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11/26/2018 c1 4SuperFlashman'z
Am I the only one picturing red tornado channel surfing then coming across that then just watching it
5/29/2013 c1 2blackirishawk
Haha omg just picturing it was embarrassing!
5/26/2013 c1 6water wish
Hahaha! Cringe cringe cringe, poor wally and arty! Good story
5/21/2013 c1 26The Almighty Leprechaun
haha. This is great, I loved reading this. The whole time i was like what if barry was the one on monitor duty or even worse, Green Arrow
5/20/2013 c1 4Ninja girlfriend
5/20/2013 c1 purplestar
Amazing awsome you should make moree where wally the flash and artemis tigress and they get caught again that be awsome :-)
5/20/2013 c1 TotallyWhelmed
Funny! I loved it! I really hope you make a sequel.
5/20/2013 c1 Ashleylee987
I think there should be a second story. Maybe in the watchtower when they are older...hint hint...HINT!
5/20/2013 c1 4Irenerb
love it, nice story idea B)
5/20/2013 c1 7rutger5000
Yay ! Fun fic, loved it. Please give more. Pretty please? Sugar on top? Sparkles?
5/20/2013 c1 piggythelaw
That has to be real awkward... I mean THE Batman finding out! lol
5/20/2013 c1 9Spitfire1017
I love it.
5/20/2013 c1 21chespin
'"Look, Wally, Artemis, we understand that… well at least, I understand," the woman corrected, casting quick looks at Bats and Red Tornado, both of whom were rather expressionless.'

Ha, that was my favorite line - I can just imagine Bats and RT sitting there like statues. Especially Bats; he's probably thinking "if Wally's doing this then what's Dick doing ohmygod."

Um, yeah. This was great and really funny, and Dinah playing the mediator (as always) was nice to see. :D
5/20/2013 c1 Guest
Too funny! Absolutely loved it! Words can't express how much this made me smile! Good job! Love the fact batman was in the room. Leave it to good ol' batsy to cut-to-the-chase! :D
5/20/2013 c1 9Beautiful-Dark
Oh my gosh I enjoyed this so much (although I love all you stories)! I can totally imagine that happening (it is Wally and Artemis after all), and RT being the one to stumble across it! Absolutely hilarious, well done :)

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