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for To Duel With Fate

6/29/2023 c6 Sheen792
Seriously what did they drug him with to make him so horny. BAHAHAHAHA
6/29/2023 c5 Sheen792
That's some thank you for saving him
6/28/2023 c3 Sheen792
This is SO detailed & well written. It's so good
6/28/2023 c2 Sheen792
Omg for a moment I thought he was not going to make it.
6/28/2023 c1 Sheen792
1st chapter & m floored. I don't remember the last time i read something this detailed. M speechless. I'll be heart broken if this story is incomplete.
5/27/2023 c20 ItaSaku99
Wow finally... I never thought this story would get picked up again... But yay... Thankyou...
5/9/2023 c20 MaxiMillion77
Can’t wait for the next chapter! Please continue!
4/28/2023 c1 Dasgun
4/9/2023 c20 WorshipTheBae
Well hello there :) I’m glad you’re back. Every now and then I stumble back onto this site and thank you for making me feel all these feelings that I felt when I first read this ️
3/30/2023 c20 misskunoichi1
you are simply a blessing author-san thank you for updating and not abandoning it and btw I am rereading this for the nth time only because it's one of the best unforgettable itasaku piece that I treasured the most, this wonderful piece and the prequel, this has been instilled in my memory like forever and pls don't stop writing itasaku if you can️
3/27/2023 c20 2Lady Overlord
I remember when this story was first being written. Oh my goodness. I’d read it again and again and again. It’s been a MINUTE since I have but reading it again has me HOOKED on another chapter.
3/21/2023 c20 WeirdOso
I’m glad you have kept this story alive ! Thanks for the update.
2/20/2023 c20 Girness
I'm so glad you updated. I can't wait for the next chapter!
2/11/2023 c20 Guest
love the talk between jiraiya and tsunade about sakura
2/7/2023 c19 Polaris
Where to begin with this chapter? From start to finish it sweeps you along the arc of emotions that Sakura is struggling under. Her reticence with Kakashi shows how mature and accepting she has become after her talk with Shisui. She’s alone with this problem and it terrifies her.

This was the first time Itachi has sought her out. And it was heartbreaking to see him walk away in the rain, disappointed. But I should have known that Sakura would cross that bridge like she’s done before. So many things with this chapter...! The public affirmation of Itachi’s feelings...the passionate reunion under the shelter of an umbrella...Petals...!

Not to mention Kakashi’s snarling fatherly confrontation with Itachi who is admittedly no pushover himself and fires back properly. Until now Itachi has been so in control that it’s good to see him rattled by what Kakashi reveals to him. It shows how much he feels for Sakura.

But thanks to Kakashi he’s onto her. I don’t know how you manage to pull it all together and in the rain (seriously, I almost felt the cold rain reading this). Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.
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