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2/8/2023 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love this very much I adore Itachi alot and the rest anyway looking forward to future updates
2/5/2023 c20 6JasmineDragon22
A heavy ending but overall great chapter
2/5/2023 c20 mangafreak1997
I was so excited to read this chapter and it did not disappoint. I love the time you take to give each character so much depth. Their personalities are so dynamic and complex.. so many layers that allow you to feel what they are feeling and fall in love with them. Great job and I am looking forward to the next chapter!
2/5/2023 c20 Key
The title of this chapter made me nervous and the military timing was a nice touch that really enhanced the dread.

Aww, Sakura trying her best to level up because she knows there’s a clusterfuck just on the horizon she’s going to be entangled in soon enough.

I love where this is headed. I like that you insert canon going ons that correlate with the plot of your story. It’s right on time that she needed the strength of a hundred seal.

“…like the Fourth World War begins tomorrow?” I hope she doesn’t live to regret saying that.

I’m impressed Tsunade managed to zero in on exactly what Sakura was studying for.

I love that you connected Sakura’s miracle to the trauma of awakening the mangekyou. That makes so much sense in-universe.

Tsunade’s mental interjection made me laugh.

Hmm, reading this chapter made me feel like there’s a death on the horizon. I really hope I’m wrong.

As much as I’m excited for Sakura’s power progression Tsunade is right. She’s going to be highly sought after and not always for the right reasons (or by the right people).

I love that Jiraiya has faith in her.

This has been bothering me since the last chapter but Itachi has no idea Sakura is embroiled in ANBU business concerning the Uchiha plot yet(?). I’m not sure how he hasn’t figured it out yet being ANBU himself and stuff. My reading comprehension must have failed me somewhere even though I went back to read the last chapter.

Shisui using genjutsu on Itachi of all people makes him look way too overconfident. Of course it didn’t work and Itachi reaffirms himself.

So Itachi can’t ask even though he’s ANBU himself? Even though Shisui knows exactly what’s going on? I must have missed this earlier.

Hahaha, imagine a pink-haired Uchiha. I think it’s cute.

Oh yeah in this universe Itachi doesn’t have the mangekyou. Also again I'm feeling nervous it's being referenced a couple of times this chapter. Makes me feel he's going to be getting it soon enough. -_-

I honestly don’t understand why Shisui won’t fill him in. It’s so crucial and Shisui is very close to Itachi as is evident all throughout this story. It's their own family issue to boot. ANBU must be very strict on this. Is it because people know Sakura is Itachi's girlfriend and he can't know because of the intimate relationship? Something along these lines?

If they’re talking about Obito it’s the first they reference him in this story, right? Did they encounter him in their last mission? I think it’s good a clan meeting is coming up since it should clear my confusion on this.

Is Itachi in danger? I feel like he is. :/

I CANNOT wait for all the action that is coming up. You set the stage so nicely.

Thanks so much for updating! My weekend is so much better with your writing in it. 3
2/4/2023 c20 MaxiMillion77
Nice. Can't wait for the next one!
2/1/2023 c19 ThatPageantGirl
Ok, I'm absolutely loving "Papa Kakashi". I very much prefer him being overprotective rather than apathetic towards Sakura. I love that he told Itachi about the pregnancy test too, as I'm not so sure Sakura would have. And can I just mention how much the rain leant to the tension of the scene? *Chef's kiss*! What a perfect mood builder :) Itachi stood his ground though, and I'm totally here for it. He let it be known with NO uncertainty that Sakura wasn't just some fling. Oh, but I cannot wait to see not only how he reacts to finding out about Sakura's mission, but the fact that Sasuke was tasked with keeping close to her as well.
1/27/2023 c19 jemlopez17
gosh the feels in this chapter. thank you for the update
1/23/2023 c19 JasmineDragon22
Is it bad I’m wishing that her test was a false negative? That confrontation between Itachi and Kakashi was really well done. As was the interlude with Sakura. Excellent chapter.
1/23/2023 c18 JasmineDragon22
Had to start from the beginning before reading the new chapter and I’m glad I did. Nothing would’ve made sense otherwise. We’ll done. Yes this was a big chapter but I think you wrote it beautifully. Also you can just say Aburame wasn’t there at the time
1/22/2023 c19 5Sunbattle
Yay an update! It was a heartwarming chapter to see how characters love Sakura. I loved the Kakashi Itachi standoff!
1/22/2023 c19 Key
Nice change of pace having the chapter kick off with Kakashi’s pov.

Aww, Sakura is breaking my heart. Kakashi as she says means well but he’s also kind of throwing her off and killing her vibe before she even ‘began.’

That talk with her and Kakashi was more emotional than I was expecting. I think Kakashi feels the same.

Itachi! I missed him. It’s been a while.

Sakura happy but wary, I can’t blame her. And Itachi immediately catching her wariness is so him.

It was a negative test, wasn't it? That hand over her stomach is such a cliche but it’s absolutely a cliche that Sakura would unconsciously do, I feel.

Haha, Sakura so popular she has all the boys looking to catch just a moment with her. :P

Oof at him comparing the thought of Sakura to a buzzing fly.

OMG, Sakura is too cute and pure. That hug came out of no where.

This scene is more romantic than I was ready for. It’s too good.

I really really hope Sakura’s “everything is going to be okay” feeling will last.

Welp, cat is out of the bag. It’s about time really. I bet this will really complicate things for Kakashi at the very least.

Ha, everyone has to answer to a higher up.

Thanks for updating. I belatedly admit to being biased because I think I really wanted you to update this story more than any other. :)
1/22/2023 c19 14Elle Blessingway
1/21/2023 c19 purplenurpletina
Bless Kakashi
1/21/2023 c19 23Smash41KMF
I really appreciate the way you write these characters. You stay true to their foundations but really expand upon them in ways that make them feel so much more real. it's an incredible gift. thank you for blessing us with it!
1/21/2023 c19 MaxiMillion77
Don't bring it up at all Itachi!
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