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for Naruto: Great Clan Days

18h c35 Red1ace86
Great chapter, i like where its heading
9/14 c35 Guest
This fic deserves way more attention, hope to see more updates!
9/5 c35 uchiha akin
I have to say of all your stories I have in my favorites, this is my favorite, I'm glad to see there's an update, how I missed the alert beats me.
9/3 c2 ThomasoPotato
Just from these 2 chapters I can already tell that this is going to be an enjoyable ride of a story. It's giving Hunter x Hunter-esque kind of story beats, especially with Naruto going out on a journey to find his father.
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this story unravels!
8/25 c35 TroxX101
Love this story
8/23 c35 scotty26
So I see you are back to writing. Miss your updates so I had to backtrack and read it from the beginning; glad I started it again cause it actually allowed me to enjoy it as much as your others stories. I also fell off the bandwagon of sorts with your other ones so I have a bit of catching up to do as it will keep me busy at work when I’m doing a boring job. I’ve been following and reading your stories since your college days.. you still work at the station?
8/20 c35 Yurei121
I was so happy that there was update that I left my studies to read it.. Hope you are well. As usual the chapter was top notch. Well balanced.. And making the story even better. Pls don't abandon the story.. I know life happens. But this is the sort of hobby that is well deserved to be maintained no matter what any 2 bit idiot says. And this is me as a doctor saying. This will help out so much in ur life. .
8/19 c35 Phazer12
everytime I read this, I know this art, a masterpiece
8/18 c35 IndianaJohhney
Killer indeed
8/16 c35 Alexander4443
Good chapter
8/16 c35 45JPMod
Sounds like Tayuya is falling for Naruto. I think she'll stay, given she sees a chance to have a life for a change than just surviving. :)

As for Tenten's party, it was a good idea, just too bad most people still are afraid of Naruto. Maybe he'll change their minds, like he did in canon. Becoming a big hero will do that. :)
8/11 c35 Tenro100
Enjoyable read
8/8 c35 the rain dancer
Hey, gotta say how much I'm loving this story. Wonderful writing. Didn't think I would be into Naruto/Tayuya but you are making it grow on me. Please keep writing. I will be waiting eagerly for the next installment.
8/7 c35 16Chmia
Thank you for writing! I'm excited to read the next chapter.
8/7 c35 1dialga9182
thanks for the grub!
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