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for Role Reversal - Revised Version

5/28/2021 c19 Dr1zzy
Another good one !
5/28/2021 c18 brankel1
5/28/2021 c18 Debbie Hicks
19 Chapter 19: Attacked at midnight
Bella's pov
then Got Attacked permamently to him the best friends screaming the then Slain him then to Alien/Vulcands killed then to best friends/young ones then then as all of them created to the Three then suddenly to the women to kidds to the toddlers drained of blood to both then took lives was Captured good who turned you newborns Felix bring them to Volterra Sexually assasulted but abused but gang tepathically mind raping me in blood good Everything was on truest fire good ours then then Executed brought there both good guards the rest followed then you 14 die with them too late killed without souls then the Cullens four rescued us/they chained see she broke the law our rule we punished you Broken both brought here good with the five punished then too late it's begun the venom from alien snakes two or more erased memories blew them up bring them there then lost as all of blood then good then lost as all of it then tore it the ripping noise the beheaded then lost as all of more blood supply then mutating them see exposed to us/them then Excution by pieces as all of them dead by venomous snakes are carnivorous then lost as all of color then Alice Found me so sickest feverish then was the flu mixed with a disease save them before we die then Blew up blacking outside then brought there good dead they aree bitten but turned but changed illegally blown up as all of more of guards of the Volturi good with wrists bitten they tried to stop it no use aee Transtionig blew up good last bring the criminals to us/as all of them then Killed asked death earned it then ripped t then took from here more as all of them used a buzzer to buzz Jake's hair then added gel to the Pack felt weirder sickest then Phased outside nuked feely with myself/they both then lost from here then Brought here good infected Lycans themn too late killed them there then too late murdered then beheaded them good skinned them crap my hair not bad for a Milltary hairdresser then too late my hair you cropped it from here so yours so they gasp then donaton of hair not bad hand me the hair gel here then dressed like this the hair of mine was a more than messy stylish but regal Crimped but Milltary Visitor 1980's look looked like Commander Diana of Sirius IV from help had too look like a Woman then too late gone Milltary then us/they never aged from both as all of more monstrously to the ones from here from the NASA Bodysuit from homes then suddenly was Earth Starfleet uniform was Silk Red this time with a Vest holding Sammy's lazer tag phaser Paul who was very drunk whirling beer into himself but took one swing of beer finally prepared to fire at from Bree's cartoon series Lazer Tag Academy and fired with a sound myself had a power with more floating hair gasp he spat out his beer oh my god you look like her who Jane Bader who is a more but supreme Amazing actress then Alice got the vision oh my god they know she is the Volturi of her heirtage her hair very wild keep it that way really yikes she fired it from here then in time never was alive the cause of it was murder the was Immortal by now in time Strom yes meet the pets had kittens and puppiues are you cute my dad loves to get a Dog what a most healthy but beautfiul breed A-ha Alaskan husky she's logical bingo then who named them ok Broud he squealed he's five pounds he's a mixed breed oh how sweet Doggone it he whined for crying out loud good god man he hates shots then too late newspapers reported us/ytthey wre not mortal beings had kids from help then nuked freely with pets and young vanished good rip them alive what newly phasaed good tear them the Vampires are guilty then lost from here then was forbidden from here.
5/27/2021 c18 Tpswasshri27
Can't wait for more jacob and bella moments
Thanks for the update
5/26/2021 c17 EmmaBann
Love it, but I'm frustrated that Bella hasn't kick Edward out of her life.
5/25/2021 c17 Dr1zzy
Good one
5/25/2021 c17 Tpswasshri27
Would really like to read more about bella and jacob rather than Eddie boi
Waiting for jpov
5/14/2021 c16 brankel1
5/11/2021 c16 Dr1zzy
Good one
3/23/2021 c15 Debbie Hicks
16. Chapter 16 Changed under the full moon romance
then Got chanbged with Tyler with best friends then young w ones the dried out ewas a old o woiund the torn it in America too late a a army erupted was in training mode slayings deaths killimgs murdsers and a lot of nwsboern turnred far way too young the guard get her/him/hey who crteated yiou tell our lords then myself was not human good btr ring her as a princess don't you dare please ever touch me Leave the Almighty United States of America this is holy groud if you do I Slay you blackinmg out good guard then kid napped experimented with him/they with they/them /others gopod brain surgeries kept her/him hey with they injected with his Werewolf poison make her wild and in heat the pon'farr will breed to masske a lot of children as sex slave where yiou think you are leaving good Sexually assassulted but telepathically mind rapedf with three with aliens/Vulcans as all of them kept like lab animals starved to death the broke five hardest erased memories permamently good mine guard dogs then blackling outside good get her/army chainded we sentenced yiu to dioe there then screaming then nwspapers reported a kidnappinmg in probress then Destroyed my mind and katra and was sickest was dying then found bny one with scars slkivery lines as all of it fro both onto the NASA Bodysuits covered was in fact not human at all weas marked but cursed with a self-defensive mental and physical shield with telelekinetic but with empathic ablities while phasing more as all of it was slivery crescent shaped ran a fever mono aches and shaking and nuked Pierced good fled then too late myself with Jake/army fled faster hair long with bangs then too late re-met them with they had slivery snow white skin sparkling in crystals with Falkor's reds eyes from blood binding to as all of it then they chained good we warned you of breeding then Beaten to death then blown up brought it here good end them died there good drained as all of very as all of them blown up each both good then Lost too much blood the very far way blown up good broken but destroyed Alice found her she heals faster Rose. Your mimd to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts our minds one and whole a most powerfully strong lights shielding she's gifted with they then it came too late Pierced freely then but vanished good new addictions good they must die now from here then torn into pieces as all of it from animals was in fact his now short hair so theirs myself never aged of the bite between my own aorta and collarbone marked but bonded 1 year to more gasp she's not alive then could sense emotions oh my god Bella then time changed nice bangs very sleek but chic but more healthier but it's darker by now well it's a shag in twin what this pointed ears slanted eyebrows what are you a Vulcan woman you mind melded me has powers gasp the track played from Explorers was I Want to Live began roaring then finally felt from his feelings a strangest alien romance was blooming of a man a and a woman exploded felt from here felt the music was not mortal then Her crashing hi mouth then too late myself was in pon'farr wanted a husband a truest heated alien fire urgh get a room they were very more grossed out of the romance heating up Romeo yikes it's too late he's her true imzadi can't he claimed her as his mate he's very busy healing her then too late a alien powerful but strong Starfleet marine heat streaking from here burning me from here now you believe in us Jake it was in time of the beginning so shall be Now oh my god she's not human in time myself fell madly more in love with him deeply as a imzadi pair became a mated couple too late newspapers reported us/they were dating more recalling but remembered more returned to normal nuked freely was no longer there good what good phased see exposure then torn freely into pieces holy smokes nice cut thanks in time now dressed very eco-friendly new clothes with both gasp how athletic she got lean but fit is on a strict diet meet Tigger then a sneeze ritual a blowing groan pack yes he is a kitten I am deathly allergic to Cats American shorthair tabby a-ha oh how small her Kitty food he squealed in time I love puppies fun playful loud noisy trouble Strom a Dog our dog never changed did not age permamently no way she is the same 5.6 feet in height but inches then the kitten hissing at her.
3/22/2021 c15 Dr1zzy
Good one
3/1/2021 c14 2Jesspots1704
I love this! Please continue.
2/26/2021 c14 brankel1
Quil phased before Embry and Jake?
2/25/2021 c14 1Jullls
Continue, please, i loved it
3/8/2015 c13 corkykellems
Love this story...can't wait till it all come's out...Hope You plan to finish it
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