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for Courtney and the Violin of Despair

10/15/2015 c6 16Knifez
Ooh, I liked this one.

Having Total Drama effect something non-violin related was awesome, and I like the last line of teh chapter. I'm assuming Bridgette breaking the violin in "Not Quite Famous" will be the end of the curse.

I do think the emptying of the bowels and bladder was a little unnecessary, or at the least too vivid.
10/15/2015 c5 Knifez
This one wasn't as sad or humiliating, which I liked, because theres only so much trauma a girl like Courtney can take.

I don't see how the violin would affect her memory like that, though.
10/15/2015 c4 Knifez
And so another violin related incident happens. I'm sensing a theme. *Glances at title* yep, definitely a theme.

Another horrific embarrassing moment for Courtney, another happy night for the spirit.

Excuse me if these reviews aren't particularly long, these chapters are quite short and are quite similar to one another.
10/15/2015 c3 Knifez
Yikes, that's literally so awful.

Kind of like Madonna missing the goal when the World Cup was hosted in America, haha. Man, that was hard to read, I really felt for Courtney.

Hell, you might do such a good job bashing Courtney that you're gonna have people stop hating on her and instead feel sorry for her.

I'm liking it, but its not really gripping me, which isn't unusual as this is, for the moment, a Total Drama-less universe, so its basically just a young girl with Courtney's appearance and name getting tortured by a vengeful ghost.
10/15/2015 c2 Knifez
Damn, this spirit is a dick.

I think it would've been nice to add an actual price of the violin. Just stating it as five figures doesn't quite pain the right picture. Was it $15,000? $30,000? $80,000? $99,999?

But yeah, I like the thought of the spirit not deeming a small child worth the effort of slaughtering. It's implied, though, that the violin usually ends up 'killing', in a literal sense, mind you, its owner. My question is why hasn't anyone connected the dots over the hundreds of years?
10/15/2015 c1 Knifez
Hmmm, intersting. I know you do like to add the supernatural into your stories, and I think this is an interesting concept.

Are these real people or not? If fictional, good job with the names, haha.

Obviously this violin is going to be Courtney's in the next chapter, I wonder how she gets it.
10/14/2015 c4 6Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Aww...Poor Courtney. I almost feel sorry for her...again. Anyway nice chapter as usual.

This is starting to feel a bit repetitive though, which is my only complaint. It feel s like Courtney is going through similar embarrassments over and over again.

Other than that, I like the detail that you put into the story, and really, anything else I could say really can be said in other chapters, and I don't feel like repeating myself. But again, good chapter.
10/14/2015 c8 PikaBombyx
Ohh my god, here we go again. It's like, an echo to the second chapter, oh my. Courtney's in for a hard time. Again.

Sorry if these reviews weren't semi-critical; there's only so much one can say about these short chapters. The only thing that really sticks to mind is that I don't think Brittany Reid did anything after chapter four, which I was so hoping for. :V

I really liked this, though. It's not every day you see Courtney fics that put her in such a sympathetic light.

Happy Read and Swap!
10/14/2015 c7 PikaBombyx
Yeah, the curse is broken! Courtney's free of its vengeance, and the spirit's free to be put to rest!

For some reason, I really like how Courtney developed a sort of resistance to the curse. She's not gonna let some spirit do her in, yeah!
10/14/2015 c6 PikaBombyx
Oh, whoa, looks like the violin is getting serious. I'm actually really scared for Courtney, I don't want her to die. Even though she won't, 'cause canon dictates that the violin gets destroyed, I'm still really worried about her. D:
10/14/2015 c5 PikaBombyx
So Julie was the cause of Courtney's public humiliation (even though it was only public to them) this time, but I bet the violin purposely got rid of her sheet music. Y'know, if it could. It's fun trying to see how the violin can be blamed, heh heh!
10/14/2015 c4 PikaBombyx
I was wrong, this was arguably an even more extreme form of public embarrassment. At least last time, her messing up wasn't even a big part of the game.

Oh, is Brittany Reid going to inadvertently help the violin cause Courtney more embarrassment? I hope that's what happens. Probably won't, but I can hope.
10/14/2015 c8 14rilakku
Interesting ending for the story! I didn't expect it and there might be a sequel of some sorts? I kinda doubt it but interesting. But it does seem sorta unlikely for there to be two cursed violins but overall the story was amazing with no spelling errors or grammar errors along with the interesting storyline. Glad I read it for the Read and Swap!
10/14/2015 c7 rilakku
The curse is finally broken! I didn't expect that to happen in the story since you know it was labeled a bashing fic of some sorts so it honestly came to a surprise to me that the curse would be broken in this fic. Now the last chapter is almost here and I'm can't wait to see what it is!
10/14/2015 c3 PikaBombyx
Aw, that must've been so horrible for Courtney. You can't really get any more extreme with public humiliation than this.
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