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5/29/2018 c4 BananaLover
I am kind of... Hoping for tenma to be raped... Lol just kidding wahahaha
8/26/2016 c29 Guest
at first I though Shindou tried to rape Kirino XD , but killing ? , now apology won't do anything Takuto ,update soon :) , sorry I wanted to comment it on this chapter lol
8/26/2016 c27 Guest
at first I though Shindou tried to rape Kirino XD , but killing ? , now apology won't do anything Takuto ,update soon :)
8/17/2016 c29 Guest
oh I can't believe wht Shindou did pleaaaaaase update soon this's so awesome
1/11/2015 c29 2problemhunter
Because of too much anticipation, I was shocked by the events that eventually lead up to Shindou nearly killing Kirino. How about a chapter where Shindou, like Kirino, almost kills Tenma and Tsurugi find out?

Even if you don't accept my request, I'd still read your story/ies! I'm waiting for an update, then! I do hope that you won't abandon this, since I found it absolutely thrilling with a fast-paced rush-feel to it. In short, I. Was. Hooked.

Keep up the good work!
11/1/2014 c7 Angel'sCrown
For the apology, it's alright. I'm glad Kirino is finally the main character. It don't have to be this way though... But I'm still glad! I'm a Kirino-fan and I'm proud of it!
4/13/2014 c26 8Minoru Black
Wow! I was totally off my chair, jumping with excitment when you continued the story. I thought you would continue it with the two ghosts going to Inazuma town and meet them. But what you have write was so thrilling, i hope you could continue your story cause i'm anxious to know what happen next!
4/12/2014 c26 Fuyuka athirah
Tenma, let me teach you how to play taiko no tatsujin. I'm sure you'll get better under my h- i mean, with a lot of practice. XD
4/10/2014 c24 Matsukaze Tenma
Thank you for the update lil one _

I'm surprised to see that the update is still going on

Will there be a sequel?
4/10/2014 c23 Fuyuka athirah
I supposed to write this in the 24th chapter but who cares! I still wanted to write a review.

Huhuhuhuhu, duuuuuude, that was SO sad, now I can cry happily in my bed sleeping well TvT
4/10/2014 c24 Fuyuka athirah
I didn't really finished it yet, but the first part already make me cried QQ
1/27/2014 c1 15DillyTheWombat
Wow, you surely is have one heck sense of horror ._. I will never though of something like this T_T could you make anothere horror story? This fandom need MORE horror story :( it's okay if you didn't make any of it, but if you make it just PM me and I dash there (or to my computare) to help (like a superman XD)
1/6/2014 c22 Matsukaze Tenma
It's me; thank you so very mch for updating; is this the Final Chapter or r there more?
1/6/2014 c22 Kulaso
So... um... why was Tenma clumsy and slow? What did he do? What happened before to make him so clumsy in his match?
FrancE: YOu just have to wait. Monolaymoo, don't pressure yourself. Take all the time you need.
Kulaso: but-
France: good things come to those who wait. So wait...
Kulaso: *defeated* Okay...
(and they say that women wins all the fights...)
1/5/2014 c22 17Children of Light
So that's where Kariya heard the story, eh? And I agree! Shinsuke and Hikaru would look terrifying!
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