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for Courtney and the Violin of Despair

9/24/2015 c4 46GreenPokeGuy
First chair as a freshman? I didn't have those sorts of rankings at my school, but I can tell that that's quite an accomplishment. Her violin, mischievous as it is, must be of a really good quality.

Oh Courtney, the poor drama queen. I can see why she's upset, but I certainly wouldn't break down because of it. Goes to show how easily she lets things like that get to her.

Brittany is very rude, and I hope Courtney got her back at some point. That'd be well-deserved.

I like hearing of the incidents on which Courtney's mishaps are based on. It shows that there are lots of ideas in the world that can be used in fictional works.

9/24/2015 c3 GreenPokeGuy
Oh damn, she had to play two national anthems with a broken string? I'm surprised she even got through it. I would have rushed out of there right away. She's definitely more composed than a lot of 13-year-olds.

But of course, even Courtney can't maintain full composure when it feels like she's failed miserably at something like that. Poor girl.

Oh yeah, it might be useful to know that these reviews come from a Courtney lover, not a hater. So they're gonna contain sympathy rather than glee at Courtney's troubles. :P

9/24/2015 c2 GreenPokeGuy
A suitable backstory to why Courtney has the ability to play the violin. She must be really good if her parents were willing to pay so much money for it. Five figures is a lot.

So Rittersohn's spirit wants to humiliate Courtney publicly. I suppose that's a much better alternative than killing the poor girl right away.

9/24/2015 c1 GreenPokeGuy
An interesting back story to these cursed violins. And if Courtney's picking up the Violin of Despair, that doesn't bode well for her.

2/28/2015 c8 10JojiMC
This is not a bad story. The plot events had a lot of dramatic potential, and Courtney had a clear arc for her character. But there's one problem that really undermines this story: too much narration. It felt like I was reading a summary of a book rather than reading the book itself, which seriously lowered the emotional impact of the scenes. I felt detached from Courtney's humiliation because most of it was being told instead of described. This story had the potential to be much more engaging; your grammar is some of the best I've seen on this website, and your narration would be great in much smaller doses, but neither were enough to make most of the story read like anymore than a plot summary. Still, Courtney's thought sequences were fun to read and nicely in-character, and they were essentially the highlights for me.
12/1/2014 c8 27Bardic Jester
This was great. It was wonderfully written and fully engaging. I had trouble connecting with Courtney during the first three chapters (including the prologue), but I think it hit its stride in the fourth chapter (Wait for it!).

I had a girlfriend in university who was a music student, and this story brought me back to that. I could empathize with the struggles Courtney went through not only to perform well, but perform true to herself.

Your use of the show's canon was particularly well done. My favourite stories always build on the show, rather than lean on it. Your telling of her story nicely re-frames the familiarity with her, without draining the spark in the character.

Great job. Wish there were more stories here like this.

6/22/2013 c7 24ellie2498
With the smashing of the violin, that means the curse is lifted, right? I hope so.
5/25/2013 c3 ellie2498
Poor Courtney! That's the worst thing that can happen, coming from a fellow instrumentalist.
5/20/2013 c2 ellie2498
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