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for The Good Neighbor

9/17/2016 c36 gladlove
Love it! Can't wait for the next installment.. Keep up the good work.
9/17/2016 c35 3ShadowWolf's Fables
Yeah, WTR is pretty awesome. Got all eight seasons on DVD. ;)
7/8/2016 c35 17DS2010
I agree with Elaine, those girls are acting like selfish little brats.
5/17/2016 c34 Guest
Wow, what a story! Great work! So many leads, turns, directions, ...
Id like to follow the (love) story ;-) !
I so hope for more chapters to come, really hope you continue it!
4/21/2016 c34 3ShadowWolf's Fables
Then after the wedding comes the wedding night! Yay!
4/21/2016 c34 torontogirl12
So glad that they can get on with their lives and be happy. They both deserve it.
4/7/2016 c33 cindlee
Thanks for the new chapter. I liked the strong Sarah.
4/3/2016 c33 Cokeheller
Good chapter. I am glad the kidnapping ended quickly and that Winslow did the right thing. Now let's focus on Gibbs and Sarah again - you have written a great gradual courtship, but I think they both deserve some happiness now.
4/3/2016 c33 15Saissa
Thank you. Sarah finally shows some of that courage and anger that Gibbs always knew she had.

And thank you for listening to my last review. This chapter was much better.

Cant wait to read a happy ending!
4/2/2016 c33 17DS2010
Interesting twist Winslow turning into a semi good guy taking Richard out.
4/2/2016 c33 12Kikilia14
Very nice turn around for Sarah. Shows how much she has grown & I love her 'threatening' Gibbs with sedation. LOL
3/29/2016 c32 cindlee
Thank you for the latest chapters. I'm enjoying the story very much. I appreciate the time you take to write. Poor Sarah really has a lot of bad luck. Thank goodness for Gibbs and the rest of the team. Looking forward to the next chapter .
3/27/2016 c32 Guest
I only Start to read this wonderful Story now. Nice Job i like it
3/27/2016 c32 7AureaD
I apologise for not reviewing, but have just caught up again with your story. So you have Sarah kidnapped by someone she knows. Gibbs is going to have stay sedated because if he finds out Sarah is missing, he's going to blow a casket. Come on Tony and McGee, get cracking on finding her. This was a good chapter, as are all the others. Don't think of stopping.
3/26/2016 c32 thewellingtonguy
well done, this chapter is pretty brilliant, and really suspense-filled. Sorry I haven't reviewed before- social anxiety always stops me, but I know what its like to live for reviews, and you as a writer deserve reviews. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to reading more!
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