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for To Duel With Fate

8/4/2019 c3 3Opera123
amazing chapter
6/7/2019 c14 3Maso Neko-chan
This story is amazing and I would like to see where it goes,but unfortunately you haven’t updated since 2016 and I highly doubt you will be updating in the are an amazing writer though and I will read more of your stories
5/24/2019 c14 Itachi lover
I'm only just noticing now this is abandoned. I'm so sorry you've lost your motivation for this. This will forever be one of my favourite wip fics. On that note: could you please put in the summary that's it's abandoned? If you're not going to do an author note to let people know, which would be preferable.
Thanks. And good luck for future endeavours.
5/17/2019 c14 4xsugabearx
I'm in tears that your not continuing this. All the warning were there from the beginning. I hope you take the fact that people continued to read it while offended as a testimonial to your excellent writing abilities. Don't let it sensor your creativity to much. I like your writing as is. Stay blessed.
4/30/2019 c14 1KassfromVenus
Omg this is such a good fic! Please update it!
4/7/2019 c14 summerspringss
This has been such a satisfying read that my mind is completely rolling! Somehow after the first time, I’m picking up with the smaller details and it’s astounding that an author was able to develop this complex plot with so many layers. Honest. I have loved every single word, clash, event.

Sakura and Sasuke have shown immense character growth and I appreciate how you incorporate the way normal human beings process information. It is honest to god enlightening, to find a story can incorporate this into character thought and speech pattern.

I remember when Sasuke was observing Sakura and he was going through all the emotions of intense scrutiny to dismissive nonchalance, and it’s honestly jaw dropping for an author to be able to think of this and know exactly how how to utilize it elevate character.

Honestly, such a wonderful read, always, I’m grateful that you have written this.

Happy day!
3/23/2019 c14 I'mAlsoAWe
I'm sooo waiting for more of this story! I really like it! Please update when you can!
3/22/2019 c1 Mari
I love your story since you started posting I read it once in a while since I think it is awesome how you write it. It would be a honor if you continue to update it. Love this itachi and shakira and how they grow and mature.
Thank you for your time in writing this.
1/19/2019 c2 Guest
Oh la la what an enticing chapter. Full of emotions too. Like the petals part, pretty.
1/15/2019 c9 HeartOfAServant
Arggh. I tried to endure reading but i guess i’ll stop from here. Sakura is super dumb, stupid, un-ninja like, playing hard to get girl in this fic. Though i really appreciate your amazing writing skills and how your narration goes. I guess i just prefer a stronger, strong-willed and smarter Sakura. Keep writing.
12/26/2018 c14 Username1990
Every now and again i come back to this since it is my favourite story on the site. I genuinly hope to see it updated one day... it is too good to let die like this
12/5/2018 c14 stamps
Great story. Hope you will continue this soon.
12/1/2018 c14 Guest
I read the original story about a year ago, fell in love with the dark themes, the wonderfully written plot, character relations, detailed lemons that even kakashi would blush over, and just the way it spoke to me. I dont know why exactly i related to it so much probably a subconscious thing that im not ready to come to terms with but the psychological level you go with this story is just down right...artistic...scientific, brilliant. I will never understand how to write literature that can captivate and keep me captivated, i dont know how to praise that either because i suck at writing my praise. I mainly want to say how much this story stuck out to me and thank you for giving me a distraction. I re read it again this year after forgetting that it never ended because its been a busy/horrible year. life gets in the way but reading fiction has always been my go to for stress relief and i cant imagine the stress it takes to make them. I hope some day you can revisit this story without stress and consider giving it closure. I will still read this when i cant find anything else.
11/19/2018 c14 NayBarbosa
Por favor
11/12/2018 c11 Yui Kuran
Well. They’re certainly brothers alright.
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