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4/9/2016 c10 Guest
can you do some more chapters on this story
1/5/2015 c10 casualtyEE
12/26/2014 c3 callumgrainger206
Hey will u do a chapter were madi and oiam meet and fall for each other
11/26/2014 c10 Holly Gerrard
Please update

Holly xx
10/24/2014 c10 luckycat1616
Hey I really love both your stories about Ronnie they are amazing plZ write mire
10/10/2014 c10 WRCHCHPO
continue plz
7/6/2014 c10 Guest
Aw yes please continue with this it is really amazing update soon x
7/6/2014 c10 AnnaM87
Awww poor Madi losing her virginity when she wasnt ready yet!
Hope she does tell Ronnie though, love how mothering Ronnie is with Madi!
So glad you're carrying this on :)
Please update again soon
7/6/2014 c10 4JessicaDingle.Ed
Would love to
7/3/2014 c10 13Rachelmasonfan25
So glad you're updating this again, loved the chapter xxx
12/27/2013 c9 AnnaM87
Awww bless Madi getting drunk!
Love how protective Ronnie is of Madi :)
Please update again sooooon
12/6/2013 c9 Guest
Aw that was really good maybe madi could continue to drink and stay with connor & then she could turn bad & go off the rails and things! It could be like a few chapter storyline? Update asap!

Btw I read all your fan fic storys and I love them all so keep going, your an amazing writter and should be proud. Xxxxxxx
10/5/2013 c8 Guest
Wow omg this is amazing! Update asap
9/22/2013 c8 AnnaM87
Love this!
Madi is so spoilt but such a teenager...love her! :P
Cant wait for more soon please
9/20/2013 c8 Rachelmasonfan25
Great chapter! Wonder why Madi is so moody!xxx
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