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for Courtney and the Violin of Despair

9/27/2016 c8 16PurpleBandit3000
Wow. What a spooky ending that was. I guess the Violin of Doom could explain the things that happened to Courtney in TDWT & TDAS. Fine story, sir. :)
10/15/2015 c8 6Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Hmm...I find it kinda ironic how you use basically the introduction as the conclusion, so I can't say too much about the chapter in itself xD

Anyway, for the story in whole it was pretty enjoyable to read, though there were something like in the last few chapters that I wish could be added. Also on a thought, I think it would be a nice touch if there was more to the plot then simply saying what happened to Courtney, because to people like me, they do sound slightly similar.

I like your style and how consistent you are with your spelling and grammar in a good way, even though it wasn't that long.
10/15/2015 c7 Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Well...yay for the violin being broken! I really do wish that you could talk more about her being humiliated on her elimination-or even in a later season (as she was not always portrayed in the most positive of lights), but I am not sure if this is the original TD or LoTDI, so I'm not sure if you could do the last part.

Anyway, this was a good chapter, and I feel it leads nicely into the conclusion.
10/15/2015 c6 Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Wow, I wasn't expecting you to have TD in here, but that's a nice surprise, though I should have seen that coming. I wish you would add DJ chickening out as well, but as this is Courtney centered, I see why you didn't.

Something I noticed is that a lot of your sentences start with (or have the second or third word as) Courtney. I think it would be nice if you could alternate with that every once in a while.

And people, like Justin, did miss the safe zone, and even though this is TD, to be fair as you are making this more realistic, I doubt that Courtney would die as the spirit would want her to live to be tormented. I think it would be better if he aimed her to be seriously hurt, so he can still have his original goals.

Anyway, nice chapter~
10/15/2015 c5 Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Hmm...I like Julie. She's uppity, but she at least does has a heart and doesn't try to completely destroy Courtney. It's nice that the story does have a few antagonists that aren't completely heartless.

As for Courtney, I would really like to see a meltdown happening sometime in the near future from her.

I don't see how she doesn't know the song by heart if she has been playing it for so long. That just doesn't make since to me.

Anyway, this was good, and everything I have said earlier still stands, though, but I just don't want to repeat it.
10/15/2015 c8 202ChloeRhiannonX
Oh no. It starts all over again. I imagine Courtney has quite the bad luck streak going for her continuously throughout her life. A good ending with the question of a sequel, that I would be interested to read, but short. I feel like you spread the story out over too many unnecessary chapters. Most of this should be been done in two at the most, most likely even just the one.
I very much loved the plot of this; the cursed violin; the relation to real-life historical people; Courtney in general, because you most definitely nailed her personality. But there was so much more I felt you could have done with it. You kept it short and sweet, but I felt there was something lacking in, well, the lack of in-depth detail. It was all surface stuff, nothing below that. I feel that because of this, I didn't feel much empathy towards Courtney. I only felt what I would have felt for any in that situation, she could have been any girl and it wouldn't have made much difference.
All that been said, I did thoroughly enjoy this story both times that I have read it now and found it a fun bedtime read.
And if this is what you call 'Courtney bashing' then the majority of my stories have a lot to answer for!
10/15/2015 c7 ChloeRhiannonX
Thank the lord for Bridgette breaking the cursed violin. I'm glad that you decided to keep this in tact with the Island and not changed things to fit the story. I like that this adds to the canon plot of the show, giving an actual reason for the violin to be broken.
I'm glad Courtney is free from the curse and the violin will not be hurting or haunting anyone else in history.
10/15/2015 c6 ChloeRhiannonX
I was not expecting it to be canon TDI. It's nice to see your own reasoning behind Courtney not jumping from that cliff, and I'm glad Courtney didn't jump if it meant the end of her life. That violin sure is scary.
10/15/2015 c5 ChloeRhiannonX
Courtney has herself a few enemies in this story.
I supposed this one was kind of humiliating, but I don't think it was the violin causing the pain. Unless I misread something which often happens. At least it's a memory for Courtney to look back and laugh about.
10/15/2015 c4 ChloeRhiannonX
There's a sign of 'telling, not showing' going on in this story. While the plot holds a lot of potential, it's more like you're recounting a story round a campfire rather than writing one. If that was the desired effect then well done.
Quite short chapters.
10/15/2015 c3 ChloeRhiannonX
I remember being that young (I say as I'm not all that older) and the tiniest of things meant the world ending. I suspect it's a lot worse for Courtney right then, having embarrassed herself in front of a large crowd.
The cliffhanger of 'what will happen next' is a definite big thing in this story.
10/15/2015 c2 ChloeRhiannonX
Oh no, poor Courtney! She's so young and yet doesn't know what's coming.
A haunted instrument can't be the best way to die.
The story plot is definitely intriguing. Your spelling and grammar is impeccable, though I never expected less from one of your stories.
10/15/2015 c1 ChloeRhiannonX
Bit on the short side but a definite good start. I enjoy a bit of the supernatural, and since you used actual historical figures, it makes it all the more interesting. Almost your own interpretation of events. I look forward to how this plays out into the story and Courtney's life.
10/15/2015 c8 16Knifez
Hah, bummer Courtney.

You sure know how to leave a story on a depressing note.

All in all still a good story but by far the one I've enjoyed the least out of your works. Courtney isn't a particular favorite (or least favorite) of mine and the concept, while interesting, failed to grip me. I felt bad for Courtney, sure, but this last chapter was the only one where I really felt for her.

Do you plan on writing a sequel for this?
10/15/2015 c7 Knifez
I knew it. Not that it wasn't obvious xD.

I like the idea of having a built-up resistance to the curse. That explains what happened last chapter.

Good ol' Bridgette, always helping out.
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