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for The Good Neighbor

11/3/2013 c13 12Kikilia14
Okay- that was just mean to leave off there... Very nice chapter and I liked the twist about Myron... who is he really? Makes it so much easier that they aren't married.
10/29/2013 c12 Guest
Civilians working for navy are not held to same standards in the UCMJ. They would not get prosecuted for adultery.
10/29/2013 c12 Guest
Good chapyer
10/29/2013 c12 17DS2010
yikes looks like the sh-t is hititng the fan with Myron.
Not liking the accusations the idiot is making about Gibbs.
Hoping Gibbs and go to the prison and kill him... would save the tax payers money for keeping him locked up I am sure Abby can hide the evidence .
10/29/2013 c12 torontogirl12
I really hope that Vance is going to side with Gibbs on this. Myron deserves whatever Gibbs is going to do to him. Loved the flashback with the letters from Shannon.
10/26/2013 c11 torontogirl12
So glad that Tim found that information. Now, Gibbs and the team will be on full alert about protecting Sarah.
10/25/2013 c11 12Kikilia14
Nice chapter...
10/25/2013 c11 17DS2010
Looks like that got Debra pegged as pure trouble. Looking foward to her and dear old myron going to the big house.
10/19/2013 c10 Guest
Don't like Debra. So Myron was cheating on Sarah with Elaine and Debra. And who knows who Debra cheating on Myron to get Sarah's money.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive...

Hope Sarah gets full STD panel ran
10/20/2013 c10 170hippiechick2112
I've been reading this on my phone and never reviewed, so I'd thought to now at least. I have to say, this is a good story. It's interesting that Gibbs has an interest in someone he's known for so long and finally got his team to know her too. As someone who has been abused, I can say that most of it fits accurately, but it takes a LOT of time to know your worth and to allow yourself to trust and be loved. :D And I hope Sarah realizes that, I hope you continue this soon. I understand school, because I'm there myself, but this is too good to let go.
10/20/2013 c10 17DS2010
love the twist of Myron's girlfriend Debra showing up. And that letter to vance that should be interesting wondering who vance wil lbe lieve this lying bastard or gibbs. guessing gibbs
10/20/2013 c10 torontogirl12
I hope that Gibbs' famous gut starts churning soon. Debra has no idea what kind of trouble she is about to get herself into if she hurts Sarah.
10/20/2013 c10 12Kikilia14
Very interesting. Can Ziva be there and kick someone's butt? Lol. Thinking Tim too...
10/19/2013 c10 silvermoon217
I'm looking forward to the beat down this chick will be getting from Gibbs & co. !
10/19/2013 c10 15Saissa
Other than Gibbs being a Virile man (not viral) this is a good chapter.

An unexpected twist for me even if everyone else was expecting it.
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