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10/29/2016 c10 1Anime Lover259
8/16/2016 c10 155NephilimEQ
5/29/2016 c10 2TyMatthews
Thanks again for another Quiver story. :) And thanks for always remembering to reply to reviews.
5/29/2016 c4 TyMatthews
Love the Queen based titles.
5/28/2016 c2 TyMatthews
What a thrilling set up!
10/10/2015 c10 1HunterSkywalker
Loved it!
4/29/2015 c10 Yep it was good
Absolutely gorgeous fic. Light, sweet and at times incredibly funny. Please write more of this non-existent pairing.
4/24/2014 c10 archarcher
I like both Quentin and Oliver and was wonderong how you could get them togeather in this fic and, wow, this tirned upt to be a great fic! Tjank you. A heart atack was an interesting detail. Love the fluffy ending.
10/30/2013 c10 2grimmich
awwww that was cute, I loved it XD
10/30/2013 c7 grimmich
oliver would definitely be dom XD
7/11/2013 c10 153IronAmerica
Last chapter? Awwww. :(

I think it's comic book writers who have a thing for alliteration, but given that this is in-canon... Heh. They've got problems. Still, as long as the kid isn't scarred for life... *shrugs*

I actually like Walter and Moira together. It'll probably work out in her favor, all things considered. Maybe. (Hey, having money helps-even if you *were* trying to destroy the city.)

Well, at least everything is working out for the Queens. More or less. :) If only Roy would stop showing up late, then it'd be perfect. :P

Quentin, now would be a good time to just punch Ollie. Because that's the only way to get out of it. (Not that you'd want to, but still.) And besides, he's calmed down considerably. More or less. And hey, the age difference isn't *that* bad, Quentin! It could be a lot worse. *evil grin*

And... No. No. Bad Tommy. Don't suggest that. No cookie.

But still. Cute chapter. No quibbles. Sad to see this one end.

7/4/2013 c9 IronAmerica
It's surprisingly on time. :D

Quentin's got an interesting love life, that's all I can say for him right now. (Even if his boyfriend *is* the richest man in Starling City/the world.) At least his lieutenant is understanding. More or less.

...well, *that* dinner's going to end well. /sarcasm

Hey, isn't that the guy from the Cape/Gilmore Girls crossover you wrote? ...poor Quentin. Everyone he socializes with is either richer than him or married to/dating someone richer than him. So much for *that* dinner. *hugs Quentin* Poor bb.

Ollie's a dumbass. That blonde had better be Felicity in disguise, or I'll have to beat him with a brick for being thick-headed and utterly stupid about his relationship with Quentin.

Poor Quentin. And no, trying to reduce stress is not as easy as it sounds. Blegh. (If it were, everyone would be doing it.) And Ollie's still a dumbass, despite the apology.

At least the relationship won't be boring. *nods*

Lovely chapter. No quibbles atm.

6/25/2013 c8 1Tris Holmes
That's suspenseful! Wonder what he'll say to that? Thanks! Live long and prosper!
6/22/2013 c8 153IronAmerica
This review's on time at least. :)

They are so cute when they're cuddly and not being stupid and stuff. And Ollie, go get your boyfriend some coffee. His head's about to explode. *snickers*

Quentin, beat Ollie up, mmkay? It'll be easier on him and way quicker. Otherwise, he's just being dumb. He was enjoying himself. And besides, Malcolm was on the list. ...*sighs* Somehow, though, I doubt that's going to make poor Ollie any happier. *hugs him*

Smart boy, Ollie. *nods* Although dating is going to be awkward in the Lance household... Poor Tommy, as well. *hugs him* :(

Booze is *such* a good idea at this point. Just...limit yourselves, please. :\

Poor Quentin. *waits till he's gone before laughing*

Lovely chapter. Except for people dying and stuff. But hey, at least the Undertaking isn't happening.

No quibbles.

6/22/2013 c7 IronAmerica
Sorry for not getting to this review sooner. :\

Quentin, don't argue with Laurel. It leaves the way open for you. Dummy. *sighs* And Laurel needs a hug. Poor thing. :(

*tries very hard not to laugh at Quentin; fails miserably*

I adore Laurel. But her father needs to learn to not be such a moron.

Ollie, a body count in the neighborhood of 27 people is not "a few laws". *headwalls repeatedly; mutters* He must have slept through Laurel's explanations of the law...

Poor Quentin. *hugs him*

Quentin, you are knee-deep in a river. get out before you drown, okay? Annnnnnnd...Oh good, you did. More or less.

Good for them. Finally.

No quibbles. :)

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