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for One Reason

9/24/2014 c1 12CrazySockGirl
Oh. My. God. I have not met many people who know that song. It's one of my favorites. I first found it in middle school while watching A Cinderella Story (that movie has a horrible ending by the way) Either way, I love that song and I love this story. I was just so surprised to see that song staring at me. Thanks for making me smile and feel sad at the same time.
6/6/2013 c1 8TheWrongAlice3
I loved it. You're so amazing! I can't believe... Oh wait. It's my story. :p
5/22/2013 c1 8the FLAMING-GECKO
you have skill, i cant write anything cute like this! amazing by the way. i like how they found comforted in eachother through those hard times :)

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