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for Naruto: Great Clan Days

6/19 c34 2Alfae
God this worldbuilding is great!

I love how Naruto's reputation is building so quickly that it already surpassed his actual abilities. 'Defeating' two transformed Jinchuuriki without transforming himself, that's definitely a story that'll add to the legend.
6/18 c26 Alfae
The worldbuilding for this fic is incredible and I can tell a lot of thought went into it.
6/14 c34 2Crazed About NaruHina
loving this story my man thank you for still posting
6/5 c34 Guest
Witg reviewers comnenting on he content on the speed of Naruto characters is very inaccurate. statements without feats and Calcs are baseless.

No one in the Naruto is comparable to the speed of light.

Their travel speed is not even that close.. at the very least the most competent of them have a combat reaction it is Sub Relavistic.. but not FTL.

At the same time the strongest of the Naruto characters are Continental level through Attack potency.. no one it's either close to Moon level in Naruto.. there's a difference between destructive capacity versus attack potency. And no creation or Lifting Feats does not equate to attack potency.
6/4 c34 IndianaJohhney
Tight shit
5/30 c34 Guest
I agree with the others.. the power scaling is extremely wonky.

In Canon.. Nagato would be capable of Wrecking 5 Kages during the five kage Summit arc.

For example if it was Nagato AKA pain that Showed up instead Of Sasuke in the Sumnut... Tsunade, Gaara, A, Mei, and Onoki would get demolished... each of the Six Paths are powerful in their own right and His Summons are so powerful that they can withatand Sage mode Naruto attacks. Lol

Old Hiruzen aka The Thrid Hokages was Stated to be comparable to Orochimaru in his prime and even before his death he was regarded as the strongest if the 5 Kages.

Despite his Old Age before his Death.. he was powerful resilient enough to fight the reanimated First Hokage, Second Hokage and Orochinaru with The Monkey King backing him up... yes the reanimated hokages are not as powerful but they we're still on Par with him.

Meanwhile Minato is So powerful that he is stronger than the First Hokage who was only 10 to 12 years younger during the nine tails attack and keep in mind during The Fight Between Hiruzen and Orochimaru, Tge Sbake Sannin himself stated that if the thirid Hokage was 10 years younger he wouldn't stand a chance against them

In the grand scheme of this A aka the Raikage is Fodder

If any think Minato really underestimated he could Solo the entire The Only Threats to Him are Nagato and Obito and Maybe Itachi( if Itachi was not sick then he would be more of a threat to Minato)

However Minato Would Easily Stomp Obito because he can literally party counter his technique and he already understands How Kamui Worked Juat By Looking at the technique.

Minato and Obito was absolutely crazy because Obito Had Prep time and he knew How Minato Fought to Extent and Had The the nine tails fox backing him up... and He Still Lost To Minato.

You still intelligent ans Faat That he literally dissected Obito Kamui Attack.. Then He Placed A Seal on Obito.. meaning that if Minato was still alive he could have literally teleported and killed Obitobdo at any given moment if He Tries To Get Close To Village again... oh yeah let's point of the fact that he didn't even bother to use Sage Mode againat Obito..

Minato was Killed off Becauas he Was Too Poweeful.. in the matter of fact they never explained how Haraahima Was Killes in A Minor Skirmish battle despite being powerful enough To devastate anybody that is not Madara...
5/24 c34 Artimuos Sen
Why made Minato weak against A when in Manga he literally took both A & B together.
5/3 c34 lnept
Love the update. Contrary to what others are saying, I think it's perfectly logical to make A a larger threat. Gives me Attila the Hun vibes. Minato's OP anyway. Still holding out hope Hinata will one day be able to talk to Naruto lol
5/1 c34 5Shisoukengo
Another excellent chapter on your part! I really like the budding dynamics between Tayuya, Tenten, and Shino. Naruto's budding group definitely needs an opportunity to gel. Hopefully, you bring Hinata back into the mix more soon, Neji too. I'm still not sure about Anko and Kakashi though, the Scarecrow is just too notoriously anti-social for anything more than camaraderie. I must admit to being a little bit let down at the outcome of Naruto & Tsunade's discussion though, I was truly hoping that the jinchuuriki would be able to wrangle something more out of her than their clan's relation. However, I'm guessing that given Naruto's parentage, even if the Senju knew anything, Tsunade likely would've come up with some other reason or excuse to not share that info. Nawaki is pretty cool though, hopefully, we get to see more scenes of him and Naruto interacting. I look forward to reading the next one.
4/28 c34 Guest
Don't really appreciate that you nerfed and Made Minato weak.

Saying that A can Shrug off Minato Rasengan is laughable.. you don't really understand his stats... did the money go that is technically still the fastest Shinobi in terms of Base speed and Reactiom.. He mastered Sage Mode.

Not to mention that you breaking down graded his intelligence especially in combat.. I'm sorry but he literally learn to counter Obito's Kamui despite having no prior knowledge of his abilities... Obito knows everything about Minato and Minato has no knowledge of what you're capable of... and Minato Still Wrecked Him.

Are you also forgetting that Minato was overpowerimg both Killer B and A at the Same time.. if it wasn't for killer bee.. Minato in Base would of easily Killed A despite the lightning armor.

Keep in mind that Minato is this Op without Sage Mode.. please don't get me wrong I'm not actually exaggerate hus abilities
4/30 c34 Yori512
As usual, the chapter really pulled me in. Love the stories man!
4/27 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

4/25 c2 Octavian
Always good to see you update. Can't wait for the next
4/25 c1 aayushjakhar
every fucking thing is same, this is called fanfiction not copy paste site.

if you are making a new timeline a new world than do something different.

naruto getting hate becoming jinchuriki nagato rinnegan naruto same personality nothing changes

can't you show some imagination bro.
4/23 c34 random dude
hey! Great chapter!
i had a few questions.
How many chapters do you estimate the story to be of in the end?
By when do you expect to finish the story?

The story line is really cool. Thanks for such a great fanfic
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