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for Role Reversal - Revised Version

7/6/2021 c23 Debbie Hicks
24. Chapter 24. Changed by moonlight Bella's point of view then Wholliest blood with alien ven om Jake screamig marking him to his sister to both as all of the very as all of them suddenly too late was Out myself was not human born with alien venom could infect others then Angela to the best friends whollirest of blood then venom was spreading more had Borg Drone skin with human blood gasp drained wholliest good who changed yiu newborn with they take care pain crying out screaming but Howling this one is not taught the law yiou Killed People then ABeheaded wiyth them to aliens/Vulcans punished as a Cullen member tore hair tore head then then theirs with the Young ones good Punished had PSTSD but it came The venom began spreading Alice save them with rest die then Executed brought there good with you fourteen of her ass a Freak of nature gone wrong good a hybrid so they they found me guilty good pain then Killed with them into pieces with they broken treaty law was struggling of the Thirst and alien bloodlust still struggling of control Alice she was born with venom so they are infected gasp then blew apart both then lost as all of blood alone and unwanted so they blew up then too late blasting freely brought there good with them are hybrids are extinct violently ripped it as all of it good tore with them as a result hair grew back longer with bangs still into turmoil in pain the real alien but extraterrrestrial venomous flames returned Alice I Don't think they are humans gasp then Blacking outside tore it then Snapped brought there new addictions of their coven they are dead with they immortal with hybrids are immortal children reported lies good guard end them with the Witnesses sentence please to them Death to them with freaks then too later ripped into pieces the both sides then then lost it the eyes gorged outside then then good they are shunned from here then Burn them there it was too late never was alive Alice They are what with powers and they swore alliance to the three are not living beings then too late never aged of the mark so theirs gasp we need new witnesses of this then Smashed from hallowed out bodies vanished good poisoned then ripped freely too late Killed by the Volturi took from here beheaded tell then they are lost from us/they burning up more Volturi Guards what good tear them apart they can't breed anymore with both good they can't mate now go remove them with these cremate them there Alice they are not normal they are Vampire Slayers/Hunters with her as the Vampire Slayer oh my god they did this to us/them and as all of them are not humans.
6/20/2021 c23 4lizyeh2000
Loved your story , now favourited! Please make a sequel
6/2/2021 c23 brankel1
Love it.
6/2/2021 c22 brankel1
6/2/2021 c21 brankel1
6/2/2021 c20 brankel1
Love it. So Alice dumped Jasper.
6/2/2021 c19 brankel1
5/31/2021 c23 1Amaleea
Seriously love this story! I loved that she grew a backbone to Edward's hot and cold ways. The deeper friendship with Jacob feels right as well. I love how "Jake" he is without the anger destroying his happy, real self. I especially loved how he and Bella explored the possibility of the supernatural together.

I could see Jake wolfing out and really being an amazing alpha by bringing his happy self and a sense of peace to the wolves. Wonderful story with the possibility of a greater story to come!
5/31/2021 c23 Dr1zzy
Thx for The updates good ones. I see you marken it college is this it ?
5/30/2021 c23 Tpswasshri27
Can't wait for more
5/30/2021 c22 Tpswasshri27
Wow they figured out the truth
5/30/2021 c21 Tpswasshri27
Thanks for the update
5/30/2021 c18 17Child of Dreams
LOL, Bella's not a leech Quil...
5/29/2021 c20 Tpswasshri27
Thanks for the update
Can't wait for more
5/28/2021 c19 Tpswasshri27
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