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4/9/2014 c25 3Inspiration X Imagination
This is the best fan fiction I have ever read. You are a brilliant writer, and you think everything out down to the littlest details. I admire you deeply, and applaud your work. this is my favorite Inception fan fiction, you captured the essence of each character beautifully. Keep up the good work :)
11/28/2013 c25 4kamarooka
So this is why I have been late in reviewing 'With You', I've been absolutely caught up in this!
This was just one big adrenaline rush from start to finish! I LOVED IT! Gosh, I came home to see family and I've barely spoken to them over the last three days because I have been so engrossed in this! Haha, I'm not complaining though. It was fantastic! You really are an amazing writer, you just draw your readers in and I think I went through pretty much every major emotion while reading this! (Once again, we have an excessive use of exclamations marks in this review haha).
This was so unlike so many other trauma stories simply because the way that the characters reacted was realistic! Too often do the victims just get over intense trauma because they bonk someone the next night (if that makes any sense), but I love that you actually focused on Ari's rehabilitation and recovery and Arthur's emotional roller coaster throughout the whole thing.
I'm definitely going to go through and read more of your work, it is too good to miss!
Shall get back to 'With You' now and read the latest chapters :)
9/16/2013 c25 Guest
this was fantastic!
8/31/2013 c25 Grace-xox
Very happy that they ended up back together again :) I'm glad that I stayed with this story, it's something that I don't normally read. I'm definitely checking out 'With You'. Great job with this fic. Thank you for sharing it with us.
8/31/2013 c25 Lauraa-x
This was just the perfect! Too many feels right now!
Such a great way to end on a cute and happy note especially from what they've been through, they both deserve happiness with one another. Arthur's speech at the airport was perfect, finally his listened to her and his heart :)
Really made me laugh when Ari said "Dearest Arthur, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"... "We both know I wear the pants, so." Haha!
Thank you for this fic! I really enjoyed reading this :) It had me going through so many emotions, I knew from the first chapter that this was going to be a bumpy ride, but there was light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. Thanks again for being such an amazing writer and producing this awesome fic! I'm going over to read 'With You' now :) xx
8/31/2013 c25 lilachiccups
Ahahahahahaha! I'm glad I can make you laugh :D that was my intent in the caps. Mission: Accomplished!

And no, you did NOT disappoint me. I knew you could never pair her with anyone but Arthur, just that small little tic-tac in the back of my head exploded... And well, you know the rest. This is beyond sweet! I loved it!

I look forward to your next story... I just need to prepare my heart and emotions for it. We both know how emotional I get lol!
8/30/2013 c24 22Lazarus76
Really, really good. So pleased I finally caught up with this! And I like a happy ending!
8/30/2013 c23 lilachiccups
Also, I know this is pretty much over now, but, every time I read for Bruce Wolffe, I always saw/heard him :) Just a fan input :)

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8/30/2013 c24 lilachiccups


... That was harsh. But seriously, please please please please don't do it! Art and Ari, Ari and Art! No if, ands or buts about it! PLEEEASE!

If you could see me now, I'm on my knees, begging and shaking my fists in mercy! DON'T DO IT! Together forever, Art/Ari!
8/29/2013 c24 Lauraa-x
Wow, great chapter! At first I wanted Arthur to kill Wolffe, probs because he'd do it the worse way possible, but I'm glad that Ari did it. She got her revenge and can finally move on now. I did genuinely think that Ari died in their fight, but pheeeew. The way she killed Wolffe was great, I would've done the same. Just keep on shooting till their dead or I ran out of bullets.
So I guess Ari and Arthur's last conversation, means that they aren't together after this? :( I know that's what they spoke about going their separate ways, but I thought that something might've changed. Arthur's going to push her into having a life with Grant, but I don't think Ari wants that. Arthur always puts her happiness before his. He's such a sweetheart, but he should be selfish for once and go after what he truly wants. Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the next! xx
8/29/2013 c22 lilachiccups
You have NO idea how anxious I was to read these chapters after I moved! I so badly wanted internet and it was killing me to know I couldn't read after chapter 19 until I finally got internet connection!

GOD I HAVE MISSED THIS! And who the f*** does Wolffe think he is?! God, I hope Arthur brings him down to his mercy and then just-

I shouldnt be thinking like this, but UHG! I'm so happy to see Grant alive! I even screamed a little in relief! Ah! And I -for one- ENJOYED Arthur's background story! That was an amazing chapter! But I must admit, though I understand Arthur's reasoning, SHE FREAKING LOVES YOU, ARTHUR! JUST ACCEPT IT AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABIES TOGETHER! Lol!

So, I'm basically posting on behalf to show that you have NOT lost a reader, but have finally been given one back! And if I didn't have to work so early in the morning, I would continue reading but... Just remember, you can't get rid of me that easily. :D Expect more reviews :D
8/23/2013 c23 Birdy21
Wow, intense chapter! That last bit was terrifying. Brilliant chapter
8/23/2013 c23 duoc
They've gotta walk in on...Ariadne playing Wolffe cause obviously "hoods" are completely crazy so hopefully she puts an end to the whole ordeal that is Wolffe and doesn't really have a surge of insecurities...I missed out on reviewing last few chapters but they were really good as always, albeit kinda sad and full of tragedy mixed with hope tho...ahh goodness Arthur and Ariadne have a long road ahead of them...looking forward to what your gonna deliver next :)
8/23/2013 c23 Lauraa-x
Aaaaaaaaah! You can't leave me hanging like that :O Brilliant chapter!
I literally cheered and laughed when Ari shot at Wolffe's genitals! Go girl! Hit him where it hurts!
It's great that her training came in handy and she was able to fight Wolffe off. But why oh why did she lower her gun and let her guard down? Was it just a decoy to make Wolffe think that he still has control over her? I hope she reacted quick enough to shoot Wolffe before he fully charged into her.
Hopefully Arthur and Grant see Wolffe dead or Ari standing over Wolffe in the process of ending his life with a bullet to his head or Arthur shoots him just before he reaches Ari.
Whatever happens as long as Wolffe dies and the team get out alive, I'll be happy :) Thanks for the update, can't wait for the next! xx
8/20/2013 c22 Grace-xox
This fic has progress so well since I last left a review. At times I wanted to stop reading because it got dark in some places, but I was so engrossed in this that I had to keep on reading and reading. You've really done a fantastic job with this fic.
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