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2/3/2019 c3 2OrangeMacawWorld
Although this review is nearly six years too late, it goes without saying that I do in fact enjoy this story, despite the minor punctuation and spelling errors. As a sitcom story, it is executed very well, and the laugh track was certainly a feature that complemented the humor. Although not "Seinfeld," I will definitely say that this is far better in every regard than the majority of the so-called "comedy" that is being published on the Rio archive these days, which amounts to little more than popular YouTube videos and or memes with Rio characters being thrown in for no particular reason. Unlike those "comedy" stories, this is actually a comedy, because the humor is actually funny. It truly is a shame that all of the veteran authors like you (who can actually write comedy) left due to the archive being overrun by utter mediocrity, and this is from the perspective of an author who joined only a year ago. If you are unable to return, I completely understand.
5/2/2016 c3 monsterjamvadim
8/13/2013 c3 3mw3fan
Hmmm.. Really interesting.
8/6/2013 c1 Rio Judger
Wrong with story:

Martinique Macaws were extinct almost 100-fuck#ing years ago. No possible way one could be left. :D

No story is without a sin.
7/30/2013 c3 7century99
Interesting I wonder what the blood was doing in there in the first place
6/6/2013 c3 spyrofan34
you my friend bitter make a sequel lol
5/25/2013 c2 redacted fanfiction user
Sorry for this late review for this really cool story. Anyway, know we know that the bird's name is Daniel. And poor Jewel. She has cuffs. Great chapter. :)
5/24/2013 c2 spyrofan34
ugh i can't i forgot review this aswome in ch2 anyways update soon
5/23/2013 c2 7MCGamemaster90
Poor birdies. I feel sorry for Jewel because her talons are cuffed together.
5/22/2013 c2 3mw3fan
Well, this story really cuaght my interest, especially the part where the audience luagh made it difficult for me to not luagh XD, anyslur, if by any chance you want some oc's pm me, i have so many oc names spamming my head right now
Mw4fan signing off
5/21/2013 c1 spyrofan34
love your story and please tell me that people are working on bering back dead races with specious
5/20/2013 c1 2Francisco the Golden Macaw
XD lol funny story man. I have to read more of this, hurry and update!
5/20/2013 c1 redacted fanfiction user
Wow! Great story so far. And it's pretty funny too. :) Rico is in it. Very cool. Can't wait for more.
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