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for The Good Neighbor

6/20/2013 c3 Guest
Like it! Please continue!
6/20/2013 c3 12Kikilia14
Very nice chapter. Can't wait for the "Girl's Day Out"
6/20/2013 c3 17DS2010
If I were Sarah I would kick her "husband" to the curb!
6/20/2013 c3 torontogirl12
Oh, I really hope she goes with them. Hopefully she will wake up soon and leave Myron.
6/4/2013 c2 Janna
I love this story! I always enjoy a story with Gibbs and a sweet natured woman! Her husband sucks, and I can't wait till she's with Gibbs!
Good old Abby will see that it happens!
Just a thought-this IS your story after all, but what if Kelly turned up alive? It would totally open Gibbs' heart more, and she would help move things along.
At any rate, LOVE IT!
6/5/2013 c2 12Kikilia14
LIke this one... am thinking Ziva needs to kick Myron's ass.
6/4/2013 c2 shicote
Wow, this is good. Can't wait for the next chapter. I liked the little bit of background you did on Sarah and Gibbs. That helped to understand what Sarah was going through and how Gibbs and her knew each other. I like the little gathering of the team and then how they are planning to help Sarah with her abusive husband. This will be a great story.
6/4/2013 c2 17DS2010
Not liking Myron one bit the big bully. All he needs is someone to kick his ass. He thinks he is all big, bad and all that but abusers usually think they are until someone comes along and puts them in their place. Maybe Gibbs can kick his ass.
6/4/2013 c2 torontogirl12
Sarah needs to listen to Gibbs and Ducky. Looking forward to see how the team gets involved.
6/2/2013 c1 carlacipo
I like this. Very interesting start. Can't wait to see what Abby has planned
5/19/2013 c1 17Karen19
Interesting start.
5/19/2013 c1 shicote
This is a great beginning of a beautiful romance. Maybe add a little background of Sarah and how they met years ago. I think Abby will come up with some great idea's of how to get them two together. Looking forward to more on this story. Congrats on your new Granddaughter.
5/19/2013 c1 torontogirl12
Ooh,liking this a lot so far. Cannot wait to see how they get them together.
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