wish MIMI had some sort of love flirtation in this game. Where's my big hunk o' Mole to help me through these games?’

Let me help in that regard *points at Piantissimo*. The best love is the one with burning hatred, right?

Well, after this review hopefully my reviews come a bit more often. I can’t make any promises though, but I will read the next chapter in the next two days at least.

P.S: Who is the Mole fan getting eliminated earl- I mean dominating the game and figuring out the Mole in record time out of the new Super Smash Bros cast? I meant the fan part, not how well they do. That would be spoiling the new story.

On to the next chapter!
4/7 c53 21Princess Toady

When you said it was the end, I really thought it was, like the total end.

I'm stoked!

I know this is a new universe and all but... Here's to hoping the host remains McBallyhoo. I know thematically speaking you might want to pick Master Hand but... Eh. Giant Talking Hand doesn't have the same charisma as Art Critic Tophat-wearing chic man. lol

As for the contestants, I can't really see you choose a character you have already used in the past, so Mario-wise, I'm not expecting much (sadly). Peach, Daisy, Luigi, Yoshi , Wendy, Diddy, Junior, Rosalina and Wario are probably out of the question.

There aren't many women when it comes to the SSB playable cast, and you could actually surprise us and pick characters from different franchises that aren't playable in Smash, but I suppose the hint wouldn't mean much then. Sooo...

I could see the following:

Lucina, Palutena, Isabelle or maybe Inkling (hoping for the latter), Wii Fit Trainer (Female) and...not really confident for a last female, but I'll say Jigglypuff. Actually, if we have Jigglypuff as a female, then Isabelle is probably out.

Which would leave us with the male characters. And the letters F, K, D, L and D.

I'll say... Fox, Dedede, K Rool, Link and Donkey Kong.

I think it'd be a well-rounded cast.

So this is what I actually expect. What I would like :

Males : Pichu, Bowser, Dedede, Marth, Ness.
Females : Jigglypuff, Samus, Zelda, Palutena, Bayonetta.

I think most Smash characters could be good players to be honest, and it'll depend on your casting. I'm more partial to Mario characters myself, but I could defnitely envision a Mole in most of them.

As for a Mole pick in the whole roster, I'd be interested in a cunning / troll-ish Bayonetta the most.

Good luck for this new endeavor !
4/6 c53 6Dark Punxysaur
Omg another Mole story! Yes!

So that does bring me a big question, I know there's like Pokemon Trainer, does it allow Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard to compete as individuals? Granted, it a chance none of them are in it maybe, but just wanted to check.

But I'm guessing the F-P-D-J-W-L-I-L-K-D is possibly meaning to the ten that is the selected cast. After all, ten smashers, ten letters. And if you look at the roster, then maybe you can match the letters to a smasher that start with the letter.

F being like Fox or Falco
P being PacMan Pit Palutena Peach Pichu Pikachu or Pirahna Plant
D being Daisy if we're counting echos which I believe we could, Dark Pit, Dark Samus, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario if that's somehow counting or Duck Hunt which I dunno if that would just count as Dog or Duck since they're two people
J being Jigglypuff or Joker. Maybe Joker because he could be suspicious as a mole
W being Wario Wii Fit Trainer Wolf. Dunno about Wario but we'll see
L being Link Little Mac Lucario Lucas Lucina Luigi
I being Incineroar Inkling Isabelle Ivysaur because Ice Climber is two people so they would either just be Nana or Popo. Forgot to put Popo in the P group
So, it's a mystery but I can't wait to see what the ten cast will be!
4/6 c53 MonadoSpeedy
Oh, also: how could I forget that I would love to see an inkling or Kirby? And based on the title "Deciever's World," I could see Kirby... Oh wait, that's Dreamland, not Dreamworld. Opps. hmm. No idea then!
4/6 c53 MonadoSpeedy
The sky has begun to lightened. The catch-up is worth it. Wow! Another Mole story? Aren't we too old? Of course not! Looking forward to it. Do you think you will be able to manage so many different series as you do your planning/research? It sounds like you have, with an episode already done!

Not sure what the point of saying who I hope to see since the characters are already decided, but I would love Sonic, Isabelle, Link, Bowser, Shulk, Pikachu, or Lucario to appear. I think Shulk would make an excellent player, with his strong decision making skills. A great mole would be one I wouldn't think would be great right here!

I'm assuming the characters at the bottom are the fighters. If so, here are my predictions:

Fox, Pit, Dedede, Jigglypuff, Wario, Link, Ike, Lucario, King K Rool, Donkey Kong.

I will see on the 11th! Can't believe you're back again! I'm of course glad! :D
4/6 c52 MonadoSpeedy
I’m sorry my reviews didn’t come in time! Better late than never, right? Better all in one night. This is the weirdest reason I’ve pulled an all nighter, but it was worth it.

“In another series?” Was that a hint, or had you not yet considered Smash Mole?

Always be yourself! Help a Dashell when you need to! Take off your mask, and your ugly humanness. Sorry Dashell. Your a pixl now. But you’re also you! And hey, I guess you could try the human facade again, if you really want. #PixlDashellIsBestThough

“Helping others is more rewarding than being original” Lol, isn’t that what fanfictions are all about? I kid.

Goodbye, Sniffit!

“Yes.” Lol, McHallyboo delivers the truth.

For a second, I thought it said there memories were erased. That would of been upsetting!

“Hadn’t been nervous around them.” AWWWWWWWW

C’mon, no mention of Dashell and Eclair being secret pen pals? :P Daschlair for life! The game may be over, but our strange ship isn’t. Even if episode 6’s is. That ship sunk. Good to get some closure on Dashell, Eclair, and… the other Dashelll.

Everyone needs a vacation from their gameshow vacation :P

I hope Piantissimo still visits Isle Delfino sometimes. Good for him though and his farm!


Still, we need more Dashclair content in this world! :P

Okay, that McHallyboo research theory is crazy what the heck my god that’s so funny and proabably foreshadowed but that came out of left field. I hope he’s also just there to be a fun host. :)

Did Piantissimo forget the dual, or did he not want to mention it to his buddy?

Real actors! Nice! I had suspicions.

Piantissimo’s transformation would have been interesting. I’m glad we got what we got! You probably didn’t expect that out of me, ha ha.

I figured that one Snifit conversation was thrown in there.

I remember that Mole US game! I was almost going to point that out earlier myself.

I hope Yoshi is actually joyful. :(

Eclair was eating an Eclair. XD Our one XD for review quota is met! Now no more.


I loved sharing this world to. DnD and other fandoms are amazing for bonding like that.

Thank you! Reviewing is a pleasure. It’s been a long journey, and I’m happy for a conclusion. If a Smash Mole was not coming, I would have been satisfied. I was satisfied when I first read this Author’s Note about a month ago. :’)

Thank you, and good night!

P.S. Are you on team Dashclair in the context of this story and not actually in Mario canon? We need to know.

The best part of this story is not Dashclair, of course. It's the shared love of the Mole, the exploration of our favorite characters, the depth you give to the smallest baddies, and the journey we take together. Thanks again!
4/6 c51 MonadoSpeedy
These hint chapters are my favorite chapters! There’s not as much reaction-review potential here as everything is “Wow, this is genius,” but I’ll quip in when I can.

Oh my god. I forgot about the Mole website! Does it still exist? No, your link is dead. :( Ah rip, it was cool while it lasted. EDIT: It’s still alive! Just the link was dead. Yay!

Italics? Really? That’s in plain sight; how did I miss that? I do think these clues that can only work due to the text format are interesting. They make sense; there are visual-only clues in the show, so text-only clues here are fair game.

Okay, the lesson here is to just look up every weird word in these stories. Seriously, a quick google of Stephanie and the truth would hit you! I do think I suspected Eclair mostly, so I shouldn’t hate on myself too much for missing these specific clues.

E.C.I.T.M is conclusive as a hint because I.T.M. is obviously “Is the Mole,” a common sentence structure seen in the show. While I forgot her last name, the E would make me look into Eclair, so nice job!

Using the colors of your past Moles; taking advantage our your own lore is super cool!


I feel like the “m” was typo I may have pointed out...nah, I didn’t find this story until you were on maybe a chapter later. But still, an obvious hint. I love your typo justification of “why wouldn’t I just copy-and-paste this,” ha ha.

“Sorry to say to one of you’ This is the kind of line you gloss over when reading as you want to get to juicy stuff, but if you take a step back, makes no sense unless it’s a clue. Great again!

“Eclair the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is the best clue name, hands—err, hooves—down. Moving on, I got chills reading this clue. Your phrasing here, with Eclair as a sentence fragment at the end, and the classic “And who is the one,” a rhetorical question beginning with “And,” was creepy and excellent. Nice job.

I sometimes wonder, if I found these clues, would the fun have been lost? Probably not. Guessing along is fun, but reading with a “spoiler” opens your mind to a whole world of double-meanings. That’s why mystery stories are so replayable (lol, wrong word but I’m keeping it). In Xenoblade, one of my favorite games, every cutscene has another meaning on a rewatch.

I just looked at my old PMs and I suspected Tiny...Nooooooo! How could I have been fooooooooooooooollllllllllllllled! I also just saw that you PM’d me back! I didn’t see that until now, so I thought you were shunning me and waiting until I reviewed until you would respond to me, ha ha. Glad to know we’re still cool. :)

The mushroom clue was obvious. And the creation purchase one is superb! I like how your clues reference the mission names they correspond to! It really suggests to the reader that it might be worth it to check out earlier chapters. I would never have thought until this clue list to review earlier chapters based on hints from future chapters, but I now see that there were hints to do so all along.

I like how McHallyboo says “true-life detector devices.” He knows he’s in a fanfic!

Clues that match up with past games? WHAT!? That’s a whole another level of meta. I’m not sure about how I feel about a hint that says who will win and who will lose. It kind of breaks the immersion that this story is real; the producers couldn’t know who would win if they planted this hint. On the other hand, this is an awesome hint that involves reading your past stories and going on the website, so I think it’s pretty sweet. :D

Okay, the phone hint might be a stretch. Not only is the bronze car - wheel - 4 a leap and baseball mitt - 5 a small leap (that one is easier because a baseball field is shaped kind of like a rounded pentagon), but the keypad leaves so much interpretation. Still very cool, and kudos to those who found this hint!

Crow N is too good. These royalty hints are awesome. There was no one else associated with royalty late in the game, so I do think they work, but they could be confused with Bowser Jr. early on. Good thing he got eliminated, though I missed him.

. - That’s in plain sight! Urg, how did I miss that.

“Final obstacle is You!” Was literally shouting the Mole in our faces!

Yes! The french deserts hints are awesome! I am happy with the royalty hints then, as the french deserts royalty definitively Eclair. Awesome job. You crafted this mystery so well!

Eclair seeing the future through and obscure item in her game… that is dedication to both Paper Mario and to awesome hint design. There was really even more to the dresses than what you led on a few episodes ago! Now I want to see Shulk with his Monado in the next story….

I see the full moon out my window right now and it is very cool. :) It’s about to set.

Getting answers to the Mole letters—it’s amazing. The reveals finally happened. And wow! Really? I must have read the description a thousand times, looking for clues, yet I never looked at the last sentence much. You’ve hidden these clues so well yet they’re so obvious! It’s exactly what a clue should be.

FAKE CLUES!? WHAT!? Was the one I was PM’d A LIE!? I forget what it said, lol. Well, good to know that clue doesn’t necessarily spoil the Mole. I like it. Let people use their own intelligence in trusting the value of a clue. Maybe someday you should tell us what all the fake clues were? :P

My favorite clue was SS Reward, despite it’s spoilery nature. Its connections with your website and your past stories... Wow! And the food clues surprised me; how did I not just conclude it was Eclair much quicker?

Only one more chapter now… it’s been a good night. :’)
4/6 c50 MonadoSpeedy
Review number three, here we go!

Thank you, too! You’ve followed me through just as many chapters in my life. The world moves on, we grow, but still love the Mole and Mario. That rhymed. I’ll stop being sappy, Let’s continue.

You teach at a school? Are you an English teacher in Japan, perhaps? You said you’ve moved to Japan. I’ve considered becoming a math teacher myself. I’m entering college this upcoming school year, majoring in computer science. I’m about 7 years younger than you. Embarrassing, I know. Hope you still enjoy my reviews, ha ha. At least I’m an adult now so it’s not too cringy. I swear my writing is much better when I’m not reviewing at 3:30 AM in a style that encourages XD and :P and “OH MY DOG”! Anyways, yeah, I’m majoring in CS. I dream to create indie games someday, but I’ll probably do some other coding job. But maybe I will go back to grad school to be a teacher! Time will tell. I’ve got to go through more chapters of my life, and read more Smash Mole chapters in the meantime. ;)

So much re-reading! You must know your lore cover-to-cover. Someday, I will re-read. It will be a nostalgic run. Elevation is the length of three novels though so it would take a while, ha ha.

I think we all know a lot of Eclair’s journey from Dashell’s and the implied subtext, so it’s okay if you cut it. ;) We Dashclair fans will forgive.

I don’t use Instagram much, but yeah, I should friend you on Facebook! I don’t really use Facebook much either, but at least I do occasionally. I don’t even have Instagram installed on my phone anymore, ha ha. I’m weird.

Let’s see it! I’m ready to see if there were enough hints to guess that Eclair was the Mole. (Spoiler: There were, knowing Kirsetchers.)

Arlight, that was sabotage. 1 trillion does seem like WAY too much. Don’t we only get approximately 2 billion heartbeats?

“Identifies” Typos with “f” are always the best. So much characterf!

IT’S IN HER NAME! ECLAIR! OF COURSE WAFFLE IRON WOULD BE ASSOCIATED WITH HER! Obvious sabotouge.I can never spell that word right.

Clever to use shoes to spread the oil! I always associate slippery with rags. Anyways, were the tennis shoes ever mentioned in episode 2? If so, the episode 8 scene was a hint for both the players and us readers. If not, then only Tiny could learn from that.

You always have to play low once. Let’s see how she sprung back with a vengeance in Episode 3!

If the players weren’t all faking sabotauge just to throw suspicion towards themselves, people would have quickly found Eclair! Her sabotage here was obvious!

C’mon Dry Bones! Metal stick thing; it must be important!

Wow, she’s helping Dry Bones find strength. If only she could help Piantissimo. Luckily, she and Dashell will help each other. 3

Clever; stealing money from the pot so that the overall game was won. I hope that was a net loss; did Eclair steal more money from the pot than what would have been gained from winning the game? I don’t remember that mission too well, though it was one of my favorites.

Okay to help the team win Episode 5’s bonus money, just not the others’ /500k money. ;)

I FORGOT THAT THEY WROTE THE QUESTIONS IN THAT EPISODE. In fact, was it ever said that players wrote the questions? Wow, that game has instantly become one of my favorites. Awwwww, those were Dashell’s questions! 3 Dashclair!

Wow, why would she explode the ship if she wasn’t the Mole? SO suspicious. She could have just pushed him off if she was that angry. Also, what the heck Dashell? You were a monster then. Worse than any Mole.

Yay; I loved when Dashell and Eclair worked together. :)

Does stealing really count as trading? :P But wow, that hint was really obscure. Good thing there was other much more obvious sabotage.

Did they have to commit suicide to escae? I kind of remember that. I also remember them rocketing off. The former is a kind of a depressing, dark message. Producers!

I’m glad Piantissimo chose Eclair. It supports his character growth!

It’s always nice that the Mole helps in the last, most epic mission. :)

“Princess of saboteur” An epic title.

Yes! Thank you for more Dashell and Eclair fluff!

Which Mole was most profitable? I would think Yoshi, but Eclair was respectable!

Oh, you’ve answered my question. But Yoshi wins by ratio, hurrah! I’m surprised. 151,000 coins doesn’t seem like too much out of 500,000… but then again, it is a lot!

Sorry for the shorter review, but this chapter was shorter, so the review's length follows. It’s getting ultra late. Should I continue?

4/6 c53 1The Wise Zora
Y'know I never forgot about this story. It would come to my mind every now and then, maybe once every other month or so. I had been so dead set on Piantissimo ever since the beginning of the game, and the "clues" I found through you and the website (btw I almost caught that 'ten circles/x's one for Eclair! I remember staring at it for so long I KNEW it had to be something haha) seemed to reinforce it, so when the reveal came I was completely blown away. After you'd revealed the mole, I ended up going back through parts of the story, the clue sent to me, and the website trying desperately to figure out where I went wrong whenever the subject popped back into my head (I still never found any of the 40 clues lol). Now, finally, I have closure and can rest easy.

I fully expected the story-telling era of krisetchers to end here, but I am both surprised and delighted to learn otherwise. I greatly look forward to seeing more, kris.

(In the meantime, I'll wait for when I'm sent a DM that will inevitably send me on a witch hunt for the wrong player ;) )

Glad to see you're still going strong.

- Zora
4/6 c49 MonadoSpeedy
I’m back! Woohoo! This chapter looks a bit shorter so I can review it tonight. Chapter 49! Let’s continue this catch-up and get right back into it!

You moved to Japan!? Are you still there? Do you speak Japanese? Are you still there? Congrats! I hope to visit someday. People will stare at me because I’m over six feet tall, ha ha.

Agh, I’m sorry my reviews have taken so long! Well, better late than never, as I like to say (I have an amazing joke about that phrase “better late than never. I’ll tell it another time).

YOU EVEN ASK US TO REVIEW EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE CHAPTER. I’m so sorry I’ve taken so long. I’ll do my best to make this review awesome!

Piantissimo was clueless too? Really? Does everyone just stumble through this show?


He can’t be all fake. We are always ourselves!

Let’s begin. Part 4.

Don’t be surprised! Assertive people can be anxious too. We are all human. Even Dashell. Seriously though, as a DnD player, we, English language speakers, need a word for “a sentient being who experiences emotions” that isn’t human, because not all people are human. Person is too formal. Humanoid sounds gross. Dashell is human in that sense, anyways, and he can relate with humans and be a pixl.

“Piantissimo! Be annoying! Every show needs someone annoying.” - the producers. Let him be himself! The drama can unfold naturally. Was that intervention necessary? How can he enjoy the game if he has to constantly fake being Piantissimo? Well at least they gave him choice. How many other secret interviews did the producers hold!? Who else did they overly suggest to?

“Many… found [him] annoying” I found him annoying! But now I feel bad.

“My brain is simply the biggest” That is so arrogant—if you always planned for him to be faking, bravo, bravo. Somehow, he was still likely despite the facade. You could see through. I just didn’t realize that this face was put up partially by the producers and not Piantissmo’s own internal fear of being intimate and honest. Good job!

Piantissimo always acts confident in the games, so I think this outward persona to hide his own anxieties was always a trait of the man.

Did Eclair make the floor wet? Hmm. Were there any hints toward this?

Preventing anyone from getting an exemption; this is why society has problems.

Wow, way to roast Snifit. Not cool.

The friendship didn’t end with Bow Wow’s execution (okay, never again)! Friendship lives on through death, and especially gameshow executions!

No! You can change your image, even mid-game-show. Never wait for time to pass. Seize today! Carpe diem! #Salve, Latinus optimus est

Oh don’t worry, Piantissimo. Eventually, the producers will be jerks to Dashell too and torment him with his past and he will be annoying just as much as you are now. #TheProducersAreTheTrueVillans #Wait,KrisetchersIsTheProducer #ILoveYourStoryPleasrForgiveMe #DoesAnyoneStillUseHashtagsAnymore? #ThisJokeIsGoingOnForALongTime #WhatIsTheSpaceBar?

Okay, moving on. :P

Good thing Piantisismo’s plan didn’t affect Eclair leaving Dashell. She’s the Mole; she never suspected Dashell. How dare he try to stop Dashclair, though!

Eclair, I forgive you for encouraging Piantissimo to go away from his inner feelings. You were the Mole afterall. Also, it’s 2:48 AM, so get ready for my writing to make no sense and be super wordy, ha ha.

Piantissimo has a point about how the Mole would perhaps change their behavior after being interrogated. Good thinking!

Why did McHallyboo skip him? Would the chair not work on an illusion? The chair is an illusion too; it should work. Was it just to raise suspicion? A red herring?

Season 3 got so meta. People mess things up on purpose so as to get people to vote badly, even if it lowers the grand prize. I wonder what strategies Season 4 will bring. ;)

YES! FINALLY, PIANTISSIMO’S MASK, EXPLAINED! This was always rich for a deep story full of character growth and a new understanding on what it means to be human. :)

I love what you did with “a … Pianta … better than the rest: Piantissimo.” Creative! In Latin, adding “issim” to a noun turns it superlative. So Piantissimo in Latin literally means “the most Pianta.” You’ve even explained the name! Awesome job! What was his orignal name?

No! It’s never too late for friendship! It was never too late for Dashclair shippers to be validated, afterall!

“Dashell’s phase of evilness” I wouldn’t go that far, ha ha, but I love that you’re joining in on the Human Dashell roast. :D

Dashell, you sucked in episode 6. No one liked you, as Piantissimo said to Sniffit. And I am a huge Dashell fan! I never did beat the Flopside pit… and I know you must beat it twice for 100%... but I beat the Flipside pit, and that had you!

“No possible way” I think making that phrase definitive—superlative, even— was unnecessary. ;)

Okay, Vivian won Season 2, not Luvbi. That’s cool too! Luvbi made it far, if I recall, so I’m happy. :) “Five Become One” is still the best mission you’ve written.

Yay! Mask free! All awesome heroes have to throw away a piece of their clothing. Elsa let go of her gloves, then her hairstyle twice. Piantissimo threw his mask. Dashell threw away his human flesh. Wait, what?

Obviously Eclar. C’mon, Piantissimo, you suspected Eclair once! Also, if you want to keep your name, that’s cool. Changing your identity doesn’t have to mean wiping everything away. All eras of ourselves are always with us. 3

I don’t think the producers intended to cause this much emotional growth from Piantissimo. But I am sure they were thrilled by it. :)

I think the second question matters more (‘Who is Il Piantissimo?”). 3

Good point. The Mole always survives…so why would Eclair still be around? Oh wait. Piantissimo thought it was Snifit yet is still here. Tiny thought it was Zess and then Snifit. Why is anybody still here? Well I know I’m still here because this story is fun, but that’s a different question. :P

His true character growth was finally abandoning Snifit and going for Eclair. Yay!

Umm, maybe the Mole could fake genuineness? Wasn’t that Yoshi’s strategy? Then, again, Eclair ! Yoshi, as we know from Bow Wow. (! means not equal to.)

Dashell became confident staying pixl. Pinatissimo returned back to human.

If Tiny had suspected Eclair, and Piantissimo had lost to Tiny due to a -1, that would have been a sad message, ha ha. “Explode your friends virtual houses to win money!” I kid.
Piantissimo’s mask was the true Mole!

Nice hint with the clothing! Even if I enjoy mysteries, I’ve never been too good with sleuthing. Comedy is more my strong suit. But I do like to look for hints, even if I don’t find many! I can find the best Dashclair moments. though. ;)

Another awesome chapter read! I’m slowly catching up. This review took just an hour, and the next chapter is even shorter. What the heck. I’m on Corona-cation right now. Might as well review another...
4/5 c48 MonadoSpeedy
... I am SO sorry that I have taken years to review these final chapters. I have no excuse. What's worse is that I keep promising to you in PMs that I would review these chapters and I haven't. Failing those promises—it’s wrong. I’ve been bad, and I apologise. It's weird because I love your stories! I've grown up with them. I wouldn’t love social deception games if it wasn’t for your series You introduced so many people to the Mole! My writing will be less cringy than my younger self, but I hope I can still capture that magical enthusiasm in these reviews. For your next story (more on that when I review Chapter 53), if I get behind on the chapters, my reviews may be more abbreviated until I catch up. Then, caught up, I’ll go back to my usual style of writing each reaction I have. But for the catch-up here, as promised, I will do my usual style. It’s like a reaction video, only via text! And don’t we need some comforting communication in these isolated times? So, without a further ado, let’s dive in, same format and all!

Author’s Note
See, I don’t even if know if you did finish it by March 1st, ha ha. I assume not. What, that was probably 2018 when you posted this chapter? We all expect and understand your delays. Life’s a thing. Important commitments, albeit maybe less fun, come first.

I’m not going to remember the random things Eclair said, so I’m glad you’ve done the research on yourself to remind us all!

I compose music, and I too sometimes praise myself. It happens as creators! It feels good to be proud about aspects of our work as often we cringe or feel we’re not good enough. Glad to know you enjoyed re-reading that story.

I should watch more Mole to rewind. It’s been a while. I don’t normally watch game shows, but the Mole is special. It’s so intelligent.

Lol, that total rejection of Dashell with “Anyway!” Poor Dashell, completely ignored. Hey, did Dashell ever turn back to a pixel? I remember that he did. It was an illusion of the building, after all. It would reverse as soon as he left. Good. This will sound weird but he’s cooler and cuter as a geometric shape. :)

So in your Smash Mole fic, can characters who are not in Smash but are Nintendo/franchises represented in Smash be in it? If so, so many possibilities! I would have liked another Mole Mario fic too, but we are running out of mainstay Mario characters. Though one of the best aspects of these fanfics is that you breathe life into one-note enemies/pixels with little personality. I wonder who the host will be! I loved McHallyboo. MP8 was one of the main Mario Party games I played, but it may be weird to stick with him. Master Hand or Crazy Hand are the logical choices, but they’re so villany to me. Plus, they are hands! Can they even talk? Anyways, props to you for expanding to Smash. That’s a lot of franchises to pull from. I play mainly Nintendo games yet I have little Fire Emblem or Pokemon knowledge. It sounds like you’re up for the challenge. I am secretly rooting for Isabelle, a Xenoblade Character (Go Melia, Shulk, or Nia!), Sonic, or Tails, but as long as there is one character from a franchise I like, which is likely, I’ll be happy. :) You’ve already written the first five chapters, so you must have picked the cast already! How exciting! Agh, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the story at hand.

Aww, I remember that Piantissimo and Bowser Jr. were partners early on.

I love when McHallyboo gets curious, breaks his professional mold, and asks specific cast members their thoughts on things. It makes him feel human and not just a scripted host.

I forgot the whole Snifit situation. Was he replaced halfway through, or was he always an illusion? I think it was the latter, and that the reason he disappeared for a bit was that they were conserving energy on the fifth floor. Tell me if I’m wrong.

I always wonder, why seven months? Wouldn’t you want to discuss it while it’s still fresh? Or wait so that you can sit on bitter memories and all anger at the writers fades?

McHallyboo winks a lot for his eyes being so squished under his hat with eyes! Does Big Top ever talk in your fics? Or as he swapped his hat out for a less lively one?

She made it that far without knowing who the whole Mole was? Wow, everyone must have been so off that everyone’s scores on all the quizzes were garbage. I’m glad she lost then, as I want the winner to know who the mole is. And I assume Piantissimo did.

Tiny’s Story
“[S]he gravely underestimated its intensity.” To be fair, this season was a LOT more intense than past ones, ha ha.

Mimi and Tiny’s plan makes sense; throw suspicion onto the other so that everyone else votes poorly! Clever.

I wonder why Mimi was so immediately trusting? Maybe to just have a friend?

MIMI! WHY WOULD YOU DELETE THE PHOTO? LITERALLY YOU ARE THROWING AWAY MONEY! … What? I may be older, but we can’t abandon the all-caps reactions, can we? ;)

Lol, when you overstudy for a test that you mess up on the basics. Poor Bowser Jr. I think Yoshi messed up with the table maybe not entirely as a reverse psychology move but more because he’s Yoshi and thought it was a good move. :P Bowser Jr. might be overthinking it. Though, it’s been a bit—8 years maybe, so not a bit—since I read Saboteur’s Island, so I forget how you depict Yoshi. Was he cunning, or did he just stumble into successa? Also, did Luvbi win? I hope she did. She’s cool. ) If not, that’s alright too.

Why would you go for Tiny... for a third of your questions? If you’re targeting someone, shouldn’t you put all your eggs in the same basket? Splitting your efforts seems weird. Though, I guess it does make sense for all quizzes but the last. A weird quirk of the Mole’s meta; take a quiz with varying goals as no one has any clue what the correct answer is.

“Dhe” First typo! We forgive you. Typos give writing characterf.

Aww, Mimi, gambling is always worth it to save a friend! :P (Gotta bring back the classic emoticons too, of course. ;) )

Oh my dog (that was a typo and I’m keeping it. Gotta give that writing character!), I forgot about exemption cards! So powerful. Were they in the actual show? Exemption cards are a weak tactic to make weak players last another round (Ahh, how I’ll miss Steven Universe.).

I love your flashback italics. Your formating here is consistent, which adds that professional touch to a Mole Mario fanfic. By the way, I don’t read fanfiction too much anymore, but I think most people like ao3 more now than fanfiction? Maybe you would find a larger audience there for your Smash Mole fic. Actually, do you already post in both places? I forget.

I’m not sure I agree with Tiny’s reasoning. If Zess was the Mole, a Plus 1 would be nice as it would reduce the suspicion on you if you worked hard to take it. Though of course, if snatching that Plus 1 cost every other player money for the Pot, then that would raise suspicion. And the Mole doesn’t want suspicion as, in your stories, every bit of cash the Mole steals from the players is cash the Mole takes home.

Was this coffee scene in the original Episode 5? Probably. You plan like crazy. ;) I’m trying to give more context for each of these little paragraphs than I may have in the past. I’m sure part of the fun for you though is figuring out what the heck am I reacting to.

Tiny doesn’t want to seem like the Mole, but she was okay with making Mimi seem like the Mole. Totally honest. :P

I remember suspecting Tiny once. Wasn’t I always suspecting Tiny or Eclair? Pinatissimo sometimes, but I think I usually just saw him as aloof and innocent. So yeah, I could see the players in your fanfiction thinking it was Tiny!

The chair scene. I was always confused by this. Would McHallyboo really be okay with Tiny saying. “Yes.” and proving her innocence? It would so hurt the Mole to have one less suspect in the game for other players to fall gullible to.

I really want to see if these qups from Tiny and Dashiell were in the original episode, or if these are post-commentary from seven months later. Got to use that YouTube terminology of “post-commentary,” ha ha.
Currently on page four of the Google Doc and it’s 12:24 AM. Looking like I may have to split this catch-up over a few days. Hope you don’t mind!

Uh, Tiny, not sure if self-execution was in your contract… JK,Tiny needs a therapist (Yeah, we’re bringing back “JK” too. We’re old-school here and out of touch with the memes today. Lol I’m not sorry. #12:30 AM brain

“As my programming tells me” What the heck Tiny? How did you not figure it out!? He’s not real!

Yeah, that mission was too much. Poor players. Poor creatures of Kirsetcher’s twisted imagination. :)

“[n]or a person” Snifit was a person! AI RIGHTS! #NotJustYourServent,Hallyboo

Lol, I’m glad they took out Snifit in episode 7. That would be awkward if they let Snifit win (“Ha ha the money is ours!” -Producers”) or anti-climatic Piantissimo won by default. Actually, no, Snifit should have won if McHallyboo didn’t tell him the Mole was Eclair (did he know?) because AI need money for them to gain rights! #AIRIGHTS (Yeah, we’re bringing back the random long-term jokes. We’re cool. I’m just so pumped to finish this awesome story and to read your next!)

I mean, if you really don’t know the answer, a random coin-flip isn’t too bad. Might avoid accidentally psyching yourself out of the correct answer.

I forgive you Tiny for the pot incident I don’t remember. Dashell made worse mistakes I do remember, and I still love him. XD (Oh yeah, who could forget XD, our favorite emoticon.)

The real prize is self-confidence!

Typo: “she meant for a game like the Mole after all.” Should be “was meant,” I believe. Do you go back and fix typos? Is that a thing on Fanfiction? I’ve never posted a fanfic, so i wouldn’t know. Typos don’t bother me, but this was kind of a big, heartfelt sentence, and it would be nice if the typo was fixed. If it’s too hard to fix it, that’s okay too!

Tiny’s journey reminds me of Celeste and Madeline’s constant fight with her own doubts. If you have a Switch, I highly recommend that game. Best platformer ever, with great music and wonderful music (Sorry Mario. Obviously, NIntendo reads random reviews on Fanfiction of Mario fanfics and Nintendo gets very offended about what a random person feels, even though that random person is a big Mario fan yet just likes story-based stuff more. I swear I don’t write with these many parentheses in my actual essays and stories; I’m just having fun right now. :D).

I keep wanting to call Bowser Jr. “Bow Wow” as a nickname, and I don’t know why. :P
See, Sinifit has the sniff-feels too! *Siff, sniff, cries* #AIsHaveFeelings #AIRIGHTS

Poor Dashell. Cheer up! The game is over! Be happy. Be with Eclair. I forget the ship name. Uh oh, uh… Dashclair? Yeah, Dashclair. #Dashclair #NintendoMakeItHappen :P

Dashell’s story! Really? I know Eclair’s story was cut due to it being too time-consuming to write, but if Dahsell’s story is still there…. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Yes! See, even Dashell cringes at his ugly human-obsession.

Oh! Dashell’s story is in this same chapter. Well alright then!

You can’t plan love. ;)

“But there was something else unique to Dashell... that contrasted from everyone else: He had PTSD” Okay, I changed the ending there, but it’s accurate!

Uh, Eclair? Way to tip Dashell off that you are the Mole and you are here to remind him of his trauma. Not cool. :P

“It is hard to not be… in love with him” Again, slight edit made. :P I love how you just have accepted the other reviewers and I’s Dashclair ship and joined in. It’s not weird. Obviously The waffle kingdom princess and a pixl were meant to be. It’s a no brainer!

Meh, don’t we all think we said things when we didn’t? My sister and I fight all the time on who of us invented certain inside jokes. Dashell, I understand your mistake.

ECLAIR! HOW COULD YOU! DASHCLAIR FOR LIFE! (Yeah, I’m leaving that out of context. Have fun figuring out what that corresponds to (Hint: It’s pretty obvious if you’re following along in chapter 48. Also, we’re in the second layer of parentheses. So meta!).).

Dashell, stop being edgy. Trusting is okay in the Mole. Just have a trust limit. ;)

Oh, I guess Eclair did Dashell a favor by leaving him… so he could suspect her out of spite!

Oh, but he didn’t suspect her. Dang. Now the missing Dashclair content is pointless! :P

Okay, Dry Bones didn’t die. That’s a bit dramatic!


He’s already dead. Never mind then!

“What am I leaving behind?” ECLAIR! Also, halfway through episode 4 of Season 3 is when I started reviewing. That was SO long ago years-wise but not seasons/episodes-wise. Wow. This story has been a long, fun ride. New decade. Wow. Thank you.

Yeah, you say it Dry Bones! Dashclair ftw!

Lol, Eclair trusted him and then he takes the 50k in episode 6, or something like that. Human Dashell sucks.

Yes, Krisetichers agrees about human Dashell’s annoying arrogance/style: “And at first, everyone liked how he looked.”

I agree with Eclair: always be yourself, today. Your body shouldn’t stop you. Sometimes I think I must act a certain way, but I’m glad to be quirky. I’m me! :) Dahsell, keep on running.

You should totally make Dashell meet Sonic in your Smash fic. ;)

“Dashell, I want to be a pianta or something. I’m stuck as a human, You’re immortal as a pixl. Be grateful.” Piantissimo said, basically.

Dashell is acting like a certain god from Xenoblade. “Then I must get rid of you. Like I had done the others.” is almost as epic as what a certain god says. Nice! I think Dahsell could be his kind self and be a human, but he mustn't let humanity give him permission to be a jerk. He should think deeply on what form fits him… and then pick pixl because it is objectively better. :P

Seriously though, I love that you used the obscure pixl lore for this story. Shows the level of your research. As a big Super Paper Mario fan, I know all about the pixl war and other forgotten aspects of that game’s amazing lore. #PixlRights


If they don;t get together, it’s okay. But at least some closure.

But seriously, they should go on a date! Why not?

Thank you for including Dahsell and Tiny’s stories. They were both fun reads. I’m glad to be back. I’ll take a short popcorn break, and then I’ll do one more chapter tonight! I hope you can forgive me for taking so long, and I hope my review lived up to the hype.
4/5 c53 6LittleZbot

I've been reading your Mole fanfictions for the past year, and this last one has been such a fantastic ride to be on. The fact that you're SOMEHOW doing another...HOO BOY.

Obviously, Lucario and Pit have to be competing. Their personalities fit the style of The Mole SO well, although both in extremely different ways. Other interest characters I'd like to see if those chapters you've written might include Olimar, Lucas, Sonic, Joker, and Red/Pokemon Trainer. All would be very interesting to see interact with the game.

I definitely think Captain Falcon, Cloud, and Wii Fit Trainer would make very unusual and effective Moles. If they're in this next story, I'm betting on any of them.

None of this really matters, though, the main point is that I'm incredibly excited for this next story! Let's not take seven years to finish it this time, m'kay?
4/5 c53 sixthsense6
So excited that we're going to be getting another story of the Mole! There was a Mole story with Smash Bros characters back in the time of Brawl, that I assume was inspired by your Mole series, but it was never finished, so hopefully there is a lot of interest for yours!

These letters; I assume it is the cast of the next story, and the first thing that jumps out to me is the question: could we see returning players? Could Peach, Daisy, Luigi, Wario, Wendy, or Diddy Kong be coming back for another mystery? I would guess not, but it would certainly be interesting.

So my guess for the cast will be (Captain) Falcon, Palutena, (King) Dedede, Joker, Wii Fit Trainer, Lucas, Isabelle, Lucina, King K. Rool, and Dark Samus. Maybe Daisy instead of Dark Samus, but like I said, I doubt anyone is coming back.
4/5 c53 MasterParafin
And that's that. This wonderful trilogy has come to an end. Thank you for all the memories, Kris.

I might have made this review longer, but it turns out that as soon as one trilogy ends, a new story begins! I didn't think you would be writing on this site anymore after this, but I am utterly overjoyed that I am going to be following another journey of sabotage with you.

I hope to take a more active role in the reviewing, guessing and suspecting during this story! I'm looking forward to it! Honestly, I love so many characters that I couldn't even pick ten, but I'd LOVE to see Villager.

See you next time!
4/5 c53 15LeonPianta
Oh my goodness Kris... time for me to overthink the clue at the end of this chapter lmao. I must say, such a massive undertaking is very commendable, and I can't wait to give you much more constant support than I did this time around!
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