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10/25/2013 c3 2RoseQuartz1 this the end of the story. Cus if it is I suppose it's a pretty good place to end. _ :) And we got taht kiss we all wanted too. _ XD
10/25/2013 c2 RoseQuartz1
*sniff* Poor Maka! DX
10/21/2013 c3 Roboferret
OOOOHHH ahhhh :) kissing 3

This was good! Although, Maka was a bit... Mood swingy, I guess, like she was all depressed and soul kissed her and then straight away she was happy, which I get she would be happier, but make the transition a little slower, describe how she's crying but the happiness surfaced slowly.
Good job :)
7/22/2013 c1 AgataNie
7/22/2013 c1 3littleliebling
Great first fic and a good pairing thingy
Soul was a little OOC in the first chapter but that's pretty much gone now. There were also a couple of spelling/grammar errors but that's okay.
On the other hand, Maka is REALLY in character, you did a great job there!
Good plot idea too, spirit dying :) kinda made me sad though !
And you weren't melodramatic at all, it was good.
5/18/2013 c1 Guest
My pen name is Brunette Beauty12 if you want to send any messages to me. I like your story. the twist in the plot is nice. Souls personality is a bit different in the anime. it's good thought I'd like to read more please update soon.

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