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8/28/2013 c19 28Kurosaki-Shiba Mitsuki
good chapter
7/7/2013 c14 Kurosaki-Shiba Mitsuki
Hello tres good reprimand Ikki... Ikaku Madarame?
Ichi already uses Zangetsu it would be funny that he(it) already arrives has to use Getsuga tenshô Bankai

Haste to read the continuation(suite) I am French girl fan
6/24/2013 c13 Guest
Please update!
6/19/2013 c13 Kurosaki-Shiba Mitsuki
chapter beautifull
6/6/2013 c11 Kurosaki-Shiba Mitsuki
beautifull chapter i love
6/1/2013 c10 Kurosaki-Shiba Mitsuki
Beautifull chapter i love
5/27/2013 c9 5Blitzstrahl
shouldnt they be calling them Asauchi at this point since there in the academy and their inner world hasnt formed yet in there souls
5/27/2013 c8 Blitzstrahl
I forgot to ask this before but why where Ganju and Kukaku so eager to sign Ichigo up with the Shin'o Academy arent they supposed to be bitter with Shinigami after Kaien died?
5/27/2013 c7 Blitzstrahl
Masaki :(
5/26/2013 c6 Blitzstrahl
The suspense builds
5/24/2013 c5 Blitzstrahl
so Ichigo will still be 15 when the events of the 1st arc start to play out?
5/21/2013 c4 Blitzstrahl
So the Shiba's adopt him? or they just acting as gaurdians? kinda curious will he be know as a Shiba or Kurasaki know
5/21/2013 c3 Blitzstrahl
Is Masaki a Quincy in this? Cause id think she would know the true nature of soul society if she is one
5/19/2013 c2 Blitzstrahl
ok alot of people make this mistake with Ichigo when they make him a full on Shinigami. Zangetsu is locked into shikai because it was never a Asauchi thus it never had a sealed state, Now if Ichigo is going threw the Shino Academy weather it be the 6year course or as a 1yr prodigy he will have a Asauchi and will be taught Jinzen. which should of course translate into him not having a massive meat cleaver strapped to his back.
5/19/2013 c1 Blitzstrahl
Ichigo was 9 when Juha Bach F'ed over Masaki not 8

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