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4/21 c1 Blaze Zion
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
3/28 c75 Yam546
I would like a sequel.
Well I thinks this is it after all.
Thanks for the ending and the fast updates.
You did great.
3/28 c74 Yam546
That was nice of them figuring all their problems togother.

what were your favourite moments?
a) concerning romance
Sure, the moment Tony asked Pepper to marry him in that beautiful place. The moment he prepared for her. That was awesome.

b) the most exciting moment
I have plenty of exciting moments. It is difficult to choose one. The moment Tony came back home and met Pepper again after all the time they've been apart. I was excited to know how they will act or react. The moment Pepper went to grab a glass of water and Tony was in the kitchen already. She wanted to go away immediatly but Tony called her back. Then I really wanted to know how they will figure it out.

The moment Tony saw Pepper with her ex kissing and went away. The excitement of knowing if Pepper will succeed in finding him to explain. I loved also the moment when Pepper broke down and said I've ruined everything and Tony ran back to her to make her believe he did trust her. Those moments were also sad moments.

c) the saddest moment
Tony asking for time and a break. In those chapters I felt Tony trying to run from Pepper. Like he did not care for her anymore. And he did not want to see her point of view. And maybe she also did not want to see his point of view. Which was sad to see them part ways.

Tony not accepting the pregnancy.

But the most saddest moment for sure was the moment when hydra captured Tony. Not knowing if he will make it. And Pepper's desperation.

d) the best plot twist
Well I think the moment Tony saw the ex kissing Pepper and did nothing just ran off. It was so unlike Tony.

Tony changing his mind about the baby and trying his best to avoid Pepper. But changed suddenly when she wanted to leave.

The sudden resurection of Tony after being injured badly but succeeded in helping the Avengers and escaping Hydra.

I loved both of Tony and Pepper jealousy about others interfering in their relationship.

They had many challenges in this story. You wrote it so well. Loved every single chapter. I am sure I will now and then visit this fiction to reread it.

Thanks a lot!
3/28 c73 Yam546
I am sad this will end soon but it is your story and you should be doing what you want to do with this story. You are writing this for so long and I understand if you feel that you have to close this to focus on other stories. So no hard feelings :-). I am sure we will get a lot of more great stories like "Only a job".
Thanks for the update
It seems they will get back togother and Tony seems to come around and correct his doubts which is good news.
3/27 c75 Readerforever
I loved it!
But it was fast goodbye.
Hope that sequel will be a fact somwhere in the near future.
I so want to see Pepper and Tony as parents
You know I really want to read about Pepper being pregnant and not telling Tony because she is scared of his reaction and hides it for some time. But Tony already knowing it but waiting for her to tell him or expecting she wants to surprise him but the contrary is the truth... something like that .
I also love them fighting about so much things and after that reconcile. Or the jealousy and trust issues. That are really my favourite. I hope you will still write a lot of Pepperony. In different kind of situations. And Thanks for this long story. I enjoyed every adventure.

I think the saddest is the way Tony left Pepper for some time. I felt he grew so cold towards her. Like he did not want her. Also Pepper just accepting him back so easily. I would of liked if she made it a little difficult. In the end she just was scared for his safety he should of known it. But still he did not change his mind.

The scene in the restaurant where he caught her kissing that guy. I forgot his name. He just went away. I would of like to see him run to him and give him a good hit. He just left his girlfriend in the arms of another. Not so likely of Tony.

The jealousy of Pepper towards Maria. I would of liked Maria making a move towards Tony and where Pepper saw them hugging or kissing. I would loved to see that drama.

I would also of loved Pepper considering to abort the baby because of Tony's doubts. And Tony trying to stop her act in that way. Making the reconciliation a little difficult would keep the story more excited in my opinion. I think when you cause a problem you resolve it too fast. But maybe sometimes making it last and putting more problems to it will make the story more excited and also the reconciliation after that more sattisfying. My opinion of course. I like that sort of things to be honest.

This story was also more about Tony. Like Pepper did not have a lot to say. I sensed she always went with everything Tony did or want. I would of liked more power Pepper. I would of liked to see a very desperate Tony begging for her forgiveness. He did but maybe she should of played more hard to get.

But after all this I loved this story and I am sad about the ending. One less to read in the list. Hope we will get a lot of only a job and other themes in that fic we did not see yet and more challenges and harder ones. Maybe that ex of Tony coming inbetween and telling that she is pregnant of Tony which breaks Pepper. I don't know. I like dramatic and a lot of challenges between the two. Love it.

Thanks a lot. But I admire you. You began in 2013 and are still writing this. Not of a lot writers do that. The're are a lot who leave their stories unfinished. Which is very frustrating as reader.

But thanks for the nice journey. And YESS OF COURSE. I want a sequel for sure also for shallow because I loved that one. I would like for shallow a sequel like a second fase of their relationship.

Thanks! Can't say it enough :-)
3/22 c73 carito1993
I love all your stories, I can't wait to see what's next.
3/22 c73 Really sad
I am sure it was not easy for you as well
You did a great job with this story
But still saaaaad
3/22 c73 Really sad
It was like even if you finished Shallow or only a job we will always have I'm Iron man
I have to be honest I am really sad about this
It changed my mood for the week
I do not know if I will be able to read the last chapters because somwhere it will be the last time
This story was like going on so long
I was so excited when you announced you will keep going
Than reducing it to 100
And now to 80 this week
I loved this story :-(
3/22 c73 Really sad
Well to be honest I am dissapointed
I liked this a lot
I've been following it for years and I was happy when you said
You will keep writing this one
Something you know will be there for long to read
Sadly it will finish this week
Happy we will get a lot of chapters but still sad it will finish so fast
3/20 c72 Guest
Update please
3/14 c72 Guest
Update please
3/8 c72 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter
3/7 c72 Guest
Update please
Can't wait to see what will happend to them
3/7 c72 Aurelia1
You know this was the best chapter concerning the baby.
That Tony we never going to understand, he has the best timing.
Sometime I do not understand him. First he wants to avoid Pepper. But when she wants to leave then he wants to talk.
What will he do now he knows why she left.
You got me very excited.
I want to know!
Thanks for the chapters
I love this
I never get tired of this story
It will be sad when it is finished then I have to find another long story where I have to get addicted to :-)
3/7 c71 Aurelia1
It is sad that Tony is again acting cold after the news of the pregnancy.
It is not fair towards Pepper if you ask me.
Well, maybe if she left to think about what she wants to do, it will do her good. To take a break from the stress.
But if she does it, I can't wait to read how Tony will react.
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