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3/26/2016 c32 15Saissa
Please dont take offence, but you did ask for why you got only 2 reviews for the last chapter.

Part of the reason why I dont review every chapters is because this story is becoming a little long winded and (for me anyway) a little boring and repetitive. Nothing new is happening.

In this chapter alone, once again Sarah is being attacked and about to be raped. She used to be raped regularly by her ex-husband. No need to repeat. I also think the search for answers to Jacksons killers is being dragged on a little too long.

I know what you want the suspense to build, but if you build it for too long, it was fizzle out, and your readers will get bored (and may already becoming bored based on the lack of reviews in the last chapter.

The readers want to see Jethro and Sarah married. I think you need to stop putting too many obstacles in their way.

Please dont take offense, but I am explaining why I am having trouble keeping up with this story. The concept is good but the storyline is getting a little too long winded.
3/26/2016 c32 61mahc
Yes - please continue! I enjoy Gibbs stories and especially those where he has a chance at happiness! Looking forward to your next installment.
3/26/2016 c32 Rozeboom
First of all, it is quite strange to me that a writer as good as you are would blame readers for not reviewing when you are as delinquent at updating. Just look how long you have been working on this story. I guess we should be grateful for the "crumb" that you might be finishing it. Then when you finally add a chapter, you include rape without any warning. I find it rather curious that writers enjoy writing that kind of violence even when this story was about abuse-at least is was between a husband and wife, and I thought we were finally finished with it. Now it is coming back. I am not certain whether or not I will continue reading. However, there seems to be less and less writing on this sight. How depressing. Well, here is a review. Happier?
3/26/2016 c32 Guest
Getting more and more exciting... But who is the mystery man that Gibbs is going to kill slowly? Can't wait to find out! Just for future reference, Ativan 5 mg IV is enough to tranquilize an elephant lol
3/26/2016 c32 4stargatesg1973
Doesn't this guy realize they just signed their death warrants?

3/26/2016 c32 Guest
3/25/2016 c32 3ShadowWolf's Fables
Stupid doctors should have listened to Gibbs. If he feels something's wrong, then he's usually right. Poor Sarah, being abused by two different men when you haven't had the chance to be with Jethro yet. When will all this suffering end?
3/25/2016 c32 Guest
Sounds like you write for the reviews. Well, good luck to you. I hope you get every little bit you think you deserve.
3/25/2016 c32 Sigh
Awww. Another writer complaining about lack of reviews. If you enjoy writing, then write! To hell with reviews, sheesh. Otherwise don't. You're the only who cares.
3/25/2016 c32 17DS2010
Why do I think the guy is the Sheriff of the town or someone who works for Winslow, the bastard.
3/25/2016 c32 12Kikilia14
Think what happened to Sarah was too much for this story. She's been through a lot and seems you did it just to add "more" for Gibbs and Sarah to be devastated by. Gibbs was way off- but I guess that's understandable with the meds they had him on... Still- this chapter just seemed "off" all the way around.

I also don't think Ziva would have let anyone get the jump on her like that... but that's just my opinion.
3/4/2016 c31 KenyaRose
Loving your story so much. But please tell me there is more. You cant leave us hanging like this. When can we look forward to the next installment?
3/2/2016 c31 17DS2010
All because of greed... really scary what it does to people.
Hope they find Sarah and uncover Winslow and this Marshal guy as the trouble makers.
12/19/2015 c30 shadow wolf
Will they investigate Gibbs's mother's death too?
12/19/2015 c30 7AureaD
Recovering nicely, as I would expect from Gibbs. I was not surprised when Ed's visitor shot him. Incompetency cannot be tolerated in those circles. Good chapter.
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