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10/14/2022 c3 Renee Releford
Already hooked
10/14/2022 c2 Key
Legendary chapter. Sakura shines bright and also discovers she’s a badass.

Ah, the smoking gun, sorry, I mean the cream yukata. We need a picture of this yukata I think.

Sakura needing to be the best medic as to compete with Naruto and Sasuke is painful. You’re still an excellent shinobi Sakura it’s just that Kishimoto did you dirty.

It’s so realistic that she didn’t realize who it was at first and it took her a moment or two to catch up.

I’m always impressed by fanfic writers who not only know medical terminology but understand how to apply it in fic. I couldn’t write such a scene if my life depended on it.

Is this the moment she realises he means a lot more to her than she thought he did?

The unconscious scenes of petals and darkness are so poetic and I guess kind of romantic?

The scene with her insisting on injecting him with chakra in a very long time period with witnesses was difficult to read.

I wonder what the other medics thought of her. They had to have a couple of theories.
10/13/2022 c1 Key
I love how the ‘genre’ of this fic changes seems to have changed. All of the first fic was contained in one place with two people (mostly) but now it's a big change of setting and atmosphere even if not for long.

Also it’s really incredible how you managed to describe the scene. It really felt like it was out of a war. And you wrote it so dramatic (without it being melodramatic). I really felt like they were going to die.

Itachi needed humbling after THAT so I think it’s fitting that this is the first scene.

“the weight of Itachi might as well have been the weight of Konoha itself” always liked this line.

Shisui is a superhero. Right in the nick of time.

(If you're sick of my daily reviews say so and I'll stop. I just feel like I owe you and I want to deliver.)
10/12/2022 c15 ThatPageantGirl
Lol, well, Mikoto certainly knows her son, doesn't she? It would seem that Itachi isn't quite as artful as he thinks he is. And that wasn't a 'no' from Shisui :D Makes me wonder if this could actually be a thing...
10/11/2022 c15 Guest
Yay! Thank you for the post! I had to re-read the stories again. I forgot how good of a fic it is. Here’s to hoping you find bits of time for more! Thank you again!
10/10/2022 c15 2Uchiha Misaki
love it... thank you for the update
10/10/2022 c15 6Tragically Humorous
Well no, I never thought this story would get an update. I never thought I would still be reading FF years later either, but here we are!

So I went back and read the original story and then this sequel again to refresh myself. I loved this chapter. It was nice to see Sakura and Itachi happy together.

If you do find yourself writing again, I will very pleasantly surprised and here to read.

Thank you for the update!
10/10/2022 c15 kazuyaryo
I hope you are well.
Thankyou for update with this amazing charter I hope you can continue that fantastic story.
10/9/2022 c15 3Opera123
story is amazing and please please please please please please update
10/9/2022 c15 Key
So I just finished re-reading the entire sequel since you updated. About the update... I had to look twice at my inbox to determine what I was seeing because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. You were absolutely the last person I expected updates from. I had carried this fic close to my heart so much and for so long that I felt it was easier to just let it go (I would reread it every now and then for a good dose of dopamine).
Your talent at describing people's inner turmoil is so fantastic. I think that's what you excel at. BUT you also really excel at fighting scenes and the way you set the atmosphere so you're just like a brilliant author in general.
I like the pacing you keep in your fics I don't ever feel like you rush events you give each scene its time.
I like how the foreshadowing thing works with the ANBU concerning Sakura so it keeps you tense and with a sense of foreboding and suspense. I can't wait to see what lies in store for her.
While the voyeur thing with Shisui was hot I have to admit I really hope he doesn't join them officially. In my old-fashioned heart I just want Itachi and Sakura to work out. When Sasuke mentioned that Sakura might have slept with Shisui in Operation!breakdown I admit I thought it would be interesting for them to get together but not in the scope of another ship's fic. This is testing the limits of courtesy but if you're ever inspired and free I wouldn't push aside a Shisui/Sakura oneshot that you've written.

This might be shameless of me but the spicy scenes in your fics are so good? Like I wouldn't be surprised if you wrote erotica professionally Itachi and Sakura together in your fic is just so hot. I loved Sakura's desperation and Itachi's teasing her constantly. In another person's hands it would have made Sakura look desperate but it just feels really passionate the way you wrote it.

I love how close a bond Itachi has with Shisui.

I would LOVE if you wrote a chapter where the three of them go on a mission together. That would really open a whole new dynamic to their relationship I think.

Also I'm really worried about the power struggle Uchiha thing. Because this starts as a non-massacre fic I really hope it stays that way. Fugaku being so disgruntled and ambitious is so concerning. It really keeps you on edge. No wonder why Itachi avoided the clan meeting.

One of the most iconic scenes in the whole fic is when Sakura is interrogated by Fugaku in the dinner scene. I felt every emotion there.

I promise to go back and review every chapter because your fic definitely deserves this. I actually just finished rereading the whole thing at 3am and had to jump up from my bed to the laptop so I can properly write this review.

Just know that if you ever write an original romance novel I'll be the first one to buy. Thank you so much for writing this precious ItaSaku even if it's such a controversial concept. I know I did it backwards but tomorrow I'll probably reread the first intallment of this fic because I 'ran out' of your ItaSaku just now.
Thank you again and hope you have a great day.
10/9/2022 c15 Guest
So good that you are back and continue this story. :) I would like to know how Shisui would join Itachi and Sakura. So Sakura's pregnancy test showed negative? I liked Kakashi as a father figure. Hope that Sasuke will be forgiven. I liked how you potraied his character and the bonding between Itachi and him. Hope that he shall apologize to Sakura soon and gets firgiven
10/9/2022 c15 KoKoChanel2003
I screeeeamed when I saw this update, I couldn't even believe it! Thank you so much for updating it, I really appreciate it either way I never really expected it.

Also Itachi is so kinky I couldn't stop blushing, I hope to see more of it honestly
10/7/2022 c15 chieyn
Welcome back! thank you for updating, I'm quite surprised at the notification, nonetheless I'm happy. Again, thank you!
10/7/2022 c15 Giopet
Hi I've been a big fan of your work and I've been a long time rereader of your fics. I actually took a trip down this story a week or two ago so imagine my surprise seeing your notification pop up.
I completely understand your struggle. I'm in the same boat with my own fics. I can only say that I hope things get better and inspiration strikes you when possible.
As for this chapter, I love the playfulness. Itachi having a voyeur kink is hot and super devious especially for Shisui. I guess Sasuke was right in wondering is Sakura was involved with Shisui as well, but I'm pretty sure he's just jealous because Itachi won't share with him.
After being gone so long, your writing style hasn't taken a hit. If anything your writing style is just as smooth as it was years ago.
Thank you for this fun chapter.
If you ever upload again I'm always here waiting, if not then I'll just reread the amazing stories you already did.
6/16/2022 c14 rokudaddy15
I will not give up on this. Take your sweet time dear author, we will be waiting for you to come back!
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