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1/11/2016 c3 2xLaShay
Awesome... It's not just the unusual pairing itself, but the whole story is just AMAZING! I already read this story more than once, but somehow never had reviewed, so it was at time !

While I love Sachiko/Yumi stories, I mostly prefer paired her up with either Shimako or Touko... I've never thought of Eriko, since she's mostly playing a tiny role in the anime, so I'm not having that much information about her character and such... But well... I always thought of Yumi as someone, who could become, whoever her heart desired to be. That's why she's probably (just imho) so easy to pair up with every one. Even Eriko couldn't withstand and fell for her *O*

This story was filled with fluff, humour and hot characters ;D I really love it! Even if I was somehow sad that the story was just a three-shot, you was right to leave the rest to our imagination!

Thanks for sharing this lovely story!

I noticed that you're still updating your stories, so I'm still hoping, that some day you will also continue SARR ;D I will wait! It will pay off, for sure :D
8/10/2014 c3 5DschingisKhan
Oh, I had missed this. But my, how alien this continuity is! It's honestly kind of hard to comment on it because it's so different from everything else. It's not that it doesn't make sense within its own context - no, that all works fine - it's that out puts everyone into a situation I can't fathom, even if it's totally the sort of underhanded crap that happens in reality.

But it is interesting how confidence can completely change an outcome, isn't it? I kind of like an unflappable Yumi.
7/5/2014 c3 4Beth Cyra
Well I decided to review both the second and third chapter in one since Chap 2 was on the shorter side.

As I said in my first review, you did really well bringing things forward and showing how Eriko and Yumi have progressed with so little word/chapter count.

Yumi seemed rather harsh, however I think when every abandoned her and her starting a business at this age, that this type of character development was good, one of my favorite parts of the story was Eriko walking in and then picturing Yumi being older doing paper work and finding it hot, it really showed that Eriko really wanted to be with Yumi no matter what came.

The revelation with Shimako and more so the realization of what Noriko did actually made me feel sad for Shimako. Granted as I mentioned I like the idea of Shimako/Yumi so it's probably because of that but it almost felt like despite Yumi losing everything that Shimako was almost as much a vicitm here, because while Shimako didn't lose her friends, she lost the who loved her the most for someone who almost has a black heart in this story.

Great work, I'm almost sad I hadn't found this before. You did amazing work and made me really like the idea of Eriko/Yumi, plus you mentioned how much Sei wanted Yumi and Sei/Yumi is my Maria OTP really.
7/4/2014 c1 Beth Cyra
I clicked on this story just because, but to be honest I didn't think I'd care for it.

I can happily say I was wrong though. Yumi's older, more mature and distance from what she used to be is very well done.

The relationship with Eriko was well executed and I loved elements from the show you worked in like Yum I being told that Eriko liked strange things.

I also loved the Shimako back story because I actually like the idea of Yumi/Shimako.

Great work.
6/5/2014 c1 8Master Kosa
Well even after years in Marimite fandom I still can be surprised, pleasantly so. Great fic, it goes straight to my favorites.
Anyway why would you label Noriko as villain? Sure she used some underhand tactics to get what she wanted but to the one who wronged everyone, the true villain is Shimako.
And I still hope you'll update and finish Something About Red Roses.
5/21/2014 c3 LDiamond25
Esta historia no cabe duda que es demasiado extraña pero de una manera genial y puedo asegurar que a nadie se le hubiera ocurrido este pairing la verdad me gusto mucho ojala pudieras seguir un poco más me agrada la manera como complementaste esta relación...

Espero que no pase mucho tiempo para la próxima historia

5/17/2014 c3 6Renu
Loved it absolutely love this pairing. It's so strange and out of this world. If you ever do a one shot or whatever for what happens after I would be so happy
5/12/2014 c3 guest5555
Shimako's such a bitch! At least Yumi is now happy with Eriko.
5/13/2014 c3 6insomniac1970
This was a fascinating piece of AU! You did very well making your scenario feel plausible. The psychological background work that you created for your characters was very nicely thought out. Truthfully though, I cannot see either Yumi nor Shimako being very convincing liars because they ARE such honest girls in the canon. The ending felt realistic with Yumi keeping everyone that betrayed her out of her life. Good work!
5/11/2014 c3 EAnIL
Its good to see your back, also thank you for sharing. Well did not expect that reunion but I love it none the less.

Also did you ever wonder what
will happen if the Yumi and
Yoshino are the 2nd years and
their Onee-sama are the 3rd
years Youko, and Eriko and the 1st years
are Sachiko, Rei and Shimako. Yumi a bit
solid, confindence and matured and there
Yoshino still a fire cracker but a bit calm,
alredy have the operation and healthy. Its
get your mind boggles right?
1/26/2014 c2 SnowSlow D
Hey Artistia. :) I'm liking the story so far. :) i think its great to see these two paired up. You hardly see their relationship explored even in the fanfiction and what not. I was just curious if Eriko and Yumi end up meeting with the yamayurikai and finding out the truth with Shimako and Noriko. But never the less I do wait for you to update my dear author :) I was just wondering. If it is not too much to ask if you could do a three way pair with Yumi and the older roses? (Eriko, Yoko and Sei) but I understand if the request is too much. well I hope you had a very happy christmas and excellent new years :) still waiting for you to update :)
1/5/2014 c2 2Tigerbaby7
Please please please update soon this is new couple and loving it I can olmy wonder what there friends and family say
12/31/2013 c2 48Webdog177
Aww and a merry Christmas to you, too! (even though its a few days after the fact .)

I'm looking forward to the last installment!
12/31/2013 c1 Webdog177
I found this story by a recommendation from EAnil, and I wanted to say AWESOME!
I am a fan of non-canon pairings, and Yumi X Eriko is one of those that is barely ever touched on. You did a great job on this particular pairing. _
Thanks a bunch for sharing!
12/27/2013 c2 teufelchen29
intresante mating, it is sometimes something else :), I am already curious on your next chapter
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