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10/23/2016 c7 kyoya
This is a wonderful wonderful thing
2/25/2014 c7 20WildeChild17
aw... Kyoya made Helios upset! Update!
10/23/2013 c6 WildeChild17
6/2/2013 c6 12Fallenbey
Me gusta •_•
6/1/2013 c6 NileNairu
How cute that was *-* und just the right thing of Helios to say with being as rough as kyoya wants as long as he puts him back together was just perfect. You just got both their characteristics in that it just taking me in.
Keep up the wonderful work
5/29/2013 c5 Fallenbey
Haha I finally see what you mean "
5/29/2013 c5 4lim.Pegaleone
wow , like this part , sex time :3
5/29/2013 c5 NileNairu
Wow. I really wanna see the next part of this.
Pls don't let me wait to long
5/25/2013 c4 12Fallenbey
Kyo-kun why you pull back we all know heli wants this O{}O
5/24/2013 c4 4lim.Pegaleone
woo , sex scene has just arrived !
5/24/2013 c4 NileNairu
I hate this clivehangers :D
Really nice and I can't wait for the next one
Keep it up and I want your Skype addy just because I find your epic in writhing story's
5/24/2013 c3 12Fallenbey
Teheee finally X3
5/24/2013 c3 NileNairu
Love it love it love
Damn you good with this. Can't believe that you doing such nice work on this story
I'm missing the words. So keep going
5/21/2013 c2 Fallenbey
Interesting me gusta •_•
5/21/2013 c2 NileNairu
I like it. It is kinda cool to see that kyoya still try's to hide his feelings. You should make sure tho that Helios is not to small of a person on the personality part tho. He has some strong characteristics and they would be kinda like in some fights befor really be open to each other

Keep going and I may just start with a story too
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