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for Broken Things

3/12/2020 c1 5Lord Xantos A. Fowl
kinda short but not bad regardless
1/1/2020 c1 Skratch
Is there a next page?
11/5/2013 c1 Guest
Var nice.
7/17/2013 c1 SherryAi
Very intriguing! I like how you kept it short and sweet. Also, I like your contrasting of the two characters, as they are quite similar. Maybe you could try your hand at other oneshots along the same theme?
5/19/2013 c1 1Bkaa19
Really great job you did here. Makes me want to read more Avengers/Dresden file crossovers. Have you thought of doing more one-shots like these? A world of magic and supernatural creatures along with a freak accident of science is an interesting dichotomy. I almost would like to see Murphy try to interrogate Banner but she would press him too hard.

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