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for Courtney and the Violin of Despair

10/9/2015 c4 14The Sarcasm Master
The worst part about this curse is how it works. It doesn't just make her fail at EVERYTHING. It builds her up, it allows her to succeed for a while. But when it's truly important, it'll screw her over and ruin everything, thus negating in her mind all her hard work. For musicians, that's...a common fear, honestly. I know how she feels...except for having something being rubbed in your face, never had that happen.

It's really such a subtly cruel punishment and that's awesome.
10/9/2015 c3 The Sarcasm Master
Oof...that's not good. Poor Courtney. I've played in front of people before and if something were wrong with my piano I'd be the same way. It's interesting though that it appears to be giving her audience sympathy, which is part of the "gentle" bash I guess. Regardless, I could really feel for her through this and want to give her a hug now. A 13 year old shouldn't have that happen to them in front of the whole nation (in their mind).

So yeah. Enjoying greatly so far!
10/9/2015 c2 The Sarcasm Master
So we get into the story! This quite feels like a spoken narrative and it's a nice departure from how most other stories are. It feels like a fable, and although the chapters at the moment are short, it's got a nice feel to it. I will say that I'm still not sure where this is going. From the summary I can glean the purpose of the fic, to show that bashing doesn't have to be done with blind malice.

The idea of a cursed object in the TD-verse is not a new one but I'm curious to see where this goes.
10/9/2015 c1 The Sarcasm Master
Starting to read this for the Read and Swap, and as of right now there's not too much to say on it. It doesn't seem to be like TD at all at the moment, and just seems to be explanation. A composre myself, I did find it moderately interesting but I'm mostly curious to see how Courtney factors into all this.

A "gentle" Bashing fic? An interesting concept, and we'll just have to see where that goes...
10/4/2015 c8 14Hugh Takinamee
And, finito!

So, I was right. Ever since her violin broke, her curse HAS been lifted! Well, good for her! I'm glad that Courtney chose to abandon her choice of becoming a lawyer so that she can focus on what's she's been good at: playing a violin.

Wait... SEVEN FIGURE PRICE TAG? JEEZ! Thinking about the price, I, for one, could have bought myself a Bugatti Veyron or a LaFerrari.

Anyways, this is a VERY interesting read for Courtney likers and haters! I'm glad that, as you mentioned it in the first chapter, that you wrote this in a completely different route. Bashing appropriately. Well done! Very well done!

Oh, and I'm sorry about the car terminology. I'm a car guy or a "gearhead", and I have an utter fascination about cars and just talking about them, generally! XD
10/4/2015 c7 Hugh Takinamee
And the challenge: talent show! Simple, right? Well, not so much for Courtney.

I like how you, Gideon, expanded the basic plot of what happened in Not Quite Famous and just made it flow. Of course, at first glance, I thought the violin was going to be a problem, and it was. It broke! Wow. Why am I not surprised?

Predictions? Her curse has been lifted? She's forever cursed by the curse that's been bestowed upon her when she got the violin?

Well done. And by the way, that's gonna be one expensive repair. I was talking about the light fixtures.
10/4/2015 c5 Hugh Takinamee
That must've been one hell of an experience, for Courtney, in the least.

Anyways, wow. Finally, some dialogue! YES! The way you, Gideon, wrote the dialogue was as if it was the real deal. An upperclassman sneering at the worthless underclassman for their ROOKIE MISTAKE.

The time that Courtney was finally on stage, damn... I'm sure it must've been painful to just stand there and look pretty and "play" the part whilst someone else is doing the part for you.

There could have been a bit more lines whilst Courtney was on stage, thinking to herself whilst "playing" the part, like "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I don't wanna do this! Why am I doing this?" or something of the sort.

Really nice.
10/4/2015 c4 Hugh Takinamee
Okay, not as bad as the last chapter in terms of Courtney's embarrassment, but it's up there.

This chapter itself was a masterpiece, like a perfect rendition of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Everything was perfected to the best of its use and ability, albeit short.

Like I said, in the previous chapter, there could be more dialogue, like what Courtney was thinking DURING the embarrassing fail or a dialogue between Mr. Wallace and Courtney as he consoled her.

All in all, it's pretty damn good.
10/4/2015 c3 Hugh Takinamee
Poor Courtney. :c It must've been one hell of an experience, trying to work with what she had: a broken string.

Anyways, reading this, it's well thought out and everything. The attention to detail, I think I might have mentioned it, is impeccable. It's short, yes, and I believe it can do with a few more lines with Courtney's thinking as she played the national anthems, as well as her parents' reactions on the sidelines.

All in all, this was pretty well done.
9/26/2015 c2 Hugh Takinamee
And thus, the introduction to our main character, Courtney.

Honestly, I do like the attention to detail when you wrote the paragraphs. I see that you have chosen your words very carefully in order to make the story pop... and work.

Such simplicity and elegance, you made the story feel sophisticated. The only criticism that I have is the lack of dialogue. It would be nice to have a few lines from the main character herself, but for this one, I think it works without it.
9/26/2015 c1 Hugh Takinamee
*rubs hands* Okay, I'm ready...

If the last story felt like a Ford Focus ST, this certainly feels like a Pagani Huayra- handcrafted for the discerning ultimate automotive enthusiast. (Yes, I just made an analogy.)

I seriously do like how everything is well thought out. From the historic background of the two gentlemen being violin composers, and... WAM. Rittersohn's jealousy got the best of him. Long story short, the Violin of Despair is introduced.

I have to say, this is really looking great!
9/24/2015 c8 46GreenPokeGuy
So Courtney's love of music overcame her passion for law and politics. It would seem that her love being renewed so fiercely would be because of the curse being lifted. I guess the curse let her become good, but didn't let her be passionate about it?

Seven figures?! I've never be willing to pay that much for an instrument. Courtney's parents must be very proud of her to be unflinching when faced with the price.

Oh dear, looks like she's got her hands on the Violin of Doom. That can't be good for her. This one might actually kill her.

This is a nice Courtney 'bashing' story that I think can be enjoyed by those that both like and dislike Courtney.

9/24/2015 c7 GreenPokeGuy
Oh Bridgette, you and your clumsiness. :P

Luckily for Courtney, that broke the violin and the curse that came with it. Courtney sure was lucky to avoid dying, though. She managed to build some sort of resistance to the curse? Real lucky that she wasn't directly under it.

And so it would seem that Courtney's troubles come to an end... or do they? The next chapter will make that clear.

9/24/2015 c6 GreenPokeGuy
Good for Courtney that Chris didn't recognise her from the baseball incident. That would have been embarrassing for her.

Wow, if she'd jumped the curse would have gotten her killed? The spirit sure is raising the stakes, as the titles says. Lucky for Courtney that she only had to feel ashamed rather than be dead.

9/24/2015 c5 GreenPokeGuy
Courtney's really doing well for herself. Her talent and the violin are doing wonders for her.

Poor Julie, feeling like she's being outclassed mostly because Courtney's younger than her. Understandable, I guess.

Wow, Courtney had to bow synch because she'd lost her copy of the "Meditation"? This is more of a personal humiliation for her, and a victory for Julie, but it would still be just as embarrassing for Courtney.

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